Succesful Instagram Accounts Journey in 3 Steps

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Succesful Instagram accounts looks like costs lots of hard work and too much money but the truth is doing it correctly. Today we will cover these tricks.

There are too much information on the Internet about gainin followers, comments and likes but we will discuss just 5 most effective ones.

Before using Instagram we should know the idea behind Instagram and its work algorithm thus we could use these ideas to improve our posts.

Instagram has been increase its users number everyday but especially after stories update.

We could use the sentence above as a shortcut to gain engagement, and it is stories are useful.

An attractive Instagram account should make happy its followers and must be inspirational.

We got another idea by stence above we should not always posts funnt things or sadness. Succesful Instagram accounts are able to post lots of different kind of categories.

The most important thing about Instagram accounts is their bio page. Bio tells potential followers what your business is and what are you going to post with this account.

1-Succesful Instagram Accounts Have a Great Bio

Your bio should be pure do not contain too musch information but should have all information describe you or your brand.

Bio template change whether you use the account for personal usage or business usage.

You can set your account for personal or business usage in the setting and then start to make up your bio.

Bio must be effective, interesting and offer something and this rule does not change whather for personal or business account.

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2-İdentify Your Target Audience

Instagram contain too many different culture and age interval so you will not success even your posts are perfect until your posts delivered your target users.

So how are you going to know the perfect target group?

If you use Instagram for personal posts in time your target group will be shaped by your posts but business accounts idea is different you should know your target group for your product and prepare your post for the target group.

for instance if you sell skates we all know that most of skaters age starts from 8 to 25 so you easily can decide to audience group age is 8 to 25 and post for them.

3-Posting plan

One of the most important thing is sustainability you shoul not fed your followers up and do not make them forgat your account there is a good posting interval time and use it.

perfect post time and frequence are change according to your country but generally it is good to post between 14.00-23.00 and post at least 5 content for a week. Maximum content posting is change according to your statistic so there is no exact number of maximum posting.

If you follow those steps in the short term you will get enough followers but if it is not enough you could get help from buy Instagram followers.

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