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Telegram vs WhatsApp vs Signal: Why You Should Use Telegram

Both Telegram and WhatsApp are instant messaging services. However, there are a growing number of reasons that you should consider using Telegram instead of WhatsApp. One of the main reasons is that Facebook now owns WhatsApp, and as such, the terms of use for WhatsApp can change to share more and more data with Facebook. Many WhatsApp users feel like this is an attack on their privacy. Therefore, they look for alternative instant messaging apps such as Telegram. Telegram focuses on privacy and data security, making it for many the obvious choice when looking for a WhatsApp replacement. In this article, we will discuss the arguments surrounding Telegram vs WhatsApp.

Benefits of Telegram over WhatsApp

Some of the advantages of using Telegram are obvious. For example, it has a social media platform feel to it with access to Telegram channels. This gives it an instant edge over WhatsApp in terms of features available before even looking at the rest of the host of features. Telegram has a much larger limit on the size of files you can send as well. With Telegram, you can send files up to 2GB, whereas WhatsApp has a limit of currently only 16MB. Telegram has a more robust data privacy policy than WhatsApp and is considered a more trustable brand. There are concerns about WhatsApp sharing user data with its new owner Facebook. However, with Telegram, you know that it is a standalone company and desires to keep your data private.

The differences: Telegram vs WhatsApp

Looking at these two apps, it is easy to begin noticing some differences. We will explain the differences so that you can make an informed decision between Telegram vs WhatsApp. Let’s make a list of the key differences:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Self destructing messages
  • Multiple platforms
  • Telegram bots
  • Cloud storage and file sharing
  • Telegram groups

If you’d like to get a lay of the land, it’s time to take a closer look at these differences.

End-to-end encryption

To start with, Telegram has reliable end-to-end encryption to ensure that your messages are sent and received securely. Whereas WhatsApp promises end-to-end encryption in their chat environment, an investigation revealed that malware collects users’ WhatsApp data without their knowledge or consent. Telegram also provides one-to-one encryption where only the sender and the recipient can see the message, none other than two. Create a Telegram account and enjoy the peace.

Self destructing messages

Telegram messages can also use a self-destructing feature to delete themselves after a previously set amount of time. You will need to start a secret chat to create a self-destructing message. You cannot forward a conversation to somebody else, nor can you take screenshots as it’s considered to be private content. Try sending a self-destruct message by following the steps below;

Time needed: 2 minutes

Here are a few basic steps you can apply to create a self-destructing message.

  1. Start New Secret Chat.

    Click on the button on the bottom right corner and select New Secret Chat. Start a conversation with a contact.

  2. Set self-destruct timer.

    Click on the three dots on the top right corner and select Set self-destruct timer. Then, choose when you want your message to disappear automatically, from 1 second to one week.

  3. Send your message.

    Type your message and send it. The message will destroy itself within the seconds you’ve selected.

Multiple Platforms

Telegram can run simultaneously across multiple platforms and devices. You can use it on your phone, download it to your iPad, or to your PC. If you don’t prefer downloading anything, you can use Telegram Web on your browser. WhatsApp has only recently begun attempting to do this.

Telegram bots

Telegram Bots

Telegram has bots that perform various activities for you, from scheduling reminders to creating to-do lists or playing music. You can play with them, text and take their advice, or learn some new information. WhatsApp, however, doesn’t provide this service. Telegram bots are accounts that are run automatically, not by human beings so you can relax.

Cloud Storage and File Sharing

whatsapp size

The app also provides unlimited options for cloud storage and file sharing, features that WhatsApp is behind in setting up properly. Telegram also doesn’t limit what file types users can send, whereas WhatsApp limits users to documents, photos, and videos.

Telegram Groups

Group chat capacity is much more prominent in Telegram compared with WhatsApp. Telegram’s limit is 200,000 members in a group chat, while WhatsApp’s limit is only 256. If you mention a person in the group or reply to their message, they’ll receive a notification even if they’ve muted the chat. However, if they’ve muted you specifically, there’s really nothing you can do.

pinned messages Telegram

You can pin messages at the top of the screen. Thanks to this feature, you can announce important news. Admins have the authority to edit the pinned messages.

invite members

To add participants to your group, you can simply send your friends an invite link. However, if you don’t want to push down their throats, you can always buy Telegram members.

Telegram Channels

Telegram vs whatsapp channels movies

Here is a quick note on Telegram channels for any content publishers. If you regularly create and publish content, then Telegram channels should be of great interest to you. Telegram channels solve a problem that WhatsApp has. The terms and conditions of WhatsApp prevent it from using the service commercially. These channels give businesses a place to engage and connect with their audience, as well as act as a marketing funnel. Currently, many companies try to disregard the terms and conditions of WhatsApp, which prevent commercial use and offer services and content via WhatsApp. These companies then get kicked out of WhatsApp only to rejoin and do it again. The user telephone numbers are being shared with third parties each time. Telegram channels give businesses a place to build and release their content without having to start over for breaking any terms and conditions.

