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The Best Customer Review Sites

Customer reviews are feedbacks based on the experience of customers with different organizations. Companies or third-party review sites collect these reviews publicly or sometimes privately. No matter whether they are positive or not, customer reviews are of great importance to a business. They help businesses to understand customer satisfaction and to improve customer relations if necessary. To track down a few, you can take a look at our list of the best customer review sites.

Our Picks

Here are the best customer review sites that we have picked for you. You can use any of these without running into any problems.

google my business

Google My Business

On top of our list of the best customer review sites, we have Google My Business. It is a free tool for businesses to show their presence online, including Search and Maps. Google makes use of distance and location ranking parameters to give improved local search results. Therefore, if you want to optimize your business website, you should set up verified accounts with local directories. Only verified local Google+ pages can give a response to customer reviews.

You can take a look at Buy Google Reviews to increase your Google reviews organically and quickly.


Companies can also create business profiles on Facebook where users can leave ratings and reviews of their experiences with the company. Anyone who logs in Facebook can click on the grey stars to rate or to post a review. Most of the users on the site already have a Facebook account. This gives Facebook an advantage over other review sites where users need to create unique logins or log in to the site every time they write a review.


On your Yelp profile, there are some pieces of information like store hours and location. Therefore, when people search your business on Google, your profile will often turn up. The platform not only allows you to respond to reviewers but also trains small businesses in doing so. Moreover, it organizes social events for reviewers (also known as Yelpers). Yelpers have an outstanding review culture, and they definitely help people a lot to make purchasing decisions.


If you are planning a trip, it is absolutely the right go-to review site. The content on TripAdvisor also contains low airfares, travel guides, rental listings, and advice forums about almost every destination around the world. The website offers users to book rooms and tables as well as finding flights at reasonable prices. It operates internationally in more than 25 countries. On TripAdvisor, the popularity ranking algorithm has three key factors: quality, quantity, and recency of reviews. If you want to improve your ranking as a business on this site, you should pay attention to these components.

Better Business Bureau

The aim of this site is to help people find and recommend businesses that they can rely on. The Better Business Bureau wants to protect consumers from the fraudulent business. As well as providing the public with information about businesses, the site indicates whether they have met the accreditation standards of BBB. The profiles on the site contain a short company bio and its accreditation status. They also contain a history of complaints people have made about the business and if they have been resolved or not. The Better Business Bureau has a rating scale of A–F, but the ratings are independent of public reviews.


On the second place of our list of the best customer review sites, we have Amazon. It is also one of the first online stores to allow customers to post reviews about the products. Consumers rate products on a five-star rating scale, which is broken down by the percentage of reviews per star. Amazon improved its review system in 2015, so you can find the most recent consumer reviews there. Due to this, many people today look up the reviews on Amazon to make an informed decision before they purchase.


Then, based on your keyword, it shows the list of companies with the proper information. Manta works more differently than other review sites. Unlike other sites, it focuses more on getting in contact with people than reviewing products and services. The aim of Manta is to rank your business as high as possible for each relevant keyword users can search. Therefore, you will have a higher chance of connecting with leads that use the site if you are in the top search results.

Yellow Pages

The review site provides local marketing solutions with the aim of helping local businesses grow. Companies can manage the reviews on the site after getting a free business listing on Yellow Pages.



You can ask your visitors to leave reviews on Foursquare and make your business known by potential customers. Through other Foursquare reviews, it helps people to discover new places or businesses. Users can check in to let their friends know where they are, and, similarly, they can find out where their friends are. They can also collect points, badges, and coupons for each check-in. Foursquare has 55 million monthly active users, and the data here is included in other sites and maps as well.

Angie’s List

The reviews here cannot be anonymous, which increases the credibility of the site. Companies can respond to the reviews about them, and they can set up a page on Angie’s List for free. Members evaluate companies through a report card scale from A–F in terms of quality, price, professionalism, punctuality, and responsiveness.


Consumers write both product and seller reviews on this platform, making third parties verify them. Businesses can create a profile page and collect customer reviews for free. However, if companies want to send customizable review invitations and share reviews and social ratings on social media, they need to use the paid version of Trustpilot. In this version, companies can also link their review data to their internal business systems.


On this platform, the people at Which? Write the reviews, not the customers. They test and review all the products and services themselves. Then, they write about them and share both their methodologies and results with people. The site does not accept submissions for testing the product. However, they let people know about their products and services via e-mail. You might not be sure as to whether your products will take place on their site or not. But it is still worth checking on it, especially if you have customers in the U.K. Which? Contains reviews for various products, ranging from dishwashers to credit cards. Most of the content on the site is free. If customers want to become a member, they need to pay a monthly fee to have access to “Best Buys” and “Don’t Buy” lists on the site.

Consumer Reports

The site does not accept advertising. It runs unbiased tests to rate products they recommend. Consumer Reports has great content that is both comprehensive and helpful, setting an example to excellent content creation. It provides the review criteria, product overviews, a buying guide, and social sharing buttons for every product it reviews. So far, the site has reviewed almost 8 million products.

g2 crowd

G2 Crowd

Last but not least on our list of the best customer review sites, we have G2 Crowd.G2 Crowd is another site that deals with software. It uses a five-star scale to review companies. Reviews on the site cover many areas like setup, ease of use, security, and support. G2 Crowd gives users the chance to upvote or downvote other people’s reviews on the site. Every month, more than five million business users are heading to G2 to read the reviews before buying software. Therefore, having quality ratings on this site can affect business purchasing decisions directly.

Compare Camp

Compare Camp is a business-to-business review site that primarily focuses on business software. If you want to introduce a new system to your company, the site can find the right software for you. Compare Camp contains the benefits of the product and the new trends that might occur in the respective industry. It lays out other people’s feelings about a specific product. In addition, it offers users the chance to choose from a list of software categories while browsing the site. When you click on a section, it provides you with a description of that category and a detailed list of product and company options. Last but not least, it shows the top features to look for before buying that software. Taking all these points into account, we can easily say that Compare Camp is rather useful as a review site.

Concluding the Best Customer Review Sites

In this article, we have given 15 examples of the best customer review sites you can benefit from while purchasing. We have also shown you the ways of getting a five-star review on Google and asking for one from customers. We have explained how important to your business it is to have five-star rankings and mentioned the hints as well to help you understand whether a review is fake or not. Customer reviews play a crucial role in the process of purchasing. Therefore, we hope you make use of this article while making your purchasing decisions. If you simply want to surf the internet without an intention, you might get inspired by our article on the best websites to waste time on the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Definitely, more than 93% of consumers take online reviews into consideration while they are making their purchasing decisions. In addition, according to a recent HubSpot Research survey, one out of three respondents stated that review sites played a big role in their purchasing process.

It is not always easy to spot fake reviews. However, there are some hints you can make use of. You should dig deeper into the profile of the reviewer and look at all the reviews there. If the reviewer gives all five-star reviews with no negativity, it is likely to be fake. Another way to understand is to check whether these five-star reviews are all written for products of the same company.

First of all, having a five-star review helps you grow your customer base. Online reviews attract more customers than personal recommendations. Secondly, each five-star review increases your average review rating, which makes Google consider it a key ranking factor for local search results. As a result of these, you will attract a broader market and increase your sales.

You can ask them to write one when they feel the happiest. The right timing for this can be when you fix their problem or satisfy their needs. Highlighting your five-star Google reviews and sharing customer testimonials on social media works perfectly well to influence people to leave a five-star review.

Responding to reviews, whether they are good or bad, is extremely important to businesses. It shows that the company is caring about its customers.

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