The Beginner’s Guide for Instagram Advertisement

Instagram is one of the leaders in social media platforms. Having one billion active users monthly, Instagram is used in every region of the world.

So, the platform uses this power to provide brands and companies new ways to give advertisements regardless of the budget constraints. Its video times have been prolonged, major updates have been made, and so, Instagram has changed. Instagram has taken important steps in terms of new advertising and has become a center of attention by big companies.

The question is that how you can give advertisement on the Instagram platform. There are many steps for you to follow. This guide will provide you with detailed information on how to place an ad on the platform.

Business Account

Before you hit the road to place any ads on Instagram, you have to have a business account. To have such account, you must have a page on Facebook.

Here are steps to switch to a business account on Instagram.

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go to your page
  3. Next, tap on three horizontal lines on the top left.
  4. Next, tap on Setting


  1. Next, tap on Switch to Business Account

  1. Instagram provides you the benefit of switching to a business account.

  1. Tap on “Convert Existing Account.”

  1. Here, you need to choose where you want your account to be whether it is a local business or provides product or service.
  2. Tap on “Next.”
  3. Enter your email address

  1. Next, tap on Next.

  1. Here, you will select the Facebook Page to connect your Instagram account. If you do not connect these two, you cannot give advertisement.
  2. Once, you connect, your profile is switched to a business account.
  3. You can re-change the status of your Instagram page anytime you like.

Now, you are ready to give ad.

  1. First of all, select the image you want to promote on Instagram.
  2. Because you are switched to a business account, you will see “Promote” label below your content, image or video.
  3. Select the image or video.
  4. Next, tap on Promote.

  1. Instagram will take you a promotion page.
  2. Next, select the option that suits you best among three options.

  1. Next, you have to select Target Audience.
    1. Instagram automatically select the target group if you prefer
    2. Or, you can select the Local or Manual option to specify your audience.

  1. Next, decide on your budget and the duration of promotion.

  1. Next, if you are happy with the promotion, tap on “Create Promotion.”

  1. Once Instagram approve your promotion, your ad will begin to appear.
  2. Good luck!

Instagram Carousel Ads Coming To Stories

First stories ads made almost a year ago and now Instagram announced new ad format for stories. New ad format is so familiar for Facebook users. Because it comes from Facebook Canvas ads format, and its name is Carousel ad.


Social media giant Instagram has 300 million daily use according to last November statistics. That huge number of use makes app developers happy. Because they can make more money if they can reach more people in the app. But how are they going to make more money with a free app? Of course, ads will help from there.

Social media apps usually free for everybody. Free apps just only can make money from ads that’s so clear to understand. But they must always increase their usage numbers for much precious advertising price. Last year Instagram announced stories ad and powerful brands made really quick ads for their potential customer’s stories.

Firstly stories ads are expensive than other ad formats such as normal post ads and influencers ads. That made but businesses so timid for new ad format but in time they also joined the game.

Instagram Carousel Ad Format

New ad format allows using more media material for story ads. With a carousel, users can make video and photo and posts at the same time. Users like GAP and other big textile firms can reach their potential clients with these media formats in carousel ads.

Also, advertisers can use GIFs and other Instagram stories tools in their ads. About to new Instagram ad format, Susan Rose who is the manager of product marketing said ” It’s a feature that was requested from businesses and advertisers, given the power that they’ve seen through organic stories with multiple pieces of content”

When people asked her “ Why three pieces of content, not four or five ?” She answered, “It just a start.” So we can make “Instagram can allow more media content for one ad in future” inferences from here.

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Instagram Will Add Video Call

According to a tech news internet site Instagram testing video call feature. Video call is a visual conversation between two or more people. Facebook and Whatsapp have a video call but Instagram has not video call yet.


Social media app Instagram will have video calls according to beta info. The tech site says Facebook wants to make all social media app similar. But Instagram just had last seen and GIF feature and users did not wait for a new medical update from Facebook.

