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How to Video Call on Telegram

People use Telegram for their reliable and fast services. These services were limited to messaging and calling features, but Telegram also wanted to keep up with the latest changes. Telegram even enables channels with limitless subscribers capacity where you can post anything and everyone in the channel can see it. You can buy Telegram post views which is a great way to increase popularity. Telegram video call is also one of those recent additions. There is more demand for good video calling apps now as many people wish to keep in touch with friends and family who are away. From that, the video calling app has become a more favored and used service of an app than ever before. Telegram worked on this feature in line with these developments and user requests for video calls.

As a result, Telegram came up with a new feature to make video calls, one of the most important updates for the last couple of years. Moreover, adding a new feature like video calls will most likely increase Telegram user engagement in the app. If you want to try the Telegram call, you can find how to do it in this article. Let’s find out how to start a Telegram video call.

Things to Know about Telegram Video Calls

  • The messaging application Telegram is committed to expanding its services, developing itself, and adding new features. It has the best channels you can join and communicate with other people. For example, Telegram is offering video calls and support group video calls now. You can also make a video call on your iOS, Android, and desktop or laptop Telegram app.
  • We know that Telegram aims to provide secure service in general. That’s why Telegram also tries to set up video calls with end-to-end encryption so that users don’t have to worry about security.
  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of Telegram, otherwise you won’t be able to start a video call.
  • If you want to start a video call on Telegram, keep in mind that it may be slightly different for different devices, so be sure to read the steps involved in this article. For any further information, Telegram support is always by your side.
  • Unfortunately, Telegram Web doesn’t support video calls yet.
  • Once you’ve started a video call, you will see a Flip option to switch between front and rear cameras during your video call. Whenever you want to turn off your camera during the video call, you can just tap on the camera icon to turn it off.

How to Start Telegram Call on Mobile

You may be having trouble starting a video call in the Telegram app on your phone. Follow the few simple steps below and start your Telegram video call on your phone.

Time needed: 1 minute

To start a video call in the Telegram app on your phone, follow these steps.

  1. Start the Telegram app.

    Open the Telegram app on your phone, then find the profile you want to call. call on Telegram

  2. Tap the video call button.

    After you open the chat, click on the user’s name above. There is a video call icon in the profile area, at the top of the page in Telegram. click profile

  3. Click the three dots.

    You can tap the name or find and tap the three vertical lines in the upper right corner to select a video call. click video call

  4. Tap call.

    Either way, tap on the call icon to make a call. calling on Telegram

How to Start Telegram Call on Desktop

Telegram provides video calls for desktop versions of the application. You can start video calls from the Telegram desktop application by following the steps below:

desktop call
  • Open the Telegram app on your desktop. Get into the chat of the person you want to call.
telegram desktop call
  • Find the call icon at the top of the screen once you’ve opened the conversation.
desktop call telegram
  • Click the Call button.
  • Telegram will request your permission for camera and microphone access on your desktop.
  • Finally, click OK.

How to Start a Telegram Group Call

We’ve covered how you can make a Telegram video call on your Telegram desktop or mobile. Now, it’s time to see how you can start a Telegram group call. The Telegram groups feature is a great option for people who want to engage in a group of people of the same interest. To start, you can also buy Telegram members to increase your popularity chance.

Now, let’s get to how you can start a Telegram group call on your phone.

  • First, click on the group’s name on the top of the page.
group video call
  • Then, click on the three dots on the top right corner and click Start Video Chat.
  • You’ll see a screen that’ll ask you to start video chat now or schedule it.
schedule video chat
  • Then if you click Schedule Video Chat, you can choose the day and the time of the chat.
schedule telegram call
  • However, if you want the start the chat now, click on Start Video Chat.
turn the camera on

Don’t forget that only the admin of the group can start a video chat.

Now that we’ve mentioned Telegram group call on your mobile, it’s time to see how you can video call on your desktop.

telegram desktop
  • Start Telegram desktop and then click on your group.
desktop video call
  • Then, click the second icon on the top right corner.
desktop group call
  • It’ll automatically start after you accept access to your camera and your microphone.

Similarly, only the admins of the group can start a Telegram group video call. You’ll have to ask permission to do so.

Wrapping it up

Telegram has launched video calling services, and users can start video calls in the app. You can make business calls, or simply chit-chat with your buddies whenever you want to. Starting video calls through the app on devices may differ. We’ve listed how you can start video calls on your mobile, or on your desktop. And also, we’ve guided you through group video calls. So, you can try making Telegram video calls by following the steps above.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Get into your home screen, and tap on the Telegram application. Search for a friend profile you want to start a video call with, then tap on the video call icon to make a video call.

You can’t make a Telegram group call if you’re a member. However, if you ask the admin to give you authority, you can make a Telegram group call as well.

To start your Telegram video call, you may need to do a few things. You can use Telegram video call on your phone, desktop, or laptop application, and you need to update the latest version of the Telegram application.

Yes, the Telegram video call is safe. For a video call, Telegram uses end-to-end encryption to protect the users.

Check your internet connection, you cannot start a Telegram video call with a bad internet connection. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of the app because Telegram video calling is not supported in older versions.

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