The Best Advertisements and Campaigns

The Best Advertisements and Campaigns

Advertising is the transfer of information and features about a company’s product or service to consumers. Advertising is an element of marketing communication. In other words, it may be called the most important element of the marketing strategy. Before we talk about the best advertisements and campaigns, let’s start with the basics.

An advertising campaign draws the attention of consumers to the products and services of the company through promotion. In this respect, advertisements enable the company to increase the sales amount. Besides, it enables them to compete with rival companies in a competitive environment. An ad campaign also helps companies to grow and diversify their products and services. In this way, good advertisements make it easier for companies to progress on the way of branding. That’s why ads are important for companies.

What Are Advertisements and Campaigns?

An advertising campaign highlights any product or service of the advertiser. Or the brand itself, within a systematic plan and management. Advertising campaigns aim to attract the attention of consumers by encouraging them. Advertisement campaigns are large-scale and intense promotions. Their purpose is to ensure that consumers show specified behaviors.

Advertising campaigns are designed and implemented by advertising agencies. These types of campaigns need the presence of people specialized in advertising. Because attracting attention, encouraging, creating a place in people’s minds by making a difference are situations that require creative intelligence. In the advertising agencies, creative directors, advertising copywriters, designers, art directors, public relations units, and customer representatives are working. As we mentioned above, advertising campaigns cover various processes. These are as follows, respectively:

  • The advertiser company makes a detailed presentation about its products and services to the advertising agency.
  • After this point, the advertising agency starts the process of the advertising campaign.
  • Advertising agencies carry out all the work alone. Also, they may work on a large scale and expertise to make decisions alone.
  • They determine which advertising channels they can use.

What Are the Types of Advertisements?

Advertising has evolved considerably nowadays. This is due to social media tools. There are also important developments in traditional media. There are examples of creative advertising in these genres, too. But social media ads are the most popular. There are two reasons for this. The first is that it is cheap. The second is that it can reach much larger masses. Let’s examine the types of advertising that have been fully involved in our lives, especially recently. After that, we will list the best advertisements and campaigns. Major ad types:

broadcast ads

Broadcast Ads

It is a mass advertising type that includes television and radio types. Broadcast advertising has been the easiest way to reach a large number of consumers until recently. Broadcast advertising suffers from the popularity of DVRs and the skip ad technology. However, it’s still an effective form of advertising to reach millions of people, especially when it comes to difficult products. Types of broadcast ads:

TV Commercials

The world’s first TV commercial broadcasted almost 80 years ago. At that time, television became the dominant type of advertising in the world. It continues to be a tremendous force for brands, even in the age of changing media habits and digital media. The simplest reason for this is it still very effective, offering great short-term results and long-term brand-building goals. That is why television commercials are still so effective.

Radio Ads

Advertising on the radio is a great way to reach your target audience. If your target audience is listening to a particular station, you may attract new customers on regular basis ads. Radio ads are advantageous in this respect.

Print Ads

The print ads method lags behind many types of digital advertising available to marketers. However, if one thing is certain about advertising, it’s good to be different. When consumers get tired of digital ads, there will be a return to print ad types. The tactile feel and persistence they provide definitely sets this type apart from the rest. The print ad method has three sub-categories, in general. Types of print ads:

Newspaper Ads

Newspaper advertising may present your business to a wide variety of customers. Display ads are appearing in the entire article. But, classified lists are under topic headings in a specific section. A combination of ads in the state or metropolitan newspaper and the local newspaper gives you the best results.

Guerrilla Ads

Guerrilla term is a commonly used term for anything unconventional. Often invites the consumer to participate in the ad or interact in some way. Terms such as location and timing are important in this ad type. The driving forces behind guerrilla advertising or marketing are not a large budget but creatives ideas and innovation.

Street Ads

This type and variant of advertising are also known as outdoor advertising. It is a broad term that describes any type that consumers may reach while away from home. Think billboards, bus banners, airplane posters, or even large digital billboards in squares.

advertising through product placement

Advertising Through Product Placement

Product placement is not a clear advertisement of branded products or services. This type is the promotion of a product or service in a scene of a show or movie. If you have seen a movie before, you must have said, “They use a lot of cola in this scene.” That’s when you realize that there is an advertisement in this movie through product placement. This type of ad is also a way for these movies and shows to make money. This type is a great way for advertisers to reach a targeted demographic.

Online (Digital) Ads

Every type of advertisement displayed on the internet is called an online advertisement. You are exposed to this type because the entire revenue source of the webpages you visit is advertising revenue. Another way of online advertising is native advertising. Native advertising is a digital variation of former print advertisers and sponsored content. It is a digital marketing strategy that involves placing ads on popular websites and social media platforms. There are many types of online ads. Some of them:

Display Ads

This type of ad is in the subheading of online advertising. These are visual advertisements that appear on third-party websites. They are usually related to the content or service of the website.

Social Media Ads

It is not only efficient but also an effective marketing area. They are very similar to display ads type. Social media ads may be anything from a simple headline or image to an auto-play video. Social media advertising is great because you may target your audience in a specific way. For example, Facebook’s targeting options include age, region, interests, educational background, and more. 