A week ago we introduced to screenshot notifications and Instagram still on it. But it did not release, users still waiting for screenshot notification feature and story type update. The type will allow to Instagram users writing more word in Instagram stories. Also, screenshots will make users be aware of their Instagram post have been copied by other users.

These two updates should come before the Instagram video call update. These three update still in test process but first heads are screenshot notifications and story type feature. We will see altogether when will Instagram release this three new feature.

Instagram Video Call How It Works?

New Instagram video call feature will be accessible from the Instagram direct message. In the direct message, users can make video calls but not with everyone. Instagram users can only make video calls with their followers and who have a conversation on the direct message before. So if you want to make a video call you must have direct message conversation with that person before.


As you see from the image, in the direct message there will be a video call icon and if you want to make Instagram video call just tapping on the icon will be enough.


The feature is in the development process so it can be available a few months later or soon. Of course, the video call feature will be available for Android and iOS.

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How to Increase Instagram Business Accounts Rank

Instagram is a fantastic social media that sets itself apart from its rivals it is a highly interactive platform that provides many benefits thus Instagram Business Accounts becoma more important.

Instagram is a platform for visual storytelling—for consumers and businesses alike. It is where the world captures and shares its moments through imagery.

As you explore Instagram as a platform for businesses, it is important you use authentic photos and videos to help your business tell a visually compelling story thereby attracting the right and multiple followers to enhance your product and services.

Because of businesses are taking advantage of the benefit of social media and there’s an unlimited capacity for even new entrepreneurs to take advantage of.

If you run a business and want to connect with a global audience to promote your business you can gain a lot by being on Instagram, the tips below are tried and proven and if you apply the strategies listed below you can be rest assured of successful business profile marketing on Instagram.

Instagram marketing is targeted to attract followers and you have an unrestricted amount of people you can attract to your business.

Instagram Business Accounts Tips

  1. Have a Strong Call to Action in Your Instagram Biography

Your biography is crucial. You can best make use of this section by having a strong call to action which is basically marketing speak for an instruction for your viewer to do something.

  1. Clarity in the Images and Videos Uploaded

The human mind processes images faster than words. When it comes to creating images or photos that capture the eyes of the audience, clarity is important to ensure that your followers understand the meaning of the image. It could well be a simple image, mesmerizing photo or a motivational quote. The message must be extremely clear for the readers or followers. Instagram can be a highly-targeted, visual advertising channel for your products.

  1. Generate Content Your Customers Like

The first step to getting more followers on Instagram is to generate the right content. Find out what your customers enjoy seeing on Instagram or what themes resonate with them, and populate your account with relevant images.

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags can be extremely powerful tool for creating awareness of what you are up too.

This involves building a huge list of keywords that are relevant to what you do and what your images generally are about (#entrepreneur, #business, #startup) Also Monitoring a hashtag in your niche to find those who fit your buyer persona. When done on a daily basis, hashtag monitoring will not only gain inside scoop on market trends and competitive information, but it will also introduce you to people who are likely to want to learn more about you by following you on

In conclusion, the best strategy to grow your audience, make more money and directly engage potential customers on Instagram is your next step. Nevertheless the most successful strategy overall is to be authentic…


How to find High Engagements Rate from Followers

If you are committed to building an engaged Instagram followers you must post on a regular basis. Once a day is a must, but more than that is always better. If you post more regularly you will be able to engage more people and get new followers.

Once you select your target group, make a research  in order to find out when the majority of your followers are online and most active. That is the best time to make your post if you want to make sure they will see it. It is good to create your posting schedule by identifying some peaks during the day so you always try to post at the same time.

This way your followers will know that they can expect new posts from you at some times of the day. You can go further with this, and you can make time specific quotes or images that will hit the target at the right moment and you will give your followers exactly what they need.

Communication and regular interaction with your followers are very important for many reasons. Responding to their comments they feel like you really care and you inspire them even more to comment your posts. As a result, you will get even more people to come and interact. Your account will get personality behind it, and they will have that friendly feeling about you. You make a bond like you would make in face to face communication.

