Temporary Disable Instagram Accounts and Get it Back

Temporary Disable Instagram is a good way for people who want to stay away from social media an get relax until they finish their vacation.

So how are we going to disable our Instagram account temporary.

First of all you can not delete your account on the mobile app, you should go to Instagram web site. You should visit instagram.com and log in.

After log in you will see a person icon that describe the profile settings page you should click on it, after that you will see edit profile button.

Belong to edit profile page you will see lote of settings scroll down and find the temporary disable my account and click on it.

After click on it indicate your disabling reason, you will choose an answer or simply describe what you want to say.

For the last step you should enter your password.and you will pick temporary disable my account and that is it.

You can restore your account whenever you want by just log in int Instagram app form your smartdevice.

But the right way is not disable your account temporary or permananlt you just need to use it right. wasting too much time, effort and money is not worth if you are not a professional artist who make money on Instagram.

According to research most of users who disable their account whether restore their account or sign up new account.

more than 10% of users disabling their account just because of they have not enough followers, but there is solutions buy active Instagram followers best assistant to gain followers.



Temporary Disable Instagram Accounts and Get it Back
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