Comment Problem on Instagram and the Solution

Comments on Instagram are seen as the way of getting in contact with followers. People who use Instagram in professional and individual aspects really care writing comments and responding them. But sometimes, users can face comment problem on Instagram that Instagram don’t allow to write comments. That’ why ” I couldn’t write comment on Instagram” is the one of the most frequented questions which asked to Instagram. Here is how you can get over that problem:

The Reasons Why Instagram Bans Comments

Sometimes, Instagram don’t allow comments on Instagram due to its policy. If your comments do not obey the rules of Instagram, then Instagram automatically sends ban to your comments. But if you sure about the context of your comments, then here are other reasons that don’t allow write comment on Instagram:

  • Using more than thirty hashtags on your comments is understood by Instagram as a bot system. That’s why avoid to use a lot of hashtags.
  • Instagram just allow 5 referring on comments. So, be aware on the number of referred person.
  • Posting same comments again is not responded well by Instagram. Don’t write same comment-including emojis frequently.
  • Wait between your comments on Instagram. Writing a comment without break time can be a reason to be banned.

What I should do to make comment again?

In the case that you couldn’t comment on Instagram, you can follow these steps:

  • Firstly, be sure about you use last version of Instagram. Download last version of Instagram and try to comment again.
  • If your problem continues, check your last 3 posts. In the case of unsuitability for Instagram, omit them or update.
  • Don’t use Instagram 24 hours. Instagram generally removes ban after 24 hours.
  • Even though the duration of Instagram ban is short, sometimes it can be longer. If your problem is not solved, communicate with support service of Instagram to learn the reason for comment prohibition.