We all know hashtag rule the Instagram. You do not have to be a big company to have your own hashtag. You can always create your own hashtag for your brand. This gives you the opportunity to monitor how people use this hashtag and to improve or change something if you need to.

Connection Between High Engagements Rate and Followers

You can explore on Instagram and see which hashtags are growing and trending fastest. You can create a custom post and make a money on these trending tags. This can make a huge impact on creating new followers to your account.

If you have the right mix of photos and videos on your account, it will be much more interesting to your followers. Videos inspire more engagement than other content, but you have to be very careful when you post one.

You have to have on your mind that your video can be only 3 to 15 seconds long, so you have to make sure you try to create the most effective one, with the right message, but also an interesting one.

It is very important to be able to have fun with your followers and to post things that are entertaining too. Also, makes sure photos and videos have a personal approach . You can make serious things look interesting and fun. Your followers will like that, and possibilities are endless.

Include your followers even more by making a contest. This is very popular on Instagram. This is a powerful thing of promotion because it is usually done by instructing your followers to post something and tag you in. This makes a chain reaction of people following you. Also, this is a good way to engage your followers and you can always make an interesting winning price, so it will be even more interesting.

Show photos of people with your product or of those who submitted their reviews of your business. This way you show your appreciation to your followers, and it will encourage people to stay active with you.

How to Increase your Instagram Traffic with easy Tricks

Entrepreneurs have improved on the Initial use of handbills, radio jingles, and television adverts to promote their business. Today’s entrepreneurs think outside the box to grow. 21st-century business promotion is all about having a social media presence and gathering ‘traffic’ which results in an improved customer base.

There are numerous social networking platforms, and there is an urgent need to capture your business on the most popular social network hence, the choice of Instagram is obvious. Going by statistic, Instagram has gained more popularity since its launch in 2010. It could be as a result of improvement in its features. Nevertheless, there are ways to have traffic on your business with simple methods.

Instagram allows users to keep a documentary of their lives, so while users are doing that for fun, an entrepreneur can use it to display his goods and services and increase his/her customer base.

Proven Instagram Traffic Generating Methods

  1. Hold contests

Engaging your followers in regular games with eye-catching prizes will certainly increase your followers. The contest will have laid down rules which should target at promoting your business by the contestants/fans. Such rules can include:

Following your account, it should be a criterion for eligibility for participation.

Contestants have to ensure their voters equally follow your account before their votes can be considered as being valid.

  1. Tags and Mentions

Everyone loves attention! It has become a fact through the years in different aspects of life. Hence before you make that post, tag a few of your customers/ followers. Appreciate those who have patronized your business in the past by using trends such as selfie and throwback Thursday. Example:

@preetylady walked into our shop today and bought #leopardskinbag# and she looked classy with it, and I couldn’t resist taking a selfie! #happycustomer# #instafashion# #slayer# #wedeliver#

  1. Create a unique trend

Make your business unique by being creative with a trend. It could be on feedback or question and answer session. Such as ‘Feedback Friday’ where your followers will have a platform to air their views on your services and have the feeling that your business isn’t all about the money, but your company cares about their opinion and is open to constructive criticism.

  1. Share posts

Sharing posts from other users throw your business in the positive light and keep you active. It sends the signal of your firm been conscious of other people. By sharing posts, you are also informing your followers about others.

  1. Learn to comment

In other to be active and gain popularity, you have to make an effort to comment on posts. Try to avoid making sensitive comments that could throw you in a bad light. Rather ensure your comments speak positivity. There’s a hidden rule in gaining popularity, though, DON’T OVERDO IT.

  1. Promotion

Marketing a brand takes a lot of effort but with Instagram, you can become successful with ease. Make your profile attractive with creative photos. Also,  do not limit your development to only Instagram, take it all out. Promoting on other platforms with screenshots possibly would gather more followers.

Instagram gives you an opportunity to document daily activities so seize the opportunity, document your business and grow your customer base!