Native Ads (Online)

Local advertising appears at the end of blog posts, on your Facebook posts, and other social media platforms. Sponsors support these ad types. These pieces of content are integrated and camouflaged into the platform on which they appear. Advertisers may serve native ads on networks such as Adblade, Adsonar, Outbrain, and Taboola.

Video Ads

YouTube is the most popular channel in the video ad type. It looks like this will continue for a long time. Advertisers prefer these types of ads for brand awareness rather than direct sales effect.

Google Adwords Ads

In short, the AdWords ad type is when companies place an ad on Google’s search engine results page. It is one of the subtypes of online advertising. When you search for a business or general search terms, products, and services appear in search results with ads. For example, a company selling insurance will appear as advertised in any search query for insurance products. If someone clicks this ad, the ad owner pays Google. Therefore this is called cost-per-click.

the best ad campaigns

The Best Ad Campaigns

There are effective ads that make a tremendous impact in the period they are published. These advertisements are successful campaigns that have been in the minds of consumers even after years. These ads are known as the best advertisements and campaigns and inspire advertising agencies. Successful advertising and marketing campaigns help brands grow and increase brand awareness. They also contribute perfectly to creating a target audience and delivering brand messages to consumers in the most effective way. There are some ad campaigns which even after years have passed since they were first published, you can not forget. These advertising campaigns are the source of inspiration for many subsequent campaigns. We have compiled for you advertising campaigns that are known as the best ads of all time. These ads are still known for their success. Here are some advertising examples that we have mentioned. Some of the best advertisements ever:

Nike: Just Do It

One of the best advertisements and campaigns is absolutely “Just Do It.” The biggest brand in the fitness and aerobic fashion of the 1970s and 80s was Reebok. Reebok had a significant advantage and market share over Nike, an ordinary running shoe brand. Nike wanted to increase its competitiveness against its biggest rival, Reebok. Nike signed the “Just Do It” campaign with Wieden + Kennedy’s advertising agency in the late 1980s. The agency designed the Just Do It as a unifying element of the advertisement films of the campaign. 

Just Do It is still considered the best advertising slogan ever. It is a plain, clear, understandable, catchy, and short slogan. Just Do It sums up what people feel while exercising and encourages consumers to go beyond their limits. Just Do It, one of the most memorable advertising campaigns of the 20th century. This campaign increased the sales of Nike considerably. After the campaign, Nike sold $ 800 million in 1988. Nike reached sales of $ 9.2 billion in 1998.

Absolut Vodka: The Absolut Bottle

One of the ads that should be on the best advertisements and campaigns list is the Absolut Bottle. Absolut doesn’t have a very different bottle shape. Despite this, this ad campaign made the Absolut bottle the most recognizable bottle in the world. The brand ran print ads in its campaign showing its current bottle in various ways. The campaign, which has been continuing for 25 years, is also the longest continuous campaign ever. This ad campaign includes over 1500 ads.

When the campaign started, Absolut only had a 2.5% share of the vodka market. TBWA advertising agency ran this advertising campaign. Before the campaign, the sales figure of Absolut Vodka was only 10 thousand boxes. When the campaign ended in 2000, the sales of Absolut Vodka has increased to 4.5 million cases.

Miller Lite: Great Taste, Less Filling

Third on our list of best advertisements and campaigns is Miller Lite’s Great Taste, Less Filling campaign. Light beer brand Miller Brewing (now MillerCoors) launched a campaign to create a completely new market for its product. This campaign aimed to change the view that men should not drink light beer. Miller featured masculine models drinking light beer and confirming that it tastes good. The campaign, prepared by McCann & Erickson Worldwide, was first published in 1974. This advertising campaign is still considered one of the most memorable and successful in the world. Years have passed since McCann & Erickson Worldwide launched the campaign. Despite this, Miller Lite is still the leader in the light beer market.

volkswagen think small

Volkswagen: Think Small

Think Small is a campaign that you can not ignore when it comes to the most successful advertising campaigns. This advertising campaign came to life through an idea against the American lifestyle and the American philosophy of life. There was an understanding among average American citizens who said “think big” and preferred large American cars. That is why consumers did not prefer small German cars in the US market. DDB prepared this unforgettable advertising campaign in 1960. DDB was emphasized the small size of the Volkswagen Beetle strikingly in the campaign. The advertisement showed itself as it was and promised nothing more. With this ad, Volkswagen suddenly attracted great attention.

Marlboro: Marlboro Man

Marlboro Man, one of the best advertisements and campaigns, first appeared in early 1955. In this advertising campaign, the product had represented the lifestyle created around it and the strength of the brand. Free, masculine, walking in the mountains, the Marlboro man was an ideal character that many men could identify with during his time. This character of the Marlboro man had an important place in the success of advertising.

