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The Best Call to Action Examples

Call to action phrases are powerful words that will have users take action promptly. The main goal while using the call to action has an immediate response by impressing or making users curious about services or products. Here are some of the best call to action examples.

Call to action (CTA) phrases can be in different forms and types. They can be special deals, discounts, or orders available for a limited time, such as “Offer will expire at the end of the week.” Besides, they can be demanding or non-demanding words such as “watch this video now.”

why call to actions should be used

Why Should You Use Call to Actions?

Sales representatives highly encourage the use of call to action. Not only buttons on websites but also brochures, e-mails, and catalogs are CTAs used for a long time and have promising outcomes.

Knowing your target audience’s behavior is a key before determining call to action phrases. Companies also can learn their customers’ behaviors by using CTAs. For instance, before offering a demanding CTA, companies can use smaller CTAs to know their customers. After using smaller CTAs and finding out what customers want, companies can offer demanding CTAs, such as special deals.

This marketing strategy also increases companies’ potential customers. It is because the CTA strategy was born due to human psychology. People are conditioned to obey and follow orders from the day that they were born. Therefore, using the right method and CTA will make them want to follow the orders unconsciously. Mainly, special deals can quickly spread among social media platforms and reach people. Before we move on to our best best call to action examples, let’s see how a CTA should be.

How Should Be CTAs?

  • CTAs should be authoritative to influence people psychologically. Using the phrase that “Subscribe now!” is more effective than asking the user if they are ready to subscribe.
  • There are also motivational CTAs. It means that they give the needed motivation for your customers to take action.
  • CTA buttons should be impressive for customers. Even they will not decide just because of the color of the CTA, and it will influence them to click the button.
  • CTAs can be long sentences or short phrases. However, long sentences can contain distractions. You should be careful if you want to use long CTAs in sentence form. Hence, keeping them short may be more effective.  
  • CTAs should consist of powerful words to create a sense of urgency. These urgencies can be provided by offering limited time orders.
  • Poorly prepared CTAs can affect your potential leads. Therefore, you will need to put more effort into increasing your sales.

The Best Call to Action Examples

Here are some of the best call to action examples that we have picked for you. We believe utilizing these will give your business a surplus value and therefore yield better profits.

Read More

On top of our list of best call to action examples we have the classic phrase “read more”. Sharing a blog post on other platforms should contain a brief snippet of the article’s context. It is more visible on news pages on social media platforms. After sharing a snippet of the context, you can add a “Read more” button for readers to take any action and go to your website.


Offering discounts are the perfect ways to use call to actions. For example, they can be placed into the text by saying “$50 off” or “%50 off”. People feel successful when they buy a product for a price under its value. Thus, offering discounts can bring high traffic to your website.

Get/ Gain/ Score Now!

Using unique words in CTAs will be more impressive to customers because they are not ordinary and boring. Implying that offered services are beneficial for customers will be more sympathetic and user-friendly phrases. Besides, the “Now” word creates an urgency for users.

Learn More

In marketing, there is a term that sales qualified leads (SQLs). This term indicates the potential customers who need more information and answers for buying services or products. Therefore, adding a learn more button can be helpful for you to reach your sales qualified leads.

do this call to action

Do This

These CTAs can contain different verbs according to your context. For instance, “Watch This!” “Click the Button,” “Retweet This.” These CTAs are generally used for special deals. They give the message that if the user “Do This,” they can utilize this profit. It is a clear and direct way to take any action from customers. Clear and direct ways do not bore the user; therefore, customers can be more willing to take action.

Start Your Journey

Adding a “Start Your Journey” button is a brilliant way to use CTAs. It implies a mystery and adventure for users to sign up to your website or be a member of your company. Besides, you can be creative while forming these CTAs. You should be focused on implying a success or benefit after beginning the journey.

  • Begin your adventure toward improving your body.
  • Start your journey to enhance your language.
  • Take a step to sell your products.

These examples can go further in this way if you imply profit by the service.

Activate Today 

This CTA is highly motivational for users. Let’s say your company offers special deals or discounts to its customers. You can add buttons such as:

  • Activate your free trial today!
  • Activate your %30 discount now!

It also contains urgent words to motivate your leads, and it gives a sense of unique opportunity.

Time Is Running Out

This CTA is also one that creates a sense of urgency. It gives the message that if users do not hurry up, they will miss the chance of having special deals. You can be creative on this CTA too. Variations will make it more stimulating. For instance, they can be:

  • Limited products are available!
  • Don’t miss the %20 discount!
  • The order will expire soon!

