The Best Free Project Management Software

The Best Free Project Management Software

Project management is a complex and detailed process for managers and experts. The most common problem in completing the project writing and then starting the implementation phase with the appropriate funding opportunity is regular organization and planning. Generally, in projects that take place for a few months, daily events, week planning, task distribution, future planning, success rates, and results reporting are important elements in project management. There are many online project management programs to realize these elements successfully. So which programs do you think I should use? Here are 15 of the best free project management software programs for you.


Trello, a project management software, is one of the best. It works with the idea of task cards in lists placed on boards. With the drag and drop feature, all the operations you will do will be easy. You can easily invite colleagues to your board with their username, email, or an invite link. There are also dashboard visibility options such as private, team, organization, and public. You can also customize the background and colors of the boards. You can also assign cards to a teammate.

Moreover, you can add extra features and extensions like Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and so on. You sign up for free to get unlimited personal boards, cards, and lists. If you sign up for free, you get unlimited personal boards, cards, and lists. However, if you want extra security plus extra features with team boards, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the premium plans.


Sendtask is a task manager in its simplest form. It allows you to share what needs to be done with your team, employees, and customers under a single platform. It tracks tasks, automatically reminds you of the last days of the tasks. Moreover, it does not expect participants to open an account or pay any fees for this.



Asana is a project management tool that strengthens team communication and then ensures that everyone is on the same page. It aims to minimize the loss of time and workforce that may arise from misunderstandings and lack of communication by facilitating the follow-up of joint work. In short, the application that promises to increase the efficiency of your business is free of charge for up to 15 people.


Use Freedcamp to organize and then plan an event, project, or even a wedding, all completely free. Whatever your project, Freedcamp helps you organize and plan effectively, be it setting up an event, setting up a web project, or wedding reception. It has a panel to view and organize the entire project at a glance. You can easily set up tasks, visually add sticky notes to set up tasks, and arrange them by a calendar. Freedcamp offers pre-plugins for high-level business use such as CRM, billing, issue tracking, and creating wiki pages. Freedcamp is all free except the add-ons.


Wrike is a pre-made application to help you work more efficiently. Set up tasks, interact with your team, and integrate Wrike with your business tools, including Google Apps, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, and then much more. You can make your emails more productive by converting your emails into tasks with a simple click. Wrike is free for the first five users; there is a charge for professional plans.


Clickup is a promising task management application that offers users an easy way to shape their workflow with customization possibilities. It has an advanced task management platform and flexible features. It has a calendar application to organize your schedule in order to make efficient time management. There is a process management tool that allows you to organize complex business plans.

Monday Team Management Software

This Software is a situation-oriented tool that offers you its own intuition and updates through the functioning of your tasks. Monday has a simple and operational setup that will provide you with comfort. It has customizable task boards, integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and similar sharing/management tools.


Slack is among the most popular project management software for businesses and teams. You can create private and public channels for your projects or teams. Its interface may not be the easiest to learn as there are many options and settings, but you will usually use the left sidebar with your channels and chat column. If you want to see a post title, user, or channel details, a third column will appear. There are settings for the messages you want to upload, such as adding a link to the text, making a block excerpt and code format. Moreover, chat messages are editable. The free version may be enough for you to get started, for now. However, if you need extra security measures, more storage, group calling, support, and other extra features, you will need to purchase one of their paid plans.

google docs

Google Docs

Google Documents is one of the most popular project management software programs of all time. It is an online project management software. Allows teams to create, edit, and share documents. As for the interface, just like all text editors, there is the toolbar and the document itself at the top. You can suggest edits, leave comments, and tag team members. Email notifications are sent to them automatically, so you don’t have to notify them every time. You can share documents via a link or email. As a creator or administrator, you can set the file to view-only and allow people to comment or edit. It has an editing history, and real-time editing can be used in offline mode and supports Google Voice Typing.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts, a member of the G Suite ecosystem, is a project management software that will be very useful when working from home. You can create a message group for your team or make voice/video calls. It is great for online conferences. You can create different chat groups for different teams and projects. Moreover, chat dates can be recorded online. So you can check or review them whenever you want. Its interface is quite clear, simple, and clean. Setting up meetings and discussions will be easy because it is integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail. It is a very useful tool for communication between remote team members. Usually, you will have no problem, and it has the features required to create web conferences.

2-Plan Team

2-The plan offers great features for free, but this software can be a little difficult to navigate. In essence, have everyone work on the 2-Plan Desktop and then assemble the projects into the 2-Plan Team.


Harvest offers time tracking, invoicing, and report generation options. It has a free service for micro-businesses with two customers / two projects per month. Harvest is available for internet and mobile and has Twitter and Gmail plugins. 


Redmine can support numerous projects and can be customized. Moreover, it offers a news and alert system, problem tracking, time tracking, and a forum to discuss projects. Although it does not have an attractive user interface, it can manage large projects.


This program is project management software that helps you organize and then manage tasks in a beautifully designed, customizable environment. It is completely web-based and does not require any downloads or manual updates. You can take advantage of multiple checklists that let you break down long lists into manageable sublists. There are excellent security protocols. For basic requirements, you get a free plan.


BaseCamp is a cloud-based online project management tool. Organizes everything in one place and eliminates the need for additional software. It also helps divide projects into smaller pieces, which increases focus on each piece. You also get a free premium plan with regular features.

advantages of project management software

Advantages of Project Management Software

Project management allows you to plan activities over a period of time and assign them to teams and employees. Using the cockpit screens, project managers can maintain multiple projects and activities organized by project, date range, teams, and more. With the project management software, you can create the most applicable plans of all processes from the idea stage to the project’s last stage. You can’t do order planning according to projects. But what you can do is this: analyze shipment and material movements in detail in your projects. You can provide detailed and practical follow-up of the products shipped to your customer for different projects. As a project summary, you can analyze and track income-expense and profit-loss balances with a single click.

How Is Good Project Management?

So these were the project management software programs. Since each project has different levels of risk and change, the most important point that project managers should pay attention to is that the project’s method can be easily adapted to changing customer demands during the project. The fact that the draft has planning that cannot be easily adapted to changes involves much more risk than designs adapted to change. However, planning that cannot be adapted to change is generally much less costly than planning methods adapted to change. For this reason, it is essential to determine the purpose and scope, nature, and needs of the project at the beginning stage of the drafting process, to build a planning process suitable for it, and to use a suitable software program if necessary.

FAQ About Free Project Management Software Programs

What are the project management systems?

It is a web application designed to analyze the projects and investments carried out by institutions or organizations operating in service, construction and obtaining detailed reports on a single screen on the internet.

What is an integrated project management?

 The process that determines, defines, and coordinates the management activities of processes such as time, cost, and quality in a project is called Integration Management.

What is stakeholder management?

It is the process of communicating and working with stakeholders to meet their needs, address emerging issues, and appropriately encourage them to participate in project activities.

What are the tasks of a project manager?

It has tasks such as organizing and motivating the project team, ensuring time control, and keeping track of the budget.

What is project and project management?

Project Management is the controlled planning of project activities to achieve project goals.

Conclusion on Free Project Management Software Programs

 The ideas we target in our work help companies or companies that will use a project management program to avoid the time they will spend trying to find areas or products that can make their lives easier and help them create time to meet their needs by dealing with their customers. The project management program directly facilitates their own work and directs their customer-oriented work, so it is important. If you are interested in such groundbreaking programs you might want to look into the best speech to text software.

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  1. Restyaboard is a good project management software that will help create project schedules, share files and task lists, and manage the project without necessarily being on site. A brilliant free Trello alternative.