The advertisements reflected the lifestyle or idealized lifestyle of the target audience. Ads in the campaign were products of Leo Burnett. Marlboro also brought a more feminine approach to its ads in later periods. However, Marlboro used the cowboy Marlboro man figure until 1999.

California Milk Processor Board: Got Milk?

California Milk Processor had sponsored this advertisement campaign. The campaign first went live in 1933. California Milk Processor ran this campaign with Heidi Klum, Steve Nash, and Taylor Swift until 2014. Lowe Campbell Ewald prepared the Got Milk advertising campaign. The main goal of the Got Milk campaign was to popularize milk and increase its consumption. The campaign, which started in California, increased milk sales by 7% in one year. Got Milk campaign has managed to go beyond the borders of the country. Many celebrities allowed their photos to be taken and broadcast after drinking milk to support the campaign.

Dove: Real Beauty

“Imagine a world where beauty is a source of self-confidence, not anxiety.” These words were the motto of the Real Beauty campaign in 2004. The campaign had a simple and effective approach. Through this campaign, Dove had shown that it knows and understands how its consumers feel about this sensitive issue. In this way, the brand has achieved one of the most effective advertising campaigns. Ogilvy & Mather prepared the campaign. They have conducted many works such as video workshops, social media projects, and print advertisements within the campaign. Real Beauty Sketches, one of them, received more than 114 million views on online channels. Real Beauty Sketches shared 3.74 million times, broadcast in 110 countries in 25 languages, and received over 4 billion interactions.

red bull stratos

Red Bull: Stratos

All marketing and advertising strategies of Red Bull have brought high financial growth. The firm decided to implement something completely new in the advertising to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. In this sense, they tried to break the record that has a 62-year history. When Joseph Kittinger broke the record for the highest free-fall jump from 102,800 feet, the year was 1960. After years of preparations, they decided to break this record in 2012, with the help of up-to-date technology and expertise.

To break the record, Red Bull invested $ 330 million, equivalent to 1/10 of its annual budget, in this project. Felix Baumgartner, an expert skydiver, would try to break the record. Finally, Felix Baumgartner dived into the stratosphere from an altitude of 39 kilometers on 14 October 2012. Diving was broadcast live on YouTube. 

This record attempt in line with the motto “push your limits,” which is the main theme of Red Bull’s advertisements. Red Bull’s worldwide sales increased by 7% in 6 months right after this successful attempt. In 2013, Red Bull increased its sales amount by 13% in total.

Coke: Share a Coke

The masses always expect big brands to produce groundbreaking campaigns. What did Coca-Cola do to meet these expectations? They put the names of their consumers on every bottle they produced. Thanks to this method, Coca-Cola has become a brand that can directly address individuals. This advertising campaign had launched in Australia in 2011. Then the brand implemented the Share a Coke campaign in the USA. Coca-Cola broke new ground in the advertising world with its Share a Coke campaign.

De Beers: A Diamond is Forever

This advertising motto is known as one of the most catchy advertising mottoes. De Beers first used this motto in 1947. In 2000, Advertising Age had chosen this motto as the best motto for advertisements and campaigns of the 20th century. De Beers has created a new market by convincing consumers that a diamond ring is a necessary luxury. N. W. Ayer & Son prepared this campaign, which has one of the best advertisements in it.

faq about advertisements and campaigns

FAQ About Advertisements and Campaigns

Which is the lowest cost ad type?

Digital ads are known as the least costly ad type. However, you should consider your target audience before deciding on the type of ad you will use. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the efficiency you expect from your advertising campaign. As a result, you may not be among the best advertisements and campaigns

What is the most expensive advertisement ever?

The most expensive advertisement ever is “Channel’s no 5” advertisement. This ad cost $ 33 million to make. The ad featured Nicole Kidman and Rodrigo Santoro. Eminem for Chrysler, a SuperBowl ad, also cost $ 12.4 million.

What is the longest ad ever?

The longest commercial ever, according to Guinness, is P&G. P&G ran a 14-hour Old Spice commercial in Brazil on December 8th. This ad, an 840-minute video, was broadcast on Woohoo TV.

May an ad campaign contain more than one type of ad?

The advertiser may use more than one type of ad according to its target audience and advertising strategy.

What makes an ad campaign successful?

The most important factor that makes advertising successful is how attractive the ad message is to the target audience.

Best Advertisements and Campaigns in Short

Ads are the most important tools for companies to reach and influence their target audience. Advertisers decide which ad type to use in their campaigns, considering their target audience. There are many types of ads that advertisers may prefer today.

These are broadcast ads, print ads, product placement ads, and digital ads. Broadcast ads have two subheads as television and radio ads. The print ads method has three sub-categories. These are newspaper ads, guerrilla ads, and street ads. Digital ads, on the other hand, may have many sub-categories according to the platforms. With the advancement of technology, this number is increasing day by day. Instagram live ads are one of them. Influencers are doing both live advertising and sales here. It is also easy to use. Besides, advertising through apps is so popular. It is also easy and cheap. But, you should detect your target audience correctly. By the way, before you leave, we believe you might also be interested in these inspiring social media campaign ideas.

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