The Beginner’s Guide for Instagram Advertisement

Instagram is one of the leaders in social media platforms. Having one billion active users monthly, Instagram is used in every region of the world.

So, the platform uses this power to provide brands and companies new ways to give advertisements regardless of the budget constraints. Its video times have been prolonged, major updates have been made, and so, Instagram has changed. Instagram has taken important steps in terms of new advertising and has become a center of attention by big companies.

The question is that how you can give advertisement on the Instagram platform. There are many steps for you to follow. This guide will provide you with detailed information on how to place an ad on the platform.

Business Account

Before you hit the road to place any ads on Instagram, you have to have a business account. To have such account, you must have a page on Facebook.

Here are steps to switch to a business account on Instagram.

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go to your page
  3. Next, tap on three horizontal lines on the top left.
  4. Next, tap on Setting


  1. Next, tap on Switch to Business Account

  1. Instagram provides you the benefit of switching to a business account.

  1. Tap on “Convert Existing Account.”

  1. Here, you need to choose where you want your account to be whether it is a local business or provides product or service.
  2. Tap on “Next.”
  3. Enter your email address

  1. Next, tap on Next.

  1. Here, you will select the Facebook Page to connect your Instagram account. If you do not connect these two, you cannot give advertisement.
  2. Once, you connect, your profile is switched to a business account.
  3. You can re-change the status of your Instagram page anytime you like.

Now, you are ready to give ad.

  1. First of all, select the image you want to promote on Instagram.
  2. Because you are switched to a business account, you will see “Promote” label below your content, image or video.
  3. Select the image or video.
  4. Next, tap on Promote.

  1. Instagram will take you a promotion page.
  2. Next, select the option that suits you best among three options.

  1. Next, you have to select Target Audience.
    1. Instagram automatically select the target group if you prefer
    2. Or, you can select the Local or Manual option to specify your audience.

  1. Next, decide on your budget and the duration of promotion.

  1. Next, if you are happy with the promotion, tap on “Create Promotion.”

  1. Once Instagram approve your promotion, your ad will begin to appear.
  2. Good luck!

Instagram Collection Ads – Offers Brands Unique Way to Sell Their Products

The social media has become the media stream for many shoppers while many brands and companies prefer showcasing their new products on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. For example, in the US, companies are estimated to spend $107 during this year on the digital ad, surpassing TV ads.

It goes without saying that Instagram with one billion users and 800 million active users monthly attracts brands and companies to its social network. Sixty percent of users learn, for instance, about a product or service on Instagram while seventy-five percent of Instagram users are motivated to take action like visiting a website after seeing an Instagram post.

That’s why Instagram and Facebook offer unique ways for brands to engage with consumer through their social network. As an example of this drive, Instagram rolled out the Collection Ads for companies and brands.

The collection ads method is different from the rest of advertisement options.

  • Brands can add their full catalog in a single and carousel-style ad.
  • Companies can add a video and images to attract users.
  • User can scroll up and down to see multiple products.
  • Consumer can place orders from the app.

This method to promote your content is limited to some users but it is expected to be offered to more and more users.

This article will tell how to place the collection ads through the Facebook Ad page because it is easier to manage the ad and also allows you the chance to place the ad on Facebook and Instagram without spending extra dim.

Step way Step Instagram Collection Ads

  1. Enter Facebook Ad
  2. Click on, Create an Ad
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Next, click on Traffic
  5. Next, scroll down to name this particular ad if you want.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Next, you have to go through details on your ad, the place, the age-group, and other details.
  8. Next, scroll down to Placements
  9. Control Platforms’ section if you want to control where your collection Ads will appear.
  10. Once you are sure about the details of the ad, scroll down to click Next.
  11. Next, select your Facebook Page.
  12. Next, select Collection.
  13. Next, you can select existing templates or create new one.
  14. You can add different images and videos.
  15. Here, you can also see your ad live at the right column.
  16. Next, Click on Done.
  17. Next, scroll down to edit text and headlines that will appear on your ad
  18. Next, Click Next to go the payment page.

After the long introduce we can explain what is Instagram collection ads ?

instagram-collection-ad-exampleCollection ads are very usable sale support ad model. When the firms decided to make Instagram ad they can display their products with collection ad model.

New ad model allows advertisers to use more than one image, video and product caption. With this new ad model advertisers can make a product scale for their potential customers.

E-commerces can turn this new Instagram collection ads to very profitable field. Big firms and others can make direct sales also with this new ad model. Instagram allowing to share product’s link with its images and captions. There is a “shop now” button in collection ads and firms can active it.

Instagram Carousel Ads Coming To Stories

First stories ads made almost a year ago and now Instagram announced new ad format for stories. New ad format is so familiar for Facebook users. Because it comes from Facebook Canvas ads format, and its name is Carousel ad.


Social media giant Instagram has 300 million daily use according to last November statistics. That huge number of use makes app developers happy. Because they can make more money if they can reach more people in the app. But how are they going to make more money with a free app? Of course, ads will help from there.

Social media apps usually free for everybody. Free apps just only can make money from ads that’s so clear to understand. But they must always increase their usage numbers for much precious advertising price. Last year Instagram announced stories ad and powerful brands made really quick ads for their potential customer’s stories.

Firstly stories ads are expensive than other ad formats such as normal post ads and influencers ads. That made but businesses so timid for new ad format but in time they also joined the game.

Instagram Carousel Ad Format

New ad format allows using more media material for story ads. With a carousel, users can make video and photo and posts at the same time. Users like GAP and other big textile firms can reach their potential clients with these media formats in carousel ads.

