The Beginner’s Guide for Instagram Advertisement

Instagram is one of the leaders in social media platforms. Having one billion active users monthly, Instagram is used in every region of the world.

So, the platform uses this power to provide brands and companies new ways to give advertisements regardless of the budget constraints. Its video times have been prolonged, major updates have been made, and so, Instagram has changed. Instagram has taken important steps in terms of new advertising and has become a center of attention by big companies.

The question is that how you can give advertisement on the Instagram platform. There are many steps for you to follow. This guide will provide you with detailed information on how to place an ad on the platform.

Business Account

Before you hit the road to place any ads on Instagram, you have to have a business account. To have such account, you must have a page on Facebook.

Here are steps to switch to a business account on Instagram.

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go to your page
  3. Next, tap on three horizontal lines on the top left.
  4. Next, tap on Setting


  1. Next, tap on Switch to Business Account

  1. Instagram provides you the benefit of switching to a business account.

  1. Tap on “Convert Existing Account.”

  1. Here, you need to choose where you want your account to be whether it is a local business or provides product or service.
  2. Tap on “Next.”
  3. Enter your email address

  1. Next, tap on Next.

  1. Here, you will select the Facebook Page to connect your Instagram account. If you do not connect these two, you cannot give advertisement.
  2. Once, you connect, your profile is switched to a business account.
  3. You can re-change the status of your Instagram page anytime you like.

Now, you are ready to give ad.

  1. First of all, select the image you want to promote on Instagram.
  2. Because you are switched to a business account, you will see “Promote” label below your content, image or video.
  3. Select the image or video.
  4. Next, tap on Promote.

  1. Instagram will take you a promotion page.
  2. Next, select the option that suits you best among three options.

  1. Next, you have to select Target Audience.
    1. Instagram automatically select the target group if you prefer
    2. Or, you can select the Local or Manual option to specify your audience.

  1. Next, decide on your budget and the duration of promotion.

  1. Next, if you are happy with the promotion, tap on “Create Promotion.”

  1. Once Instagram approve your promotion, your ad will begin to appear.
  2. Good luck!

How Instagram Turned Out To Be Furniture Stores Outlet

Proved – Scientifically Proved! Why, Why, Why, So Many people asked till now, Why Instagram has been placed on the highest? Let us tell you what has been scientifically proved – Not A joke! The very reason why even furniture stores are moving their Show platforms to Instagram is this. We think you need to have a little bit scientific info right now about the backstage of it.

A striking characteristic of human memory is that pictures are remembered better than words!!!

Humans have a remarkable ability to remember pictures. It was shown several decades ago that people can remember more than 2,000 pictures with at least 90% accuracy in recognition tests over a period of several days, even with short presentation times during learning. This excellent memory for pictures consistently exceeds our ability to remember words.

From an evolutionary perspective, the ability to remember various aspects of one’s visual environment must be vital for survival, so it is not surprising that memory for the pictorial material is particularly well developed. However, the brain mechanisms underlying this phenomenon are not well understood. Neuroimaging experiments using verbal or nonverbal materials as stimuli have suggested that there are differences in the brain areas participating in the processing of these two kinds of stimulus.

National Academy of Sciences examined the neural correlates of memory for pictures and words in the context of episodic memory encoding to determine material-specific differences in brain activity patterns. To do this, they used positron emission tomography to map the brain regions active during encoding of words and pictures of objects. Encoding was carried out by using three different strategies to explore possible interactions between material specificity and types of processing. Encoding of pictures resulted in the greater activity of bilateral visual and medial temporal cortices, compared with encoding words, whereas encoding of words was associated with increased activity in prefrontal and temporoparietal regions related to language function. Each encoding strategy was characterized by a distinctive activity pattern, but these patterns were largely the same for pictures and words. Thus, superior overall memory for pictures may be mediated by more effective and automatic engagement of areas important for visual memory, including medial temporal cortex, whereas the mechanisms underlying specific encoding strategies appear to operate similarly on pictures and words.

You – Furniture & Instagram

Do you own a furniture store? You, Your Sales & Instagram, What A Holy Trinity! As somebody who is in the furniture business, while your goal is to drive sales, there are more ways to do this than simply promoting a product. Here you go! Your success comes largely from offering other reasons to come to your store besides the needs to buy a new coffee table. They can get design inspiration from their beautifully set up example rooms.

