I See Spam Content On Facebook. What Can I Do?

I See Spam Content On Facebook. What Can I Do?

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Spam content can be seen in every social media platforms but because they are not reported as spam, today we will show you how to report a content.

Facebook is known as one of the biggest social networks. As it is widely known, social networks have been so popular and they have been part of our lives. We get much news and updates from those social networks such as Google +, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Facebook is known as the first social network. Because it is been widely used, we can get the latest news instantly on Facebook. We can follow our friends and see their photos and posts. Apart from that, many firms have created accounts on Facebook. In this way, we can follow all the news, updates about those firms on Facebook. We can know about them when we join their fan pages or pages. Of course, they need to be popular on Facebook in order to reach more people. So, some companies buy Facebook fan page likes. In this way, they can make their fan page popular, reach more people and increase their sales.

While fan pages are so popular, there are also very common issues about Facebook. One of them is spam. Unfortunately, many users try to spam on Facebook because of their purposes. Developers of Facebook and other social networks work hard to prevent those spam actions. However, some users manage to do it in some way. So, the users may see spam content on Facebook. We will explain what you should do in this kind of situation.

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Prevent Spam On Facebook

When you see spam on Facebook, first you should download and install an antivirus software if you don’t have. Then, make a scan on your computer or mobile device. Clean all viruses and malware.
Clear the history of your web browser.

Delete Malware

You should also download and install a software to delete malware. When you do these, you will probably get rid of spam.

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