Social Media Sites News and Percentage of Users

Social Media Sites News
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Have ever wonder how to users get social media sites news and how they choose the sites? Today we are going to discuss an important question about social media sites and news.

Only 1/3 of Instagram users get news from the app, but Twitter users get more news and their percentage is 60.

These percentage is change according to aim of social media sites.

The survey last 12 days and based on about 4500 answers, the participants were adults.

About to 33% of participant get news from Instagram and about to 66 percent of those %33 are nonwhite.

the statistics above is very important because it show and tell you how and where should you use Instagram as a news app.

55 percent of Snapchat users who says they get news from the app are nonwhite. This is also shows us the culture has crucial effects on usage of social media sites.

Twitter is the third most popular social media sites for news and 71 percent of users get news from Twitter and only 40 percent of these users are nonwhite.

The same proportion of white and nonwhite social media users say they “ever” get news from social media (66 percent white, 74 percent of nonwhite respondents), the answers diverge among those who get news from social media frequently.

Social Media Sites News

As a conclusion people tend to get their news the platform they feel comfortable and sometimes a whole culture can feel comfortable for an app.

So what does this table means and how should we read it?

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As a company or growing personal accounts you have to care about the culture and its followers.

Your posts also must be compatible with the culture and every social media sites has its own users type know all of them and get the success.

Do not forget to tell us your popular social media site and where do you get news from?


Social Media Sites News and Percentage of Users
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