The Function of Keep in Touch Instagram

The Function of Keep in Touch Instagram

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In light of explaining this function, it shortly can be defined as the ability that the photo or video will stay in the chat log permanently so the recipient will be able to go back and watch it again as many times as possible. It gives users more control over how they share photos and videos in Direct Messages.

Now, Instagram users have the ability to choose whether they want recipients to view images or videos only once. Replay it temporarily, or rather have it permanently present in the chat thread.

In this function, a thumbnail of the sender’s message is saved. In this sense, recipients can continue to refer to it contextually when scrolling through the rest of their thread. Before the availability of this function, when users sent a photo or video on Instagram Direct, recipients would have been able to replay the message temporarily before it was completely removed.

The Instagram update is considered as yet another attempt at overtaking Snapchat in its own game. Snapchat, unfortunately, doesn’t offer these added controls, but the service has become a popular platform for users, especially for he users who enjoy sharing intimate ephemeral photos and videos which disappear once they’ve been viewed by the recipient.

Through new options being available like this, people receive more control over what they share with friends in Direct.

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The Function of Keep in Touch Instagram
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