The Best Alternatives to Tumblr

The Best Alternatives to Tumblr

Nowadays, from individuals to big organizations may have a blog to share their interests. At this point, Tumblr offers a lot of services, such as text, photos, and multimedia for its users. But the users who want something else may look for social media services other than Tumblr. Here are the best alternatives to Tumblr;

Alternatives to Tumblr

There are many alternatives of Tumblr; we list some of these below:


It is one of the most popular Tumblr alternatives that you can consider. You can privatize according to your interests without limitations themes and functionality enhancing. You can also profit from other services like multi-user support social network integration, and SEO.

  • Advantages on WordPress: It is trendy and reliable, and provides customizable features.
  • Disadvantages on WordPress: It may be complicated if you have more than one scripts or custom plugins.


Blogger is one of the most understandable blogging platforms. The site includes a simple web-based post editor. Besides, if you prefer Blogger, you will have up to 100 blogs for each account. Moreover, the website offers statistics that show monthly page-views and traffic sources for your account. In addition to these, Blogger supports all the regular blog features like multi-user support, posting via email, and comments.

  • Advantages on Blogger: Supported by Google, you can easily set up your blog, and it offers AdSense integration to earn money quickly.
  • Disadvantages on Blogger: It isn’t scalable, there is a restriction for customization, and it provides limited plugin support.

Soup (Looks Like Tumblr)

Soup is another best alternatives to Tumblr because it looks like Tumblr. You can text to quotes and post everything from photos to videos. Also, it provides to publish on Facebook directly if you want. There are many Soup groups that the users can enjoy, such as animals and TV shows. 

  • Advantages on Soup: It looks like Tumblr, and if you already have a Tumblr account, you will be able to be adapted Soup quickly.
  • Disadvantages on Soup: There isn’t any custom plugins, and is an advertisement-supported free tier.


The ex-chairman and CEO of Twitter founded it four years ago; it becomes one of the most popular blogging websites. Medium provides a minimalistic text editor. Moreover, it offers keyboard shortcuts, sharing links, and visibility for content. You can import photos or videos from other social media services and tag and follow your favorite blogs.

  • Advantages on Medium: It offers quality and rich content and options for private or public posts. Besides, you can control user engagement by statistics.
  • Disadvantages on Medium: It is restricted with almost no customization, and Google Analytics doesn’t support it.


It is a service that shares images and videos. It has two options- free and a premium version. If you prefer a free account, you can’t upload any files, but you still browse the existing content. Besides, you can follow individual users, and when they upload something new in their account, you will be able to get a notification.


Pinterest is such a popular social media platform as much as Tumblr. You can download and publish post an image, video, or GIF. You will be able to share others’ posts, and these content collect pins related to a topic in a place. 


It is an open-source blogging platform to make content and publish photos and videos easily. If you are looking for an alternative to Tumblr, you should try out the 14 days trial of Ghost.

Mastodon (Close to Tumblr)

It’s among the best alternatives. It is really like Twitter and Tumblr. The user on the platform create posts, follow other users, can get followers, likes, and comments.


It is an online entertainment website and involves games, movies, and artwork. There aren’t any strict rules for adult people. For this reason, it might be the best alternative to Tumblr.

site123 alternative tumblr


It offers that you can create any website, blog, or an online store. Besides, the platform provides you a wide variety of themes.


The platform offers content for adult people. Furthermore, if you want to hide your identity, you will be able to stay anonymous.


You have to pay $5 to sign up on the platform. If you do that, you will create up to 10 different blogs with different passwords. It offers to create documents, audio, and video content.

FAQs About Alternatives to Tumblr

What is the best alternative to Tumblr?

There isn’t only one alternative to Tumblr. You can reach what you wish by using several blogging platforms.

Is Tumblr still popular in 2021?

Yes, it is still one of the most popular and commonly preferred social media servicing to publish and create photos and videos.

What is the main difference between Tumblr and other blogging platforms?

There isn’t only one main difference. For instance, you can use Tumblr easier than most other platforms, but you can obtain limited customization rather than other platforms. Besides, you can follow other users at the same time, thanks to the dashboard.

Is Tumblr dead?

The site has experienced a reduction of user growth, losing artists to different media websites such as Instagram, yet it isn’t dead.

How do you see hidden content on Tumblr?

You can find a lock icon on the right corner that you can tap on to allow or hide adult search results. Tumblr hides adult content by default.

To Conclude Tumblr Alternatives

There are lots of alternatives for Tumblr. Some of the blogging platforms have already been using before, but some have just set up. You should choose the best one according to your interests, and have to decide what are you gonna do when you have a blog because every platform serves at cross purposes. If you want to learn more about alternatives and other websites, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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  1. Ultimately Tumblrs format and the ease of getting started,and allowing adult content were the crown jewels of the site! What I can’t figure out is why any other site hasn’t followed Tumblrs format verbateum! With a bit more freedom! Tumblr was on top and is still a format that all others gauge themselves to! If someone did mimick Tumblr to the T, I have no doubts that it would become as big as Tumblr was!! The sites you mentioned are used because there’s no format like Tumblr if someone would adopt the format these sites would fall out of contention ! And with good reason,Tumblr rules!!

  2. I do not agree with gent below: there are many alternatives that embrace the Tumblr culture without compromising its freedom. All we need to do is reach out beyond our comfort zone and experience what others have to offer.