The Best Websites to Waste Time on the Internet

The Best Websites to Waste Time on the Internet

To not leave everything on scrolling the cover, we bring you a list of websites to waste time. On the contrary, it will not reduce your productivity. We have seen countless times before that sites boost your productivity, give you new ideas and tricks.

They also give you free lessons from various fields. But what about the rest of the time, when you don’t have the will to do any of the above and want to relax and watch something online? After a while, you will be more relaxed and in a good mood on these sites, and thus more efficient at work. The perfect alibi to explain to your boss why you’re looking for gifs on the Internet again.



The great thing is that based on what you already have in the house, it devises what you could cook today. You will be surprised what is hidden in your refrigerator and kitchen and that it can be turned into a delicious meal. It’s worth a try, even if you have quite a few groceries.

Wait But Why

On this site, you will find articles that will serve as the perfect bait for wasting time. Along with being informative, they are also fun, and that is where their charm lies because the seemingly abstract topics are so simplified that you will wonder where this site was before. Also, there are articles about relationships, religion, the universe, anything you want. The only prerequisite is that you know English and you will very quickly learn how to leave a good tip, but also why and summarize your life in a week. There are also texts about why it is good to put things off in life, which will finally give those who do it a perfect justification and meaning.

The Oatmeal

This is a place you will come back to again because it contains short and quick overviews of books, comics, and other exciting things. Some of them are topics: why is working from home both great and terrible? Ten words you need to stop spelling incorrectly, but also other exciting grammar skills. A quick reminder of the basics never hurts, does it?


If you love nerdy humor, then this is the right place for you. Each post contains short comics about technology, science, math, and connections. The man behind him is Randall Munroe, who previously worked for NASA. Below is one example based on which you can check if they are the right place for you.

Sense- Lang’s Balloon Typing Game

We can’t say it’s a complete waste of time if you’re practicing your typing skills in doing so, right? There are many dissimilar ways you can practice your typing skills on a computer, and these letter bubbles will help you do just that. Challenging, dynamic, and fun, worth a try.

Mental Floss

Here you will find answers to seemingly absurd questions, which have plagued you all your life. Different topics, authors, and approaches will delight all those who like to waste time reading online. Some of the examples are the question of why shells sound like oceans, but also why yawning is contagious. You can also ask some of your questions and check if they have an answer to that as well. What’s especially fun is the magazine’s description that says they’re intelligent, but not too much. “It’s the kind of intelligence you enjoy, have fun for a while, and then leave the site. And then later you tell your friends about the information you found out, pretending to read a lot. “

The Toast

If you like fiction but also hilarious humor, then this page will be your destination. Every day Nicole Cliffe and Mallory Ortberg post about it to characters who have experienced amazing things in their lives. Fun and learning are guaranteed, and you may find inspiration that will get you started with your creative work.

BuzzFeed Comments Section

You already know that BuzzFeed is a great place to waste time, but now consider comments as a source of entertainment. There you will find crazy things that people say, and when we say crazy, we mean literally. The best part of it all is that people in entirely harmless situations make absurd situations based on comments. What should not irritate them becomes exceptionally dynamic and opens up completely new dimensions on the same topic. Of course, you can apply this to any comment section here as well, as it’s hilarious and fun every time.


It’s fun to be able to check out locations, even if you’ll never live in them. Who knows, maybe one day you will determine to travel to those places, and then the information will serve you.

Baby Animal Cams

Puppies, kittens, chickens, you can find them all on this site and watch them live in houses, shelters, and aquariums worldwide. You will be delighted with the emotions that these cute animals will evoke.


This site is for anyone who wants to know how things work. Here we mean all the possible things that come to your mind, from airbags to wheels and medical supplies. It will be amazing what is hidden there. In addition, you have special sections, ” Stuff You Should Know,” ” BrainStuff,” and ” Stuff Mom Never Told You .”

google maps street view

Google Maps Street View

It’s similar to Zillow, but here you can walk the streets and watch what’s going on in random places around the world. You may never go there, but it’s fun to watch. Some of the suggestions are the Palace of Versailles in France, Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, but you can also check out Australia’s underwater world. Great, isn’t it?


Didn’t you think the list would be possible without Wikipedia? Of course, it is impossible. That’s why we put it there because you can find out some necessary information and basic misinformation, considering that everyone has the opportunity to add content. Sometimes that is a sufficient motive to have fun at the beginning and read something from this site.

The Onion

If you haven’t spent some time reading the satirical magazine The Onion, then you’ve missed a lot. Since 1988, they have been successfully commenting on social events and everything that seems to be a reasonable basis for a new dose of healthy humor. Check and evaluate for yourself.


If you need to find the perfect gif, this is the ideal place for you, where you will also spend hours looking for the right one for what you need. With perfect gifs, you will always be the initiator of fun in society and the person everyone loves. Even at work, this works as an ideal way to break the monotony.

Ocearch Shark Tracker

Tracking sharks swimming around the world may not be the most conventional way to waste time, but it may be the most fun. You can follow them around the world, and what’s especially interesting is that each has a name. Plus, you can zoom in on them and see where they go next.

Apartment Therapy

If you are into interior design or need new DIY ideas, this is a site that could occupy your attention for hours. There is a multitude of visual and textual content that will show you the transformations of space before and after. And besides, you can learn new trends in design and make your home more modern and urban.

Way Back Machine

Are you feeling nostalgic and want to waste time? Here is one of the best websites to waste time on. Check out what the sites looked like earlier through this site. Just remember how it all used to be before many new sites opened. Do you remember any old ones?

The Oregon Trail

We had to single out one game for all gamers. Of course, you can choose one of your favorites, but you will have to agree on one even if you don’t like games. Everyone sometimes gets a little breather and fun, in any way, on the Internet.



Tips, tricks, and all the necessary information in one place. Everything you wanted to know and had no one to ask. How to save, use certain things, but also how to peel a mango in less than ten seconds? From fun and seemingly pointless things to more complex topics, this site will be a place for quick and easy learning for all those who want it.

FAQ on The Best Websites to Waste Time

What is a great website containing short comics about science? 

XKCD contains posts with short comics about technology, science, math, and connections.

Is there a website where I can practice typing on my computer? 

Sense- Lang’s Balloon Typing Game offers different ways of practicing your typing skills on a computer, and these letter bubbles will help you do just that.

What is the best website for checking a few cities while wasting time on the Internet? 

Zillow enables you to check out locations. After checking them, maybe one day you will decide to travel to those places and then the information will serve you.

While wasting time on the Internet, I would like to learn which is the best website for watching baby animals live? 

Puppies, kittens, chickens… You can find them all on Baby Animal Cams and watch them live in houses, shelters, and aquariums worldwide. 

What is the best website for learning new trends in design while wasting time on the Internet? 

Apartment Therapy could occupy your attention for hours if you are into interior design or need new DIY ideas. It offers a multitude of visual and textual content that will show you the transformations of space before and after. 

Conclusion on The Best Websites to Waste Time

There are many ways you can stave off boredom while being cooped up at home with these attractive, cool, and random websites to waste time. All these exciting websites will keep you entertained on the Internet for many hours, depending on what you have an interest in. And if it’s the website’s layout that interests you, then better check out our pick of 10 best website designs.

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