Increase Followers Tactics on Instagram

Have you been worried about the decreasing number of followers on Instagram account?

Since the number of followers on Instagram account do affect your reach and the amount of audience you impact so its time when we have come up with few do’s that may increase your followers on your account.

Here are the Increase Followers Tactics


  1. Use hashtags, we have seen lately that a proper usage of hash tags leads a handful amount of audience to land on your post. Hence general tags like #F4F, #like4like, #tag4likes etc can do wonders.Increase Followers Tactics
  2. Hit like on some random pictures. This increases the clicks on your account which has a great probability for you to get a new follower.Increase Followers Tactics
  3. Now this is for people who promote their business or work through their accounts on instagram.  Guys holding a contest where you post a picture and ask people to follow / comment / recommend your account in order to enter the contest and win goodies or prizes can also have a great reach of your instagram account.Increase Followers Tactics
  4. Never forget to link all your social media account, by linking I keep promoting your instagram account frequently over your other social media accounts.Increase Followers Tactics
  5. Some researches show that the best time to post is from 2am to5pm. Posts dome between these times has the maximum reach.Increase Followers Tactics
  6. Interact with the audience over comment in the post, this interaction lead to better relationships with your followers.  Hence indulging in these conversations over posts can be fruitful.

    Increase Followers Tactics
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  7. Maintain the quality of your post, be it the picture quality or the type of picture you post. Because no one likes to see pointless pictures in their news-feed every time they login their account.Increase Followers Tactics
  8. Like and comment on user’s pictures this too can help you increase your reach.
  9. Complete your bio because this leaves appositive impact on the followers.Increase Followers Tactics
  10. Weekend is the best to post some important posts also Sundays makes it the best day of all.

Instagram Food Carts and New Categories for Food

The food cart owner can use Instagram for many different reasons. One they can use it to show customers where they will be and what they have with them to eat. They can have customers shown eating their food and giving thumbs up.

There are many different pictures that they can take. They can show the weather and what people are doing when they stop by to eat with him. They will also be able to show changes that are made to the cart and specials that they are having for the week. There are many ways that Instagram can help you make money.