The Best Public Relations Examples

The Best Public Relations Examples

Public relations include many tactics as well as strategies. Sometimes, the press release about your products and services may not satisfy your expectation, but you can handle this with a great PR strategy. Even small businesses can use PR tactics and grow bigger rapidly. Standing out in this environment and then coming up with bright ideas is a big challenge. However, you are in the right place. If you are looking for inspiration for your new PR campaign, the PR examples below may help you. This article covered the types of public relations and then the five best examples of public relations. 

Types of Public Relations

We all have different perspectives and different opinions. As the variety increases, the number of types of public relations increase. So, each type has a purpose suiting one particular type of professional.

We will discuss:

  • Social media
  • Crisis management
  • Community relations
  • Corporate as well as social responsibility
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Public affairs
  • Employee relations
social media

Social Media

Most companies start their marketing campaigns on social media since it has considerable potential, but PR campaigns have significant potential on social media, too. You can show your company’s brighter side more with little tactics, like funny jokes or small innocent fights with competitor firms. 

Crisis Management

Crisis management is an important feature of confident people. If your company faces a disastrous situation, you will need that kind of PR. An oil tanker leakage into the oceans or an employee’s irresponsible act may cause a huge problem. Also, it ruins the company’s reputation. Crisis management professionals are solution-driven, and they can end the problem quickly with a conference press or by a single tweet. 

Community Relations

Community relations focus on relations with the local community. Getting local support for your project and then engaging your target audience in your campaign help you to be successful. It is essential for building trust and get support for your work. 

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Corporate and social responsibility is also essential for businesses to get help by the target audience and raise their reputation. Ethics, environmental acts, and campaigns, and community charity works are a part of this. If it takes effect, you can profitably change your company’s direction. 

Integrated Marketing and Communications

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is not actually a type of public relations. It is the overall activities and studies on your company’s strategy and delivery of the message. If you have an excellent IMC professional, you can easily carry out your work interdisciplinary. 

public affairs

Public Affairs

If you provide a service for public health, talking to higher chairs may help you get supported. Once you contact the minister and convince them to sell your service, they will speak about you confidently with the provided information. Employee Relations

Motivating employees is very important for companies to get quality work. Some also call it the internal PR that shows the company’s sensitivity toward the workers. Organizing events for the employees or helping managers keep healthy relationships with their team are good examples of employee relations. After covering the PR types, let’s look at the best examples to deepen understanding. 

Best Examples of Public Relations

Here are the best examples of public relations that we can think of.

A red car for the red planet

SpaceX came up with a new PR plan, the only example of interplanetary PR campaigns, and sent one of their brand-new cars to Mars. This campaign gained considerable interest and then went down in history. 

Highlight the remarkable

Women face challenges in different periods of their lives. Mostly at work, many prospering women did not get celebrated for their success in history. However, Stabilo, a leading company producing highlighter pens, released a new campaign. They took the famous black-white pictures and gave place to those remarkable women from history. This campaign created a long term impact and got many awards. 

Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge was one of the most successful PR campaigns in the industry. The ALS Association started this campaign to raise awareness of this severe illness. People challenged one another to donate and help find a cure. This challenge met the PR efforts and could get a considerable donation for the people who have ALS. 



Apple served as a model for corporate social responsibility and drew attention to the environment. The company shared an article including their acts and duties and explained what they do to save the planet. They declared that they use 100% renewable energy in their facilities with valuable data and starting their recycling program soon.  

FAQ About the Best Public Relations Examples

What is PR?

PR stands for public relations, a branch to spread information about a campaign or a product between individuals or in public. 

What skills do public relations need?

Depending on the profession of the specialists, PR professionals should have different features. Crisis management requires quick solutions, while public affairs need excellent communication skills. 

What are PR activities?

PR activities may include business events, social media campaigns, sponsorships, and partnerships, etc. With the development of technology, online conferences can also be included in this list. 

What is a PR strategy?

A PR strategy is a plan developed by the professionals to achieve the target PR goal. A good PR strategy will help the company grow bigger and then increase the reputation. 

What does a PR campaign include?

A PR campaign may include many different elements, such as a clear purpose, promotion of a product, informing the public about the product or the service, making the company known, enlarging the audience, etc. 

Concluding the Best Examples of Public Relations

In this article, we covered the types of public relations and then provided the five best examples. We hope this article was useful. If you have made it this far, we believe that you can be interested in brand ambassadors as well.

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