Social Media’s Positive Effects and its Connection to Our Life

Social Media's Positive Effects
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Social media’s positive effects is a controversial topic but evidence shows that social medias made our lives much more easier and effective.

Today we all know or at least heard a news that in the case of urgency the victims saved thanks to power of social media platforms.

For example last a woman took a taxi and realize that the taxi driver ride in the wrong way, and the victims share her location and send message to her friends that she is kidnapping.

Victim’s friends called police and follow the location and at the end they found and saved her.

We have lots of example that social medias platform saved our life but also they make our life much more easier.

Social Media's Positive Effects

Social Media’s Positive Effects

For instance you can easily apply for job that out of the city without going on there thanks to Linkedin, or you can ask a question or say something the politician thanks to Twitter.

Facebook is really high technological platform and with the effective use Facebook is a great assistant for our life for example you can find marketplace, job application and sel your old staff thanks to Facebook.

Instagram a great place to show your photography skills or you journeys.

Whatsapp one of the most favourite messaging application and now you can have video chat also with most of social media platform.

In the light of these ideas mention above we can easily say social media platforms are requirements for today’s world.

If we think about fun that social media platforms bring our life we will see that it is a huge part of our life.

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Like everything else if you do not use it wisdomly you will be hurt very badly.

Social media is not something harmfull, Facebook do not kidnap your doughter, kill your family or bring away you child to his schools; it is just a tool that produced to make your life easier.

We offer you just use the approved social media platforms here is some:

  1. Facebook of course and forever.
  2. Twitter must be our common platform.
  3. Instagram is like salt without it nothing is meaningfull.
  4. Linkedin should killed face to face interviews.
  5. Snapchat of course the one murdered by Instagram.
  6. Whatsapp
  7. Google+
  8. Youtube
  9. Swarm
  10. Pinterest
  11. Telegram
  12. Tinder (it is a little bit controversial)
  13. Tumblr
  14. Myspace
  15. Vine
  16. Flickr

Of course there are more than thoose 16 platforms but we listed the most popular ones.

Social Media’s Positive Effects and its Connection to Our Life
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