It is confirmed that more than 60% of people respond better to visual than text. Since Instagram provided tools for furniture stores to make shopping easy, more and more furniture companies are using Instagram. Many different studies have shown that 90% of business which used Instagram for their businesses increased their visibility on the market.

Although we are living in the age of social media, there is still a lot of hesitation from small business owners to get involved in such a media and use it as a promotional tool. 30% of them don’t use social media at all.

No matter how big they are, Instagram gives many opportunities to all the businesses, this is the fact. 90% of the top global brands using Instagram, this is no longer place reserved just for the young generation.

If you want to build your brand, connect with customers, and boost your marketing, there is no better place than this platform. You can re-use your old marketing materials, display some “behind the scenes” footage, or use it as a testing ground for future photo campaigns. The options are countless and the best part of all this is that you can do it basically for free.

Being Eye Catchy To Your Followers – How to get your product to be eye catchy to your followers depends on you using every hashtag variation you can, of the item you posted. Sellers include various hashtags using a description that would lead customers to their post.

As many furniture companies started using Instagram, you have to create unique content to promote products which will get customer engagement. You should make your account fun to visit. If you post not only promotional photos for your furniture stores but make an interesting video as well, your interaction with your customers will be excellent and you can even give them advice if they have any questions based on your products or services.

The latest forecast predicts that Instagram will pass Google and Twitter combined in mobile display advertising by 2019. So it is time to improve your Instagram marketing and benefit from this development.

Instagram Furniture stores are not any different than other Instagram accounts. Since furniture companies realized the influence on social media to their potential customers, they frequently post so they remind their followers about their products, and also they get feedback from followers which they can use for their business development. This type of interacting is a fun and interesting way to promote furniture stores products and increase customers and potential customers engagement. The three major tools that gain audience engagement are hashtags, contests and direct messages.

Marketing Tools & Instagram

  1. Brand Story Telling

Brand storytelling is an amazing tool to connect your audience more to your brand. Use Instagram to tell your brands story through photos of your products, designs and brand history. A very good example from Vitra furniture seen below;

  1. Reactive storytelling

To generate immediate feedback from your audience, you can use reactive storytelling. Share content that drives engagement. A very good example from Knoll Office Furniture;

  1. Content behind the scenes

Your audience might be interested in what you are doing within your organization. You can give them an inside look at how things are designed, developed and built. It is better to show personality and share private and personal content. This is also a great way to connect your audience further to your brand.

  1. Inspirational and motivational quotes

Sparking emotions in your audience is the most effective way to drive shares, likes, and comments. Recognize what quotes will resonate with your audience and then deliver them those in a beautiful and humorous way.

Here is a great example of Artek’s Instagram page.


2017 – Instagram Furniture Stores Marketing Ideas

Instagram Furniture stores are not different other accounts they also realize the influence on social media to their potential customers.

Instagram provided tools for furniture stores to make shopping easy. It is the furniture store owner`s responsibility to help their customers get what they want in the most convenient way for them. Instagram gives them much more marketing visibility than they had before.

Many different studies have shown that 85% of business who wore using Instagram for their businesses increased their visibility on the market.

Instagram has 200 million actives. With its virtual nature, Instagram is the best platform for furniture stories. This is the reason they use Instagram more than any other social media platform.

It is confirmed that more than 40% of people respond better to visual than text. People follow their favorite furniture stores Instagram account and them prompt information about their products. Furniture stores frequently post so they remind their followers about their products, and also they get feedback from followers which they can use for their business development.

This type of interacting is a fun and interesting way to promote furniture stores products and increase customers and potential customers engagement.

Some other social media network make this look like catalog browsing, but on Instagram, there are nice, well-placed posts of photos that are eye chaining.

The best way to get your product to be eye catchy to the followers you need to use every hashtag variation you can, of the item you posted. Sellers include various hashtags using a description that would lead customers to their post.

Instagram Furniture Stores as Outlet

You can make 30 hashtags to describe your products or services. Interior designer can use this way of advertising and making more people see your post, as well as for big car dealer. When you create a hashtag, you need to be creative and smart and find the right way to stand out from the crowd.

