The Best Backlink Analysis Tools (Tools Guide)

The Best Backlink Analysis Tools (Tools Guide)

Put simply; a backlink is a link to your website from another website. The more links you’ve created or earned is an excellent opportunity to boost your website’s rankings in search engine results. However, you got to know that not all backlinks are equal. If you wish to get the highest quality links, you can reach many authority websites on the internet. Alternatively, you can Buy Backlinks from high-quality backlink providers. At this point, you gotta be very careful as spammy and suspicious sites will affect your rankings negatively in search results. Incidentally, there are many methods to get backlinks to your website, but you always need to analyze your current competitors and existing backlinks you have. To do that, backlink analysis tools will help you more than ever. 

How Do You Conduct Backlink Analysis?

Here we listed some suggestions for you to consider;

  1. First of all, you should select the websites you want to analyze: Before starting, you should choose the sites you want to analyze. You most probably already know who your competitors are in your industry. When you analyze their backlink profiles, these will help you where you can outdo them and how.
  2. Secondly, you should choose a backlink analysis tool: You need to select your backlink analysis tool you want to use. At this point, you got many options, but most of them are paid. However, you can try their free trial versions to decide which one is the most effective for you.
  3. Finally, enter the URL you want to analyze, including yours, and then collect the information you wish: You will be able to see the sites where your competitors are getting their existing backlinks.
What Are the Advantages of Backlink Analysis Tools

What Are the Advantages of Backlink Analysis Tools?

Backlinks are still a key factor in search engines, including Google’s organic ranking algorithm. That’s why, if you are a website owner and wish to improve your overall SEO strategy, backlink quality and link building need to be a part of your plan. There are many ways to get backlinks, but you need to be consistent if you want to compete with your website industry. In addition to that, you will understand why your website is ranking where it is in search results. You can compare your competitors’ backlink profiles and see where they are gaining their existing backlinks and how.

What Are the Best Backlink Analysis Sites

What Are the Best Backlink Analysis Sites?

Many websites provide backlink analysis on the web. However, some of these may be misleading. Because of this, you gotta be very careful not to fall into a trap. In this article, we are going to mention three best-known backlink analysis tools briefly. Here are 3; 


SEMrush is one of the most popular websites where you can regularly monitor your profile’s performance and your competitors’ backlink profiles. The website stands out with trend-tracking and its innovative approach. It also adds thousands of new and daily backlinks and updates them every day. 


SEMrush is a monthly-paid tool with three options; Pro ($ 99.95), Guru ($199.95), and Business ($399.95). Before starting, you should decide which ‘Plans & Pricing’ is best for you.

  • PRO: SEMrush Pro is for freelancers and startups with a limited budget. You will be able to monitor your competitors’ traffic sources and their rankings in search results.
  • GURU: SEMrush Guru is for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMB) and growing brands. In addition to all Pro features, you will be able to reach ‘branded reports,’ ‘historical data,’ and ‘Content Marketing Platform.’
  • BUSINESS: SEMrush Business is for agencies, E-commerce projects, and big brands on the web. In addition to all Guru features, you will be able to reach ‘white label reports,’ ‘API access,’ and ‘Google Data Studio Integration.’ 


Ahrefs is another commonly preferred backlink analysis tool in the online market. The backlink index Ahrefs have gets updated every 15 minutes. The backlink checker shows which websites link to your competitors’ sites in the industry you are operating in, and you can quickly analyze the quality of their backlink profiles. When you want to dissect a specific website’s backlink profile, it is so easy through Ahrefs. Copy the URL you wish to learn its backlink profile and then paste into Site Explorer. Click on the ‘Backlink profile’ part. According to the website’s definition, it has the fastest backlink analysis in the online market.


Ahrefs is a monthly-paid tool with four options: Lite ($99), Standard ($ 179), Advanced ($399), and Agency ($ 999.) According to the website’s policy, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan whenever you wish. Besides, you can prefer annual billing; the first two months will be free.

Here are some advantages of Ahrefs;

  • Analyze your competitors’ backlinks.
  • Monitor your competitors’ organic traffics.
  • Look at your competitors and your links.
  • Analyze the backlinks you already have.
  • Look at the pages where your competitors work to get backlinks.


Moz offers multiple services, from determining your page ranking in search engine results to comparing your competitors’ backlink profiles. In addition to these, you can learn where your competitors are gaining their backlinks. By the way, many website owners have been suffering from bad backlinks. At this point, you can determine and find toxic and broken links on your website through MOZ. Also, you will be able to see which backlink is more effective than others. Remember, your competitors are a vital factor in growing your website. You can find out who’s linking to them through this service.

There is one more thing; Moz provides a great opportunity to monitor your existing and losing links, and you can sort your links by date.


  • Moz is a monthly-paid tool with four options; Entry Level ($250), Low Volume ($500), Mid Volume ($2,000), and Enterprise ($10,000.)
    • Before you begin, these prices may not seem affordable, but you should consider the services they offer and the results you will get.

FAQs About Backlink Analysis Tools

Are backlinks still important in 2021?

‘Is SEO still important?’ So, yes! You can increase your website traffic, build credibility, and rank higher in search engines by backlinks. That’s why backlink building should be an inseparable part of your SEO strategy.

How can you know which ‘Plans & Pricing’ of these backlink analysis tools is better for you?

These tools generally offer a free 30-day trial version. You can try and then decide which one is the best.

Why are backlinks necessary? Before starting, do you know what ‘vouch’ means?

It is a ‘vote of confidence.’ It means that when you have ‘backlinks,’ other websites vouch for your website and content. It is significant for your SEO strategy and growing your website.

Can you clean up bad backlinks?

YES, you can contact the website owner and then ask him/her to remove the bad links. If you get no result, there is one more option; Google Disavow. You will be able to disavow the website or the link.

How do you find how many backlinks there are?

In this case, there are a lot of options you can prefer. In addition to Moz, Semrush, and Ahrefy, you can choose Google Webmaster Tools.

Backlink Analysis Tools In Short

Backlinks are a vital factor in your SEO strategy; they affect your website traffic, reputation, and customer relations. Therefore, you need to determine and analyze your backlinks. At this point, you have several options. In this article, we’ve mentioned the three most-known websites: Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs. You’ll be able to see and track your performance and your current competitors’ activities, including their backlinks. Suppose, when your competitors have a backlink you haven’t yet, in that case, you can find the site where your competitor is getting the backlink. It is a perfect way to discover new backlinks. Find the best backlink analysis tool to be ahead of the game.

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