If customers are impressed by your service, they would not like to miss them. Hence, they will be more responsive.

Add to Card

Even the “Add to Cart” button is not unique and creative; it is straightforward and trustworthy. Once it comes to buying, customers want to know the exact meaning of the buttons. Then, they take their actions more comfortable.

The “Add to Cart” button seems useful for many big companies, and they use it. It means that it is beneficial for them. Thus, do not hesitate to add a button that not unique if it is trustworthy.

Let’s Do It

Using this phrase will make your customers feel comfortable. It is because it is not just focused on convincing to sell a product. It also includes a message of partnership and trust. Rather than that, using other user-friendly phrases like this one will also increase your reliability unconsciously.

Get Free

Potential customers are highly impressed by free and bonus products. Even they pay for a product, they feel successful and appreciated when they get free products as a bonus to their action. It is also a way to gain regular customers, which is significant for a company.

Contact Us

Putting a contact us button is another compelling CTA that creates a connection between your company and your customers. Especially, sales qualified leads to seek specific answers for their curiosities before they buy a service or product. When they see a “Contact Us” button, they will not hesitate to take action and ask their questions. It means that it is a perfect way to get a chance to make SQLs your regular customers.

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As mentioned before, you can use some variations of this CTA too. It will be more creative to use “Talk to Us” instead of “Contact Us.” However, it does not mean that “Contact Us” is not a compelling CTA. It is simple and contains a clear message.

Do You Want to…

Placing a CTA such as “Do You Want to X,” have two different answers that “Yes” and “No.” Thus, you should use this CTA if you are sure that you will get the answer of “Yes” much more than “No.” It means that it should imply that your service is highly beneficial. For example:

  • Do you want to earn extra money?
  • Want to have your own house with less money?
  • Do you want to lose weight while eating?

Give It A Try

This CTA seems riskless from customers’ eyes. For demos or free trials, you can use this call to action or its variations as well. It is motivational and persuasive to use sentences such as “Give X A Try,” “Start Your Free Trial Now,” “Try Your Free Demo Now.”

Log In With

If you want to get users for your website, you will ask them to sign up. Signing up to websites can seem effortful for most users because they should fill in a lot of blanks that include their personal information. However, putting a CTA such as “Log In With Google” makes this process a lot easier. They need to write their URL into the box and then click the “Log In With Google” button. Therefore, they won’t spend their time filling long forms to register.

Install Now

This CTA is used a lot by companies that have applications for desktop or mobile devices. It is again a clear and straightforward call to action. Customers know exactly what this CTA means, and they will be willing to click it if they are interested in your services.

I Want to…

This CTA also reaches people’s subconsciousness. When there is two option offered, people are more willing to pick one of them. It is because they are focused on that they are making a choice. Therefore, they do not see the fact that they choose one of the options that companies offer to them.

The phrases given above are the most effective and the best call to action that companies can apply. They all include different strategies to reach people’s subconsciousness. However, as mentioned before, you can use and create variations of them and visually influence users’ psychology.

faq on the best call to action examples

Conclusion on The Best Call to Action Examples

In this article, you can find the best call to action examples and what companies should be careful about while using them. They bring very efficient outcomes if they are used successfully. The main point is that they should be user-friendly and trustworthy to get the best results. If you clearly understand the sense of using CTAs and how you should use them, you can start now! Finally, No call to action campaign is effective without a good pricing strategy. If you want to know how to create a pricing strategy, then you’ll find the answers on our other guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About

A clear call to action is the one that has an exact message. They are effortless to be understood, and they cannot lead to confusion. For example, adding a call to action to you, such as “Add to Cart” is perfect for using a clear call to action. It is clear, and customers explicitly understand the meaning of the button.

They can but making them as short as possible will ensure that customers can easily understand the message. However, if you cannot make them shorter, it does not mean that they are worthless and bad.

If you have a business account on social media platforms, you probably have experienced a call to action. However, sometimes they are not much recognizable. For example, “Scroll Down” buttons are CTAs that are used by Instagram users to direct their followers to another website. Another example is that business accounts on Facebook highly use the “Learn More” button to direct users to their websites. If you can understand the sense of call to action clearly, you can recognize them easily.

There are no strict rules for them; however, you can place them according to their message. If they offer special orders or discounts, they should be very visible. Nevertheless, buttons like the “Contact Us” button can be placed right or left bottom corners of the pages.

It is because people’s minds do not be stimulated if they are used to these phrases. However, different and impressive words influence and stimulate their minds. Therefore, they will be more willing to take action.

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