Three Facebook Features That You Should Know About in 2020 (Updated)

Three Facebook Features That You Should Know About in 2020 (Updated)

Facebook, the world’s most popular social media site, is constantly improving the app with its innovations and updates. We will share with you, Three Facebook Features That You Should Know About in 2019 (Updated).

There is a lot of difference between Facebook 15 years ago and Facebook of 2019. These features are updates that you can use for both individual and business accounts.

Every year Facebook changes in radical manners.

Top Facebook Updates in 2019

Money Requests

With Facebook’s new feature, you can now request money from friends or send money to friends in need via Facebook. An interesting feature, isn’t it?

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Facebook establishes a bank soon. We think Facebook will do it soon.

Facebook Marketplace

Another great feature is the “Facebook Marketplace” feature.

In this market place where everything is sold from needle to the yarn, you can sell and make money in your country.

You can sell retail or wholesale.

Home, car, clothes, old things, second-hand goods, land, service pack, food, drink and everything you can publish here.

Facebook Instant Articles

Would you like to earn money by writing articles on Facebook?

No, don’t be surprised! Yes, you can do this. If you love writing and believe to your pen,

Facebook gives you this opportunity for this.

This way, your articles can be read by millions of people and earn as much money as your articles are read.

Facebook Features

Facebook Updates for Pages

Updates and new features are not only for accounts but also for Facebook pages.

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Effective updates are made to enable companies to use their pages more efficiently and efficiently.

It allows more people to share the page and make more interactive interaction with the followers.

Facebook page updates are usually made for the development of commercial relations. There are a number of options such as convenience in the advertising process, paid ads and more followers. In addition, the layout of the page is also updated at various times.

Thus, you can present your page with a more colorful and aesthetic design.

Facebook Features

Facebook Marketing Guide

Facebook is a social media site that likes to update in general. Advertising and promotion departments are constantly innovating.

Especially the newly developed advertising tools are so great. There are many different options for companies that want to make targeted advertising.

By entering the Facebook Ads tab, you can follow updates and start using features that we think will help you.

Facebook Messenger Features

With the new features made for Messenger application, you will be able to have more fun conversations and send different file extensions to your friends.

Smiley packages have been renewed! You can now use hundreds of free smiley.

Various effects have been added to make photos funnier. You can make group chats and send files to the group.

Facebook Features

While chatting, you can play different games and send voice messages to your friends.

It is also possible to send a location to your friends using GPRS. For this, your location setting must be turned on.

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