It is also very important to add a location tag to your account active. This way your customers will have an easy way to find your business facilities.

More and more furniture companies are using Instagram, so if you want to be different you have to create unique content to promote products which will get customer engagement. Make your account fun to visit. Post not only promotional photos for your furniture stores but make an interesting video too, interact with your customers and you can even give them advice if they have any dilemma based on your products or services.

The key to any successful Instagram undertaking is innovation. Innovation can get you one the top very fast and your customers will love it.

Whatever you say you, you can not underestimate the impact of Instagram used as a tool to promote furniture store marketing.

Today, it is possible from a woman from Japan to buy a beautiful coffee table from Italy, just through simple events that all started when Italian furniture store posted a photo of that coffee table with the well-placed hashtag, and Japanese woman saw that post on her friend’s account.





Which One Is Better Instagram or Snapchat ?

Social media makes people reachable and curious about their friend’s activities. Instagram and Snapchat always in a race each other. But Instagram had more users than Snapchat and that makes Instagram better on paper.

World-changing so fast, with the internet era people can reach the big data so easily. Big data is,  so extremely large it includes reveal patterns, trends, associations, and human behaviors. Digital marketers and search engine companies use big data to build a better business plan and product.

Instagram and Snapchat users help these people with collecting their data in an easy way. Every Internet users and social media users give critical information about themselves for free to companies. This is so discussable issue because when you give your personal info to a social media app they can use it for their marketing strategy without your knowledge. Let’s get back to topic. Which one is better Instagram or Snapchat?


Security Most Important Issue On The Internet

On the Internet, users see “stolen information” news all the time. Every user on Internet afraid of identity thieves and they trying different software to protecting themselves from identity thieves.

On Instagram, stealing someone else’s account is mostly happens. Most of the time stolen accounts cannot get back from Instagram accounts owner. Last year Instagram released two-factor authentication for more safer Instagram. But Snapchat has no such security issues.

Snapchat allows people to share short videos and photos for a very short time. Snapchat’s public news feed allows 24 hours visibility for users posts. You can see your people’s post just for 24 hours and then they will disappear. This makes people relax because important information such as photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours.

Who Has More Potential Instagram or Snapchat?

Snapchat founded in 2011 in the United States Of America also Instagram founded in 2010 in the same state. But most valuable social media company in the world “Facebook” bought Instagram when they start to rise like a space-rocket. This sale made Instagram more valuable than Snapchat.

Snapchat reached hundreds of millions users in last year but Instagram reached his first hundred million users after two years from founding. Now Instagram has over than 700 million users and growing day by day. So this versus’s winner is Instagram.

How to Create an Instagram Poll?

Survey What Your Followers Think

Instagram is dynamic and instant platform and that’s why getting in touch with your followers is really essential. Many Instagram influencers want to know what their followers think about their post instantaneously. One of the best ways of learning it is creating polls in your stories. The great feature of Instagram definitely creates a chance for you to create more productive and popular content. So, how to create a poll in Instagram? It is really easy to make an Instagram survey in your stories and main page. Here is the full description of how you can make it.

Creating a Poll in Stories

In order to arrange a survey on an Instagram story, you should do them step by step:

  • After you create your Instagram post, select stickers section in stories which represented with a square face. Find poll sticker there and click it.


  • Then, place it on your story and arrange its theme color with sticker settings. Also, you can arrange its dimensions.

  • Write your question by selecting “ask a question “part. You can change the color and theme of text like an ordinary text.
  • Normally, there are two options for a poll as “yes” and “no”. But you can change these options by selecting and rewriting them.
  • You can also see the results by simply dragging the published story to up!


How Can I Make GIF on Instagram ?

Can You Share GIF on Instagram? Positive!

Yes, you can. There are plenty of websites provides “.gif” images.

Instagram renovate himself in every available time. In last year Instagram made very radical upgrades, news feed changes, story feature, animated story faces, and ex. They trying to keep their most popular social media app actual. The last update was released only a few days ago and last seen the feature is available for all Instagram users.

Instagram is the most useful social media app for sharing photos and videos. Hundreds of millions of people using Instagram these days and Instagram gets almost billions of use for a one month. That super-fast growing seems to never end. Instagram celebrities and big brands have millions of followers. They making sponsored contents and making lots of money, if you want that much follower and making money on Instagram, you can get Instagram followers.

