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Telegram Engagement Groups: What Are They?

In this post, we will talk about what Telegram Engagement Groups (Telegram Pods) exactly are and how they work. But first, let us inform you about what Telegram is, where it comes from, and what place it has within the other chatting applications. Telegram was founded by a Russian programmer, Pavel Durov, in August 2013. It is an instant voice and video messaging service that offers multi-platform support. Telegram is also compatible with both mobile and desktop.

After the speculations of WhatsApp not properly encrypting your private messages and data, Pavel Durov has drawn the attention of WhatsApp users worldwide. He said that WhatsApp uses a kind of Trojan malware to track your photographs and messages. After Durov’s statements, the instant messaging application Telegram became even more of a matter of curiosity. 

Increasing its number of users every day, Telegram continues to grow day by day, reaching more and more people. Telegram, which is said to be a great competitor to WhatsApp, has been downloaded by more than 350 million people so far. So today, we will explain to you the Telegram groups in detail.

What Features Does Telegram Have?

Here is a list of the features of the unique platform Telegram:

what features does Telegram have
  • It offers the possibility of genuinely encrypted chatting with your peers. Thanks to the technology that Telegram offers, even Telegram cannot see your messages.
  • With the cloud-based messaging system, you can access every platform you use within seconds and match your content immediately.
  • Even though the users are registered with the phone number, a call is made with your specified username. Unlike WhatsApp, it doesn’t show your phone number.
  • It prevents your messages from being forwarded to third parties, also including forwarding within Telegram.
  • Telegram also provides high-quality video and audio messaging features.
  • It has a feature that deletes the sent message after a certain time. Telegram deletes the messages immediately from both sides at the end of the specified period. It is not possible to access them again by any means.
  • If you prefer, you can turn off the “last-seen” feature.
  • There is also a desktop application you can use to keep chatting with the comfort of a desktop keyboard.
  • If you take a screenshot, the other person will immediately be notified via a notification.
  • Telegram has no limitation on your chats and media you send.
  • You can create and find Telegram groups with up to 100 thousand members.

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What Are Telegram Engagement Groups?

Telegram Engagement Groups (or Telegram Pods for short) are groups mainly created by Telegram Instagram users to increase engagement on Instagram posts. The main purpose of these groups is to like and comment on each other’s Instagram posts. It provides rich engagement rates on their posts. Thus, it makes it possible for such posts to appear in the Explore section on Instagram. It also enables access to these posts to wider audiences of people. To have a more substantial effect on increasing the engagement rate, you will need bigger and best Telegram groups of people in your Telegram Pod. When it comes to creating a Telegram group, Telegram also provides you with the easiness of creating an invite to Telegram group links for your group or inviting users by their usernames. So you can invite people even though you do not have them in your contact list. Find the best of Telegram groups and members!

Since Instagram rolled out a new algorithm update in early June 2019, engagement rates have significantly dropped. This is because Telegram Engagement Groups have become a crucial way to increase interaction on your posts without having to pay for advertisements. To fight the new algorithm, tons of users have joined these Telegram groups, but these groups have some rules. Also, you can buy Telegram members for your channels and groups to increase engagement.

what rules do Telegram engagement groups have

What Rules Do Telegram Engagement Groups Have?

  • You must be an active Instagram user, ready to follow whatever directions are given to you by group managers very quickly.
  • If you want your posts to be liked or commented on, you should leave a link for each post and specify what group members should comment on. But to do this, you must first like and comment on previously sent links of a certain amount. This amount differs from pod to pod and depends on their policies.
  • There are usually “high engagement hours” that have increased interaction activity. You should be ready to act on these hours determined by your group manager.
  • Your comments should be related to the post. Also, you must form a proper sentence while leaving comments that will not be caught as “spam” by the Instagram algorithm.
  • Hashtags like #like4like #follow4follow or such are absolutely not permitted to be used. Thus, you must never use them in your posts or while leaving your comments because the Instagram algorithm automatically diminishes engagement on posts with such hashtags.

How Can I Join Telegram Engagement Groups?

Joining a Telegram Pod is not as easy as you may be thinking. In order to join an Engagement Group, you should have connections with people who are already in an Engagement Group because they mostly choose their members with referrals and invitations, which helps to maintain the high quality and effectiveness of their group. If you have more questions about Telegram in general, you can check the Telegram Support page. Don’t forget that the best Telegrams users waiting!

If you want to learn more about information about social media, please check out our latest articles about it. You may like our article about how to join an Instagram engagement group.

Telegram Engagement Groups in Short

In this article, we have covered what Telegram is, what features it has, and what exactly are Telegram Engagement Groups. To sum it all up, Telegram is a highly secure chatting application with voice and video chatting features that are growing more and more each day. It already has over 350 million downloads and many active users worldwide because of its ability to manage groups with large numbers of members.

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This feature makes it easier for Instagram users to create and manage Telegram Pods(also known as Instagram Pods). These are private groups with strict rules, which aim to increase each member’s engagement rates and Instagram growth by leaving likes and comments on each others’ posts. They are usually populated groups with high levels of activity. So do not forget that you must also be available to act upon demand if you wish to join one. We hope that you have all of your questions answered about Telegram Engagement Groups.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes. Telegram is free to download and use both on your mobile device and your personal computer. It can be installed on iOS devices via the App Store and on Android devices via the Google Play Store.

Statistically, yes. It depends on how you are going to use the engagement you get. If you want to expand your brand and get potential customers to access your product, these groups may not be that much of a help because the group members are only leaving a like and comment with the intention of getting the same interaction from you, not because they are interested in your product.

Yes, there are several pods that you can join after paying the price or for free. While joining a free pod via an application may not be as beneficial as pods with a price or pods with referral systems, it can certainly give you a boost in your engagement rates nonetheless.

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  1. Steff R.
    Steff R.

    I make good use of telegram engagement groups. Having owned a few companies in the past I can tell you that this is the best way to organize your employees.

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      Please how can I join a group?

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    Engagement groups are really something. I have lots of friends from Telegram groups. I got all the benefits of joining an engagement group.

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      Nice to hear that!

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    I recently joined a Telegram engagement group on Instagram. First I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but I’m pretty happy with the interactions.

    • Ava Rowland
      Ava Rowland

      Engagement groups really live up to fame!