How to Stop Instagram Autoplay In 3 Steps ? (for iOS and Android)

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What is Instagram Autoplay ?

Instagram autoplay is social media app Instagram’s video player feature for every mobile app users. It works when user scroll down in newsfeed, it does not asks for playing video just video plays just atutomatically.


Why Do We Lose Extra Data ?

Instagram people uses the app useally at work, on streets or anywhere who does not have wifi connection. When they did not find any wifi connection, Instagram users should use to their cellular data use for hanging around in Instagram.But the cellular data packages are not so cheap, in US most cheap cellular packages price is fourty dollars. And in fourty dollars package just provides four GB data for its users.

When market is like that expensive, users must get some precaution for their balance. Years ago Instagram released a update and with that update users start to lose extra cellular datas when getting online in Instagram. But there is a solution for losing extra datas.

Follow The Instructions For Disabling to Instagram Autoplay

As you know Instagram almost has billion users. Having a billion users means world’s populations %20 are using Instagram and they also uses mobile smart phones. With Instagram and social media increased their use, the mobile data market gets high digits at their sales. These two market triggers each other and grows like that. But the users loses their money and labor in this market system. Now we going to tell how can you stop Instagram autoplay.

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For iOS

You need to follow three basic stepps

  1. Go to your profile and settings
  2. Find Celluar Data Use on the menu
  3. Enable “Use Less Data” option from the menu

For Android

You need to follow similar three stepps as iOS;

  1. Go to your profile and settings (on newer versions it might be under the burger menu on the top left corner of the screen)
  2. Find Celluar Data Use
  3. Check Use Less Data option


When you activated the “use less data” option your Instagram newsfeed will not save the videos for autoplay. And with like that you can save your cellular datas for later. Thank you for reading, you can comment us with comment section below to the page.

How to Stop Instagram Autoplay In 3 Steps ? (for iOS and Android)
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  1. I dont understand why need instagram autoplay a lot of people has instagram but dont know use to autoplay,people s layz for my mind

  2. Hi
    please tell me how to stop automatically play videos on insta gram
    I already do above you told on this procedure but its not working again play videos on instagram
    it reduces lot of more mobile data
    please tell permanent solution for this problem for android 😥😢

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