Instagram GIF Search Engine

Instagram and Giphy working together for a gif search engine. With this engine, Instagram users can share gifs in news feed and also they can share gifs on their stories. The search engine will help users to find very fun gifs but it will not help in making a GIF on Instagram.


Instagram still making tests about new gif feature and gif search engine. But you can make your own gifs with some “.jpgs” and jpegs. Giphy has a gif maker on his internet site. You can use this maker and make your own gifs and then you can share your homemade gifs on Instagram.

Facebook and Whatsapp also allow you to share gifs with your friends’ list. Also, the Facebook messenger has a gif search engine and you can choose in them or you can share your own gifs. Gifs are very fun and make people interact on social media.


Giphy is an online gif provider. It is one of the largest libraries for “.gif” images. Using it really simple. Just pick your image and use share option. If you can’t wait for your images here is the link.



Another easy to use website is Tenor. You can export the gifs as mp4 files in here. Select your gif and right click on it. You’ll see download as a video option on the menu. Send the downloaded video to your phone and share on Instagram! Click here to go website.

Best 6 Tricks to Increase your Instagram Followers

If you are new in Instagram world it is hardly difficult to increase your followers. Especially companies try to reach their customers on the Instagram but to achieve this goal they have to work patiently. In this article we will discuss about increasing Instagram followers. Here are the tips:

        • Using Hashtag: hashtags the best and easy way to reach new followers whether you are use Instagram for personal using or companies using. Hashtags collect all photos marked with the same hashtag and put them all in a pool, thus others can easily reach your posts when visit that hashtag. In addition, you have to have your own hashtag and frequently use it.
      • Like similar posts: Another best way to increasing Instagram followers is frequently like similar posts. According to a research every 100 likes equals to 6.1 followers.
      • Other social media accounts: You have to use other social media sites effectively. Facebook and Twitter are best assistant to have enormous number of Instagram followers.
      • Timing: If you want to get more like (it means new followers) you have to have great photo but, not only great and beautiful photos but also post time is key to reach more people. Every country has different time zone you have to detect best time to share posts. Sunday is the best day to share your best photos. But on the other hands Wednesday is the day that Instagram has most interaction.
      • Organizing: Despite quick change of technology and social media platform importance of being organized is never change. You should be able to explain why you have this kind of account, what is your motivation and what will you do in the next days and also your gals must be appropriate with your account’s past.
      • Repost: increasing Instagram followers could not be imagine without reporting. By repost a post you got the attention of post owner and most probably a new follower and also free likes.
      • Sponsored tactics: You can use soma Instagram buffer company to get help here is the best one : Instafollowers


    Even you apply all those steps above you must be patient and hardworking otherwise you could not have big number of followers, because you have millions of opponents.

Instagram Video Upload Error: Full Solution

Instagram users share millions of posts every day and generally they don’t face any problem while posting in video format. But sometimes some users face video upload error. If you encounter posting problem in just video sharing, here are causes of it.

Why I can’t Upload Video?

The most frequent problem in video upload causes from insufficient memory. When we upload video, we think it is not be stored by your cell phone. But actually, your phone saves videos at Instagram folder. That’s why full memory can be reason not to upload video on Instagram.

Also, the format of video is important for Instagram. If you use your phone to take video, then you can be sure about the suitability of your video. But in the case of using another device, video in any other format is hard to post on Instagram.

Sometimes, using old version of Instagram is one of the reasons. So, be sure about you use last version of Instagram.

How Can I Fix It?

To solve video upload error, try this procedure:

  • Check you use the last version of Instagram. Update it if it is necessary
  • Check whether or not the memory of your cell phone is full. If it is full, go to settings of the cell phone. Click on storage section and find Instagram on the list. Delete all stored data of Instagram.
  • Try to post video again. If your problem continues, look at the format of the video. Your format must be suitable mobile format.
  • Convert the video into suitable format with the help of different mobile apps. Try to post it again.

If this procedure is not helpful for you, communicate with support center of Instagram. Write them you try all the procedure and your problem still goes on. Troubleshooting service of Instagram definitely solves the problem in 24 hours.