The Most Popular Facebook Pages in 2022

The Most Popular Facebook Pages in 2022

It’s an indisputable fact that we are in an age where the amount of likes is significant. Millions use Facebook for years. Since users used this platform before Instagram and Twitter, the number of likes on this platform is also very important. Facebook Pages, in particular, are in a race on this issue because the most popular Facebook pages are always getting more engagement and more attention. Our list of popular Facebook pages usually consists of famous people, famous brands, and football teams. So let’s see without waiting any longer, which are the most popular Facebook pages of 2021.

The Most Popular 7 Facebook Pages

Since you are curious about Facebook’s most popular pages, we have listed the 7 most liked and followed pages for you. As a fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the list of the most popular pages on Facebook is quite colorful. Although you can guess many of them, we are sure that you will enjoy reading this list. Here are the 7 most popular pages on Facebook.


It makes us happy to see a food channel on the list. This channel, with BuzzFeed’s food-related video series, now has almost 100 million likes on Facebook. Also, more than 100 million people follow this channel. The interesting thing is that this food site has more views than BuzzFeed’s food site. We recommend you follow this channel to find alcoholic cocktail recipes, Vegetarian recipes, dessert recipes, and many more recipes. You can access the videos where celebrities are preparing their recipes by liking and following this channel on Facebook.


Coca Cola

Of course, another name that does not surprise us because we see it on the list is Coca Cola. I guess we would be surprised if we did not see Coca Cola in the top 10 of this list, right? This beverage, which has been consumed by everyone fondly and with an appetite for many years, of course, welcomes us at the 6th place on our list. The Coca Cola Facebook page currently has 106 million likes and followers.

We are sure that this number is nothing compared to the addicts of this brand, but for a beverage brand, it is a very good interaction. We can say that Coca Cola actively uses the Facebook application; it manages to attract customers’ attention by sharing its own brand’s advertisement and campaigns with us. There is not much to say, Coca Cola has always been a successful brand and continues to be so.

China Global Television Network

China Global Television Network, or CGTN for short, greets us at the 5th rank of the most followed fan pages on Facebook. This television network, based in China, is a multilingual television channel. Although people used this platform to have fun in the early years of Facebook, it would not be wrong to say that Facebook turned into a platform where users wanted to learn the news over time. CGTN is a high-quality channel that offers so many news in many different languages. So it is no surprise that it currently has 108 million likes and followers on Facebook.

Real Madrid C.F.

We have come to that part you have been waiting for with curiosity, and now we have answered the question of which football team has entered this list. Real Madrid ranks fourth among the most popular fan pages on Facebook. It’s not hard to guess who has created the likes and followers of this page, which currently has 111 million likes and 109 million followers on Facebook. Football lovers always manage to get their football teams to the top of the charts. Of course, it did not surprise us to see this world-famous and highly successful football team Real Madrid on this list. Now let’s see who’s the most popular footballer on the list.

Christiano Ronaldo

And here is the only famous person on our list where we rank the most popular pages on Facebook, Christiano Ronaldo! If you follow Christiano Ronaldo on Instagram, you would not be surprised to see his name on the list of the most popular pages on Facebook. He is a Portuguese and successful football player who has many likes and followers on almost all social media accounts. Considering that he has thousands and even millions of fans worldwide, it would seem quite normal to us that so many people follow his social media accounts. 122 million people now like his Facebook account, and he has 133 million followers.



As we approach the first place in our list of the most popular pages on Facebook, we come across a well-known brand in the second part. Samsung, a South Korea-based company, took the second part on this list. Samsung currently has 160 million likes and followers on Facebook. The shares on the Samsung Facebook page are quite frequent, and they use the Facebook page very effectively compared to the competing brands. We think this is probably the reason why Samsung ranks second on the list.

Facebook App

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In this article in which we list the most popular pages on Facebook, it is quite iconic to have Facebook’s page in the first place. Of course, many users first follow Facebook’s page on this platform. Considering the current number of Facebook users, it makes sense to have its page in the first place. The Facebook App page currently has exactly 214 million likes and followers.

Conclusion About Most Popular Facebook Pages

In this article, we talked about Facebook, a social media platform that everyone loves. Facebook is the inspiration for most social media apps. As this is the case, the number of likes on Facebook is also very important. Of course, there is a liking and interaction race on Facebook and platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. These pages are naturally in a race between them because having the most likes on a platform like Facebook is a powerful thing. Currently, the Facebook App page has the most likes and followers. Christiano Ronaldo, the most popular person, is currently ranked third in most popular pages on Facebook. The most popular brand is Samsung, which takes the second part on the list. The list includes football teams, beverage brands, food paged such as Real Madrid, Coca Cola, and Tasty.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular “person” on Facebook is Christiano Ronaldo. He has 133 million followers and 122 million likes as of September 2021. Christiano Ronaldo is also the most followed person on Instagram.

Vin Diesel is the 14th most liked person on Facebook. He has 96 million likes and 97 million followers.

The most liked and most followed page on Facebook is the Facebook App page. As of September 2021, the Facebook App page has 214 million followers and likes.

For liking a Facebook page as your own page, head to the page which you want to like, tap on the three dots on the cover photo and click on the Like as Your Page link.

The easiest way to make your page more popular is to constantly engage with your fans and update your page. Try to engage your readers and ask them questions which they would want to answer.

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