Also, advertisers can use GIFs and other Instagram stories tools in their ads. About to new Instagram ad format, Susan Rose who is the manager of product marketing said ” It’s a feature that was requested from businesses and advertisers, given the power that they’ve seen through organic stories with multiple pieces of content”

When people asked her “ Why three pieces of content, not four or five ?” She answered, “It just a start.” So we can make “Instagram can allow more media content for one ad in future” inferences from here.

If you want more followers like Instagram influerscers you can buy instagram followers.


How To Use Instagram Messenger Ad Feature ?

Instagram and Facebook partnership provides to users more productive features. In this week Instagram released a GIF patch. Couple of  days ago in last week we downloaded new update who has “last seen” feature. Now we going to tell Instagram Messenger Ad feature.


Instagram is a social media giant app and growing every day. Social media followers knows, last year in 2017 Instagram reached seven hundred million users. With Instagram, non celebrities became a celebrity and low profile businesses became a giant businesses. That welfare area helps to people for earning money in e commerce market.

Instagram most powerful social media app in the world. That power comes from people’s themselves. Instagram users shopping, sharing and thinking with Instagram. That means people are enjoy spending more time in Instagram. Spending more time means spending more money. And that makes people addicted to Instagram.

How Instagram Ads Makes Money From E Commerce ?

Instagram messenger ad feature released in summer. The feature was about Instagram ad buttons. As you know Instagram ad buttons allow followers to get more nolice about Instagram commerces. Commerce accounts mostly try ads for getting attention from potential customers. This marketing circle need more software support by external sources. Getting Instagram followers and likes comes from here.


Instagram messenger button helps potential buyers to contact with seller. Seller always needs to make more money than yesterday because businesses lives like that. Instagram knows or researchs “what an e commerce needs on Instagram?”. When Instagram answered this question with perfect software, everybody can be happy.

With ads and e commerces Instagram makes profit and, with Instagram’s well thinking softwares e commerces makes profit. We can call this “win win” situation.

Contact With Customers Via Instagram Messenger Button

Messenger button allows to contact with customers easily and helps e commerces. Of cource this feature can not provide more followers but if you need more followers and do not have to enougly money you can try getting Instagram followers from here.


Create Instagram Ad With 3 Steps

Three steps are maybe looks like so less for creating Instagram ad. But digital systems have to so easy to use cause they wants to reach everybody on Internet world.

Instagram had some brilliant featured in first years. Then the Facebook bought them and increase Instagram’s algorithms. With new ad feature, making Instagram Ad was possible and making money on Instagram was possible too.


Instagram most popular online app in Internet so far. It has 700 million users and 800 million use for a month. Instagram’s growth rate like rocket-launcher. This speed makes him best social media app in the world.

Making money with Instagram is new kind a thing. Years ago Instagram released a update and started an Instagram ad service. Thanks to this update Instagram celebrities and Instagram users are started to making money. Then the money came with bigger entertainment business.

Instagram Ad Service

We called three easy steps because when you want to create an Instagram ad, Instagram helps and guide you for it. Now we can take a look these three steps.

  1. Have a Facebook Page And Connect It With Instagram
  2. Create a Sample
  3. Make Your Ad Perfect With Tools

Have a Facebook Page And Connect It With Instagram

As you know Instagram and Facebook working together. If you request an Instagram ad you must have a Facebook account to. Connecting Facebook account with Instagram is so easy. Get to Facebook settings and select Instagram ads.


Now tap or click add an account section and fill the page properly. You can also create an Instagram page if you have not one. Finished the step one and go for step two.

Create a Sample

You have connected your Facebook account with your Instagram account. Now you should think creative content and caption for your Instagram ad. Tap or click create campaing then select a start point. These advices are very useful and also they save you from waste of time.


These sections made by users contributions. Ask yourself “What I am doing in my business ?” and “What I want from Instagram ?”. You want sale then, select product catalog sales or store visits. Use these helpful options.

Make Your Ad Perfect With Tools

Like we said before, creating Instagram ad is very easy. Because Instagram and Facebook wants everybody on board. Now you are at “Ad Set Page”. You can optimize your ad and choose many different locations.


You can also choose gender, age, language, pages your potential clients like and connections to. You can create you own Audience and make your Instagram ad perfect.

Instagram Advertising is the next big marketing tool

Instagram advertising will be so popular, experts says Instagram will dominate the online marketing and advertising it is going to chenge all rules about advertising.

As our lives get more virtually social each day, our habits change dramatically fast. Traditional advertising methods like newspaper, radio and tv ads started to loose its cost efficiency … People started to spend more time on social media networks like Instagram than they spend watching TV.

Would it be smart to spend thousands of dollars on a magazine ad that you can reach to 30.000 readers at most?

I don’t think so…

Social media on the other hand, makes it possible to reach millions of potential customers with much smaller advertising budgets while it allows you to track and estimate how many people you can reach!

Big companies now spend more advertising budget on social media than they spend for old traditional marketing methods.

In this rapidly changing world, the current social media trend is by no doubt Instagram.

Facebook and Twitter started to loose their active visitors, while Instagram gets bigger and bigger every day. Instagram‘s easy and user friendly interface makes it easy to use and also not time consuming.. Unlike all other social media networks like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram’s minimalistic and pure interface makes the advertisement be more efficient.


Imagine you advertise your new product in an account with more than 100.000 Instagram followers. For sure your return of investment will be much higher your ads on traditional media.