Tap to Edit & Re-Share: New Two Trends (Updated – 2020)

Tap to Edit & Re-Share: New Two Trends (Updated – 2020)

Re-Share and Tap to Edit features were introduced in 2018. Instagram users can not help thinking about what will be the next in this year. We will focus on Instagram Trends 2020 in this article.

Re-Share and Tap to Edit are two new outstanding features of Instagram. While we are leaving the first half of the year almost behind, Instagram has already introduced various significant changes so far in 2019, therefore, Instagram users can not help thinking what is the next and which one is going to be the biggest change.

Instagram platform has been enriched by design spree and posts that enable shopping. We will examine hastily two biggest Instagram trends that hit the Instagram platform so far. You can find some tips regarding the most popular Instagram trends in order to boost your business.

Popular Instagram Trends to Follow #1: Tap to Edit

The aesthetic design of Instagram sticks in the mind of Instagramers and wins general approval so that followers can easily check their influencers in order to take the advantage of new photo apps and editing secrets to making their photos remarkable.

Another trend for influencers on Instagram is using before and after edits on Stories. Most of the influencers are also selling their own Lightroom presets so their followers can easily copy them.

Tap to Edit and Re-share

Let’s take this image for example;

  • In order to create some image like this you need to take a photo first
  • Upload your photo to Instagram and you’ll see many panels like filters and customization
  • Make adjustments on your picture as your desire
  • Too much or too low contrast is a no go!
  • Keep your photos in composition and let them tell the story on their own.
  • Use the explanation panel after uploading to support it.

You can do editings such as this with various apps on both Google Play and App Store. Here are the examples:

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popular trends on instagram

Google Snapsneed

Google’s very own program lets you doing various editings with a user-friendly interface. There is really no limit to creating new things on the platform. To use it, simply upload your photo and use slider menus to edit it!

Download at Google Play
Download from App Store

edit photos on instagram

Photoshop Lightroom CC

You’ve read it right! Adobe has its own version of Lightroom CC for mobile! A really familiar user interface to edit your photos as RAW format. Just be sure about your photos are RAW and not JPEG. Only advanced phone cameras can exploit this feature!

Download at Google Play
Download from App Store

edit instagram photos


For some apps, you can see that they are far more advanced and may be paid alternatives. But there are some classic titles like Afterlight as well. In many years, Afterlight became one of the most classic and popular photo editing software on mobile platforms.

Download at Google Play
Download from AppStore

Popular Trends to Follow #2: Re-Share

Instagram Stories hit the peak over the last year, with over 300 million users per day, as a matter of course businesses are trying to take the advantage of this feature on the platform in order to reach their followers. 

It is so easy from now on: From Stories to Instagram Posts.

Each passing day Instagram stories are grabbing the attention of more and more users and they are using it to cross-promote regular posts. It used to be performed by adding a screenshot of a post to stories but now it is possible to share it from post to story by using the re-share feature.

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So, how does it perform? Posts used re-share feature will be displayed the username of the original poster hence users can reach to check the original one by just tapping posts.

As time passes by we may see numerous examples of using these features. However re-share features can bring the most powerful results when it is used in order to grab attention to a campaign and get some fresh followers on Instagram Trends 2020.

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