Instagram Selfie Rules Tricks and Guide

Instagram selfie rules are easy to apply and something you will like because whenever you post as Instagram want there will be a gift for you.

People use it to upload their pictures and share them with their friend and family. Now a day’s rather than asking people to take their pictures selfies trend is emerging. Selfie is a picture of yourself captured by you, but if someone else captures your photo that is not a selfie. The purpose of the selfie is to portray yourself the way you want. People widely share their selfies on Instagram to get other people’s attention. Girls are very much conscious about their selfies and after rejecting, many get the one they want.

There are five golden rules to take a selfie on Instagram. Mostly people are unaware of these rules and the people who know ignore them. One should not ignore them follow them to get the best selfie with maximum likes and comments.

Following 5 golden Instagram Selfie Rules

Proper dressing:

Selfie is a picture that portrays your image to the whole world of your friends and family. Dress properly then take selfie otherwise; your will destroyed your whole image secondly selfie in messy clothes and during works looks so much odd and people get irritated. Post the pictures of parties and get together rather than while working or doing a home chore.

Avoid boring captions:

You might have notice people uploading stupid selfies with boring captions such as studying, bores, bedtime, breakfast time, going gym etc. be clear about one thing that no one is interested in watching such boring pictures. People are fun loving they love pictures of having fun, going at parties etc.. No one cares who is getting bored your boring pictures will also make them bore. Instagram is an entertaining social media do not make it boring.

Do not stuff your account with so many pictures:

Never stuff your Instagram with a bundle of selfies in the same pose, like if you are attending any marriage and you upload 10 selfies in same clothes from a different angle. One or two pictures of a single event is more than enough. Too many selfies give a bad effect and people do not see any of the pictures with interest, but if there is something new, you can maximum post 3 to 4 pictures.

Stop posing like stupid:

You have hundreds of follower on your Instagram. A selfie uploaded can even make your image as well as destroy it. Be careful while posting a selfie nowadays you see so trend in teenagers of posting a selfie with duck lips, or while acting to sleep and some other stupid post. Such post looks very immature and stupid, stop uploading them.

Selfie pictures mean only your:

Selfie picture means to upload your own picture. Do not capture your picture as if look my pimple, my new clothes, dirty utensils etc. Post your selfies do not advertise your works and things. If you want to show your new clothes or something to your friends you can watapp them despite uploading on Instagram.



How Instagram Sefies affect Relations Deeply

Taking selfie is enjoyable but sometimes it creates major problems.  It may damage your relationship. You would not expect in what ways Instagram selfies can affect relationships.

Posting positive body image can be healthy and in the most situations it would be acceptable,  but Instagram shared selfies can be a direct test of the boundaries of what is and what is not acceptable in a relationship.

Every relationship is special and you can not know from the previous experience how much selfies is too much, and there is a possibility this can ruin your relationship.

Many types of research have been done on this topic and we can say that the more person shows her or his satisfaction of their body image by posting selfies on Instagram, it makes more tension in their relationships.

Discuss the boundaries, listen to each other, talk about what should be kept private and what things you both feel comfortable with  to be posted on Instagram. Most of the time conflict are because couples are not honest and they avoid talking to each other. This usually happened at the beginning of the relationships when the card is still not on the table, and when each partner is still testing the other one.

If you are in a relationship and you know your partner is jealous, you should assume he or she would not be comfortable on your selfie beeing commented by people that you may or many not know. Although this strengthens your confidence and your self-esteem, you should not do it.

Instagram Sefies affect Relations

Once you put your Instagram fans, you have less risk, at least when we talk about romantic relationships.

And while we are on the subject, we must say that not all the selfies are the same. It is not the same if you make a selfie where you are cheerful and happy on a ski run, or you post a selfie from the beach in your tiny bathing suit.

Sometimes it can look like a selfies subjects are starring in their own reality show. Allowing people to see their privacy  that much that they make selfies in their bedroom, or mirror selfies after they took a bath, can have a serious impact not only on your relationship but also to your life.

We can say that persons like this have excessive narcissism, and it has a big impact on their relationships, marriage, parenting, and even workplace.

But, it is not all black. If a couple is compatible and they share the same passion, if they are in love, they can use everything to their benefit. Instagram selfies can also be a way for couples to make a connection. If both partners are on the same page, they can use Instagram to post their adventures, vacation photos, photos of interesting things they do together…This can make a positive impact on their relationship where they can express themselves as an individuals, but like part of a couple.

It is all about the message you want to send and the statement you want to make. And it is all about people making a post and their confidence.

Make selfies, enjoy, but keep your dignity and be sure of yourself in everything you do. Selfies can be a fun thing to do, so do not let bad judgment affect your relationships and your life.