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The Best Positioning Statement Examples

The development of a positioning statement takes a lot of effort and deliberation. Creating a new positioning statement from scratch may be compelling. But if you follow these tips and take lessons from the bands that pave the way for you and analyze their positioning statement, your work will be easier. We will be giving some of the best positioning statement examples to take into consideration and guide you through the process of writing a position statement.

What Is Positioning Statement?

A positioning statement is basically sticking in the mind of the customer. It is usually formed as a one- or two-sentence statement, and it highlights the value of your product or service in the market. It is the act of indicating your unique value to your customers over against your main competitors. When you develop a brand positioning statement for your brand, remember that you will use the statement to evaluate your marketing strategies. If you notice that your marketing strategy and tactics do not fit your statement, then developing a new one is much more preferable. 

strategies for positioning

Strategies for Positioning 

When writing a positioning statement, there are a few things to consider. When you analyze popular brands’ statements, you can see all of them use these positioning strategies.

  • First, you should define your target audience. Utilize demographics and psychographics to know your customers very well. 
  • You should determine the business category of your brand.
  • You should find and state in what ways you make a difference in comparison to your competitors. Also, you should express clearly that your brand is of the highest quality.
  • Express the effect of your brand on your customers. State what changes will take place in your customers’ lives and what benefits they get if they use your brand. You should articulate your brand promise.
  • You should be able to back up your statement when you articulate one. Give a reason why the customers should believe you or your stated qualities and claims.
outstanding positioning statement examples

Outstanding Positioning Statement Examples

Heres are some of the outstanding positioning statement examples that we believe you’ll find useful. Let’s take a look.

Pepsi vs. Cola

Pepsi has used a statement that best defines its positioning strategy and indicates what they highlight in the brand: Being youthful. As a result, they preferred the “Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi” slogan in 1993. On the other hand, Coke preferred to reaffirm the unchanging quality and the brand’s history. Therefore, in return, they used the “Always Coca-Cola” slogan in 1993. 


Disney offers a magical experience and unique family entertainment. It can be seen in all of the products or services relating to Disney. Therefore, the slogan of Disney Parks is “Where Dreams Come True.” 


Apple offers innovation and freshness to the technology industry. They take pride in changing trends or creating new trends and products. They created a brand positioning mostly on creative and innovative thinking. For this reason, their position statement is “Think different.”


The aim and the brand positioning of Nike are appealing to athletes from every sports branch. They know the target market well, and they created their positioning statements accordingly. They address mostly athletes who should be comfortable performing a sports activity. Therefore, the statement is, “For serious athletes, Nike gives confidence that provides the perfect shoe for every sport, while the slogan is “Just do it.”


Volvo is a car brand that is known for the safety and durability of its vehicles. They have a reputation for manufacturing safe cars that endure crashes even they are relatively severe. Therefore, their slogan is “For Life.” 


Rolex watch is identified with prestige, wealth, and fine details. Usually, when there are significant events and occasions in a man’s life, a Rolex is portrayed to be there, as well. In other words, the customers “crown” their memorable moments with a Rolex. Also, the logo of the brand is a crown. Hereby, the slogan is “A Crown for Every Achievement.”

The Journey of Writing the Best Positioning Statement

Every brand has a positioning statement to be successful and determine what they are doing. Even though writing a positioning statement can be hard or challenging, it contributes greatly to your brand. In this article, we explored the meaning of positioning statement, creating one, and compiled the best position statement examples from the world’s leading brands. By analyzing their strategies, methods, and the way they form their positioning statement, you will be able to create an excellent one. As you already know by now, a good marketing strategy takes a few steps to develop. First, you target your audience, then you position your statement. But what comes next? Check out the best call to action examples to find out.

Frequently Asked Questions About

No, positioning statements are developed for internal use purposes, while taglines and slogans are developed for external use, and they contain a catchiness.

Defining the target audience, the business category, your difference, the end benefit, and solid reasons to believe.

Yes, almost every brand has a positioning statement since it guided the employees working under the umbrella of the brand and states a purpose used in the brand’s internal dynamics. 

Even though in most brands, the positioning statements remain the same or change a little bit over time, some brands may completely decide to change their path or update it.

While the former is related to the whole organization, the latter constitutes an element of marketing plans.

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  1. Yasir Powell
    Yasir Powell

    This blog post provides some excellent examples of positioning statements that can help businesses to create their own. The post is well-written and easy to understand, and provides a step-by-step guide for crafting a successful positioning statement. It also offers helpful tips on how to make sure the statement is effective and memorable. Overall, this post is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create a strong positioning statement.