Instagram Profit tips for Entrepreneur

Instagram has become one of the world’s top social media platforms, and it is even competing with top names and also Instagram profit is good enough.

By now, most businesses and public figures are aware of the immense benefits of having an Instagram presence. However, most of this business and individuals use the social network only as a tool to engage users.

One underutilized benefits of an Instagram profile is the ability to increase your profits or even make money from the profile. How? This article intends to show you the way!

But First a word on value

Before you start thinking of using your Instagram profile to increase your business revenue or to create a smart passive income, you must first be valuable. Create infographics that will add value to people in your niche and share it for free. If you are a chef, a photo book of recipes would suffice. If you are a gym trainer, pictures of how to properly do some exercise would do you good.

These free yet valuable posts will not only increase your following, but it will also prove that you are knowledgeable in the niche and will gain the trust of your followers.

How to make More Profits on Instagram

How you will make money on Instagram depends mostly on your niche and the type of products or services that you provide. Some of the ways that have worked for many entrepreneurs are

  1. Media Exposure and Publishing deals

If you are a poet, a writer or an artist, Instagram gives you the rare opportunity of sharing your work with literally thousands of interested people at a click. You can share pictures of your artwork on the photo sharing app and get you followers ReGram it until it reaches a collector. As reported by Forbes, many upcoming poets and artists get publishing deals media exposure and sales that can be traced back to consistent and quality Instagram posts.

  1. Targeted Photo Advertising

What if you sell products and services? Instagram has over 40,000 influences that cut across different niches. You can get these influencers to pose with your goods and drop a post about your services, and their many followers will like to get to find out more about you. This will bring more leads and maybe more sales.

  1. Sponsored Postings

Because of Instagram allows you to sponsor your posts. This will help you to get across to more people than just your followers especially if they have shown interest in what you have to offer.

  1. Selling Products

If you have your products or affiliate products, an Instagram profile with a huge following will be a good place to sell the product. Just create infographics themed around the benefits of the products and watch your sales trickle in.

  1. Sponsorships

Training experts and WWW stars enjoy sponsorships from Adidas, Nike, and other sports companies. You may not be that big, but you can get support to pose with a can of a new drink if you get your followings right.

6 Life Saving Tips To Earn More Followers On Instagram

In this article we are going to explain you ‘how to increase your instagram followers by natural ways’.

Instagram is getting more popular each day. Instagram’s parent company Facebook is loosing users, but most likely those users are switching from Facebook to Instagram.It’s easy to use interface makes it possible to be used by any age.

When it comes to Instagram, the only and most important thing is the amount of followers you got! Instagram users try various ways to increase their follower number. We can tell you that there are two ways to get more followers on Instagram.

Organic way or the Artificial way…



Organic techniques and tricks to get more followers on Instagram

1)Use popular hastags:


Depending on your photos concepts there are various popular hastags you can use to gain exposure and get targeted followers.

The best way to discover popular hashtags for your industry is to use a simple Google search.

Some of the trendiest Instagram hashtags include: #tbt (throwback Thursday), #instadaily, #photooftheday and #instagood.



2) Follow and like other people

The best way to get attention is by following other people and liking their photos. According to a study the %30 of the people who you follow, follows back no matter if he or she knows you or not. Like as many pictures as you can. There are hastags such as #likesforlikes #followforfollow , like the pictures with those hastags.



3) Quality better than Quantity

Share only good pictures. Do not share more than 1-2 photos a day. If you share a lot of pictures repeatedly, you followers may be annoyed and stop following you. Share only good photos…




4) Follow Instagram’s Official Account (Trick)

Follow Instagram’s Official account which has currently more than 54.000.000 followers and then unfollow after waiting few minutes. Do that repeatedly many times. Each time you follow you will get few followers.People visit it so much and by becoming follower of the Official Acc you gain exposure. Its a nasty tricky way 🙂

Here is the link to Instagram’s official page:

5) Be Unique 

It is nice to have a style right? You see those “cool people” on the street everyday with different styles of hair and clothing. Some of those people really give you an inspiration to get your own stlye. On social network level you’ll find a similar situtation. Unique instigram profiles are fast to get more and more followers. This really coming handy if you want to build a page on instagram more than a personal profile!



6) Unleash Your Creativity

Instagram is a photograph sharing platform by its nature. On this scale you have a good chance to show other people your creative side. Try to see things more different than what they are and analyze what other people do on their profiles.



Artificial Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

As we stated, the second way is the artificial way and its also known as ‘Buying Instagram Followers’.

But … Why Buy Instagram Followers?

Yes, you may ask to your self why would i pay for instagram followers if i can get them naturally with no money going out of my pocket.