Reasons to Avoid WhatsApp

Telegram vs whatsapp invite link

Not only does WhatsApp aim to share user information with other companies, but it also has some other flaws when compared with Telegram. Unfortunately, if you want to communicate using WhatsApp, you must give your personal phone number. Also, if you message anyone using WhatsApp, they are automatically provided with your mobile number. When using WhatsApp, the lack of privacy can lead to anyone gaining access to your number. WhatsApp group chat links work with Google, allowing anyone to join the group. Telegram, however, does not use phone numbers as the identity of its users, therefore, protecting the identity and privacy of its users.

Telegram vs WhatsApp: Security Issues

The Telegram app has a very secure feature to keep your personal and professional chats private. The feature allows you to lock any conversation with a PIN, fingerprint recognition, or a pattern. WhatsApp does not offer anything remotely similar to this feature. Another security feature offered by Telegram is the support of proxy servers to keep your device’s IP address secure. This feature hides the device’s identity from the network, therefore ensuring the users’ privacy. On the other hand, WhatsApp does not support the use of proxy servers for maintaining privacy in any way. The app also protects all of their user data kept in cloud storage, so all of your data remains protected whether on your device or in the cloud.

Integration with Other Services

Telegram has a lot of uses that WhatsApp doesn’t have access to. For example, you can use Telegram as a social media platform and monetize it from advertisements within users’ channels. Telegram bots can even securely handle payments for you and let you quickly clarify when a completed payment is ready to be processed further. After payment, the Business Telegram app lets you view both the payment details and the shipping information to handle things efficiently.

Telegram vs WhatsApp YouTube bots

You can receive the latest videos by using the YouTube bot on Telegram. Connect your account and it’ll bring forward the latest videos of your subscriptions, or you can even search by name and share the videos with your friends.

Switching from WhatsApp to Telegram

It is incredibly straightforward for you to swap from WhatsApp to Telegram. Telegram even helps you transfer your WhatsApp chat history directly from WhatsApp and into Telegram. You can always make a copy of all of your data before switching apps. Without worrying about losing access to your chat history, nothing is stopping you from changing your instant messaging app to Telegram today. The host of valuable features and a company focused on security and data privacy is ready for you to utilize for yourself.

Telegram vs WhatsApp vs Signal

We’ve covered Telegram vs WhatsApp, the pros and cons, above. It’s time to compare these two with Signal. Signal is a messaging app the same as Telegram and WhatsApp. However, there are still some key differences among them. Let’s compare and see which is better.

Privacy Issues

log in signal

We’ve mentioned that WhatsApp updated its privacy policy requiring users to accept sharing their data with Facebook. People then started moving towards Telegram or Signal. Regarding privacy, we can consider Telegram and Signal to be on the same page. However, when you register for Signal, you’ll have to register your phone number. In the end, they both provide end-to-end encryption so you won’t need to worry about anything.

Feature Range

Telegram has a channels feature where you can invite a limitless amount of subscribers. Signal doesn’t have a channel feature. You can only create a group on Signal, which is limited to 40 members. However, you can have up to 200,000 people in your Telegram groups.

signal file size

Telegram provides a self-destruct messages feature where you can write a message, set a disappearing time limit, and send it to a friend. On Telegram, you can also send files up to 2 GB, whereas it’s only possible to send files on Signal max. 100 MB.

FAQs about Telegram vs WhatsApp


To conclude, there are many reasons to use Telegram instead of WhatsApp. For most users, it is mainly to do with Telegram’s greater data privacy and security features. Other users want to gain access to the myriad of additional features that Telegram offers or simply use the platform commercially, which is banned on WhatsApp. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading about Telegram vs WhatsApp and why you should use Telegram over WhatsApp. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Telegram focuses on providing users with access to a secure and private messaging platform. Like every application that handles users’ data, there will be breaches from time to time. Still, by having a strong focus on privacy and security, Telegram increases its chances of identifying any violations before they occur. Overall, Telegram is considered a safe platform.

There are many benefits to using Telegram, mainly if you use it for business. The fact that users do not give out their phone numbers to any individual they message gives the platform a considerable security perk over WhatsApp.

Yes, Telegram is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that your messages remain private and that your data is kept secure.

There are many reasons users could choose Telegram over WhatsApp. For example, they may not agree with WhatsApp providing Facebook with more personal details. Other causes include gaining access to the host of extra features Telegram offers that aren’t available on WhatsApp.

Yes, Telegram has made it incredibly simple to transfer your chat history from other messaging apps onto their one.

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