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The Best Third-Party Applications for Instagram 

Instagram may be a challenging platform to boost your business account. It has become a highly competitive platform where external help is highly necessary. However, you can still thrive on Instagram with a good marketing strategy. That’s why getting help from third-party applications for Instagram is a great way to enhance your strategy. As third-party applications gain popularity, it’s essential to know which third-party applications are safe and helpful ones. Moreover, not every third-party application focuses on the same goals. So let’s see which third-party applications are the best ones to boost your Instagram strategy. 

Why Should I Use Third-Party Applications? 

If you have a small-to-medium business, third-party applications for Instagram may provide you with the most essential information about your business. Therefore, you can easily track or manage your performance with these tools. For instance, you can gain broad knowledge about your followers and their interests. You can track the performance of your ad, and you can swiftly change your marketing strategies accordingly. Moreover, you can also track your competitors’ Instagram accounts and gain deeper insight into how their ads perform. Overall, third-party applications are essential to improve your business account. Take a look at the most asked questions about Instagram here to learn more.

How Does Instagram Allow Third-Party Applications? 

Although the tools we mentioned are totally safe, it’s essential to add that not all third-party applications are secure. Thus, Instagram doesn’t want its users to share their login information with an app unless they fully trust it. Therefore, Instagram also allows you to control the data you share with third-party applications. But still, it’s best to avoid those third-party applications you don’t trust. Below, there’s a list of safe and highly popular tools for you to step up your Instagram game. Also, don’t forget to check the best Instagram growth service providers list.

Here’s the list of 8 best third-party applications for Instagram that will help you the most: 

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the analytics tool of Instagram, and it’s free for business accounts. You can see your business account’s basic analytics without leaving the Instagram application. It’s a perfect tool for beginners and small businesses. However, it may not be sufficient for an in-depth analysis. You can buy Instagram likes to improve the engagement of your posts.

Instagram insights

Thanks to this native tool, you can access the statistics of your content, your general profile, and the profile analysis of your audience. Overall, Instagram Insights is an excellent option to learn basic business profile information. You can also buy Instagram views.

Canva one of the best third-party applications for Instagram


Canva is a well-known tool in graphic design. Unfortunately, not all the features of Canva are free to use. But it still offers its users a fantastic database that consists of visual elements and images. It provides pre-made templates for your Instagram posts and lets you design your templates and graphics as well.  

By purchasing a premium account, you can unlock the Content Planner feature to plan your upcoming posts with exclusive visual elements and images that only premium users benefit from.  



Hootsuite is another well-known all-in-one tool that provides detailed information about 35 different apps. And Hootsuite includes almost every essential feature you can imagine, such as social media monitoring, social media analytics, content planning, ads monitoring, etc. What’s more, you can manage all of your social media accounts from one central dashboard. It also offers a 30-day free trial plan for those who want to test all of its features. Hootsuite also allows its users to create and manage their teams more easily. Overall, it seems like Hootsuite is one of the best options for larger businesses that need an all-in-one tool.  

SproutSocial third-party application for Instagram

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is also a commonly used third-party Instagram application. It provides social media marketing features to businesses of all sizes. Thanks to this application, you can schedule your social media content, monitor your different social media accounts, and access their analytics. Similar to Hootsuite, it also offers a 30-day free trial plan for those who want to test all of its features. As a result, Sprout Social might be the one for your social media marketing strategy.  



Iconosquare is another social media marketing tool that focuses mainly on social media management and analytics. The main features of Iconosquare include social media analytics, social media monitoring, and content scheduling and publishing. Moreover, it’s not a complex tool to use as a beginner, as it offers a user-friendly interface. For instance, It allows its users to create and manage reports with simple steps. Thus, it’s one of the best social media tools for beginners as well. Lastly, Iconosquare also offers a 14-day free trial plan to its new customers.  

one of the best third-party applications for Instagram Buffer


Buffer is a third-party application that focuses primarily on scheduling. Thus, you can manage your social media accounts, set up reminders, or schedule your content. It’s also suitable for large teams as well. In addition, Buffer is also one of the most affordable tools with its pricing range. Just like Iconosquare, it also offers a 14-day free trial plan to its new customers. 



Later is another content scheduling tool that focuses mainly on visual content. Thanks to its Visual Planner, you can easily create, edit, and preview your content with a user-friendly interface. You can also plan and schedule your stories and videos as well. Moreover, you can create and edit your content a lot faster by using Later. If you want to save time, Later might be the one you can go for. Lastly, Later also offers a free plan you can benefit from. 



Crowdfire is another all-in-one social media management platform that is worth mentioning. And Crowdfire is one of the best tools to increase your followers as it also manages your Instagram followers. Thanks to Crowdfire’s follower analytics, you can track how your account is growing. Furthermore, you can also get customized recommendations on how to gain more followers or what your audience will love. Overall, Crowdfire is a great tool to enhance your social media presence. 

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It also offers a free plan as well. Buy Instagram profile visits to increase engagement. If you have more questions, check the Instagram Help page.

Do You Know Which Third-Party Application to Choose? 

As a result, using a safe third-party application for Instagram is one of the most essential steps to enhance your social media strategy. Thanks to these tools, you can manage and track the performance of your social media accounts, including Instagram. Even though Instagram is a highly competitive platform, third-party applications are ready to help you with your social media accounts. Each third-party application comes with different features. Therefore, it’s important to choose one that aligns with your level and specific needs. For instance, you can go for an all-in-one tool if you aim to work as a team and expand your business account. If you see yourself as a beginner with a small business, you can also benefit significantly from the free and basic tools. So, make your choice and get the most out of your business accounts. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

Although the tools we mentioned are totally safe, it’s important to add that not all third-party applications are secure. Thus, Instagram doesn’t want you to share your login information with an app you don’t trust.

Yes, you can use different third-party applications simultaneously for your various needs.

Third-party applications usually offer different plans to their customers. While there are free or trial plans, you may need to buy a plan to access all the tool’s features.

Third-party apps offer various features like enhanced photo editing, in-depth analytics, and scheduling tools that can elevate your Instagram content and engagement.

Using third-party apps can expose your account to security vulnerabilities and potential violations of Instagram’s terms of use, leading to account suspension or data compromise.

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