Its not that simple:) Having more than 1000 followers by organic ways takes months, and thats if you have a good taste of taking pictures. On the other hand, getting 1000 followers by buying followers takes only minutes..

Here is the promotion video for the Instagram Follower Service:

1000 Instagram Followers are around 12 USD which is considered cheap for the return.

You can use our service to buy instagram followers and likes instantly. After you make the payment you start receiving your followers instantly.



Instagram Advertising is the next big marketing tool

Instagram advertising will be so popular, experts says Instagram will dominate the online marketing and advertising it is going to chenge all rules about advertising.

As our lives get more virtually social each day, our habits change dramatically fast. Traditional advertising methods like newspaper, radio and tv ads started to loose its cost efficiency … People started to spend more time on social media networks like Instagram than they spend watching TV.

Would it be smart to spend thousands of dollars on a magazine ad that you can reach to 30.000 readers at most?

I don’t think so…

Social media on the other hand, makes it possible to reach millions of potential customers with much smaller advertising budgets while it allows you to track and estimate how many people you can reach!

Big companies now spend more advertising budget on social media than they spend for old traditional marketing methods.

In this rapidly changing world, the current social media trend is by no doubt Instagram.

Facebook and Twitter started to loose their active visitors, while Instagram gets bigger and bigger every day. Instagram‘s easy and user friendly interface makes it easy to use and also not time consuming.. Unlike all other social media networks like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram’s minimalistic and pure interface makes the advertisement be more efficient.


Imagine you advertise your new product in an account with more than 100.000 Instagram followers. For sure your return of investment will be much higher your ads on traditional media.

Popular Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram increase its users count day by day and we are make top 5 popular Instagram account to follow them thus you can enjoy when hang on in the social media.

Everyday over than 100 million users uploading pictures on instagram. Statistic says over than 50 million pictures are publish on instagram in a day. This makes the Instagram is the most popular photo sharing site.

If you want to be popular in your environment, there is one simple and effective way to do it. Open an account on Instagram and upload some good photos, then try to get as much instagram followers as you can.
Why do we suggest this? Because there are about 100 million instagram followers actively using this programme. That is a massive number( Actually more than many countries population) . If you start posting some good pics and write some comment with full of emotions, people will start to follow you and increase your popularity.
The number of your instagram followers determine whether you are interesting to follow or not. What you need to do is upload some unique ,beatiful photos that carries your emotions. Another important point is to connect your Instagram with your facebook account. Related to this, your account will be automatically recognized by your friends on facebook.

David Guttenfelder

David Guttenfelder is an Asia photographer. Also he is a journalist and   a 7 time World Press Photo award-winner. He takes photos through his iphone and shares them on his Instagram account, and they’re a compelling mix of mundane, day-to-day life tinged by an underlying sense of deep isolation.

David Guttenfelder
David Guttenfelder

Hironori Mizuno

Hironori Mizuno is a Japanese photographer, deftly uses image compositing techniquesand  combining elements from separate exposures into a single image  to create surreal, dreamlike photographs. Mizuno often centered on the relationship between human and the nature.

hironori mizuno instagram
hironori mizuno instagram

Deniz Suerkan

Deniz’s beautifully composed, colourful images of the beautiful city of Istanbul can be purchased as framed prints, canvases, greeting cards and iPhone cases.

Deniz Suerkan
Deniz Suerkan

Simone Bramante

Simone Bramante’s whimsical images, created both in and out of the camera, are the mark of a visual storyteller for whom nature is a constant inspiration. A native of Bologna, Italy, Bramante augments his commercial photography assignments with work as a creative director, designer and illustrator for both online and retail brands in Europe.

Simone Bramante
Simone Bramante

Mal Sherlock

New York City based Mal, takes fashion-focused shots, very often showcasing the styles being worn by strangers on the streets of the city. He also takes shots of the urban scenes around him, from traffic to local architecture.

mal sherlock
mal sherlock

Instagram Application is Getting more Popular Day

Instagram Application is getting more popular day by day. I can say that somehow they got about 100 million members from all over the world.

About 40.000 pictures are shared per day between the users. What a number…!!! And every second while I am giving this information, 1000 comments are written by followers. The statistics are really impressive. So, everybody needs loyal Instagram followers. The question is, how can you get a lot of followers on Instagram?

instagram followers
instagram followers

There are many ways you can apply to increase the number of members. If you search for some information about how to reach a massive number of users on Instagram, it is very possible to get some tips and make your own way.

People want to see emotional photos. Our emotions always drive our behaviors and we simply can’t be unresponsive when we encounter deep emotional scenes. The first suggestion is to get your audience by presenting your emotions on Instagram.