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How to Create a Social Media Report

What do you know about the social media report that is worth gold for your brand, customer, or agency? How to create a social media report? You should pay the same attention that you show to social media management to social media reporting as well. In this article, we will try to answer the questions of how to prepare a report on social media and what is necessary to pay attention to while preparing social media reports. We are starting if you are ready!

What Is a Social Media Report?

The analysis that directs your social media marketing strategy by showing the account management, campaigns, social media strategy, communication that you have done on social media for your brands with numerical and verbal data is called a social media report. 

A brand that does not work with a social media agency is a rare find. Every brand needs support for professional social media management. The best way to show brands the creative feedback on social media is by preparing reports in certain periods. With social media reports, we can give the brand what is happening within the specified date range, how the communication with the target audience is progressing, and how the feedback is provided from the advertisements.

why should you have a social media report

What Are the Best Tools to Create Social Media Reports?

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Boomsocial
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Zoho Social
  5. Sendible
  6. Sprout Social
  7. Rival IQ
  8. Social Report
  9. Socialbakers
  10. Keyhole

We will not talk about all of these websites individually in detail, but to give you some ideas, we will mention the two of them, Google Analytics and Boomsocial.

Let’s start with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is actually a site to analyze website traffic with every small bit of detail. But it is also very beneficial for examining the influence of social media as a marketing tool and source of traffic. Just click on these tabs: Acquisition > Social > Overview, and here you can find out how many clicks your website receives from each of the main social media platforms. 

Boomsocial is a vital report creation website that shows brands’ digital data on social media. Boomsocial enables you to access data such as the numbers of followers/subscribers, the interaction rate, daily / monthly increase rate of followers for free.

It is also possible to get the data of statistics from the “export data” option in the statistics section of Facebook and Twitter. You can reach statistics from Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and prepare a detailed report.

How to Create a Social Media Report? 

The report preparation technique of each social media specialist is different. There is no right way to prepare these reports. However, there are still some unique methods that everyone should follow and should follow while preparing social media reports. Let’s talk about these methods.

Get Started with the Report Overview Page

Before starting the reporting, place the month overview page on the first page after the cover. Here, the details such as what types of shares were made from which platforms during the last 30 days and access, interaction, impressions, page likes, and the number of followers received for one month can be accessed. If advertised, how many sponsored advertisements were bought should be included in the reports.

Since the reports are detailed, you should choose to give the general summary report at the beginning, where the customers can find what they are looking for in seconds. If sponsored ads were released during that period, additions to sponsored ads should be made in the overview of advertisements on the second page.

Don’t Forget the Descriptive Texts

You should add a text field below the data on each page. In this text, you can explain the verbal descriptions of the numerical data, the comparison of the data of the previous and the current month, and what to do for the other month, what to look out for in a short and clear language.

With the graphics and the texts written on the screenshots, the data should be readable and positioned in the middle of the page. You should add verbal descriptions of the graphics and screenshots as written text below the image.

Show Them Which Content Works The Best

After giving the access and interaction data, you should show your customer which communication language and content are more popular by adding screenshots of the content that received the most interaction/access under the heading “content with the most “interaction/access.

You should prepare a report in 15-day or 30-day periods depending on the intensity of communication you make on the brand’s page.

Separate Platforms Individually

When preparing social media reports, separate all media from each other. For example, add the last 30 days data for Facebook to a different location and the previous 30 days data for Instagram to the report by adding them to the report. When adding these channels to your reports, specify many different details in the report, such as the number of followers, impressions, access, interaction, page likes, and video views.

Be Descriptive and Clear

Digital marketing professionals must master all metrics and performance measurements. You should not forget that professionals can draw strategies that are worth tens of pages from a single page report. But their customers are not as knowledgeable as them. Rather than adding screenshots to the reports, or taking advantage of report preparation applications, write the data with your hand. Also, explain clearly which type of data has what features. You may even use examples. Thus, even if the customers do not have any information about social media data, they will begin to understand your report.

Prepare Understandable, Legible, and Simple Reports

The packaging design of the product affects your purchasing behavior when buying a product. Likewise, your report design also changes the minds of the customers. Your report file can have a stylish and modern design. So you can gain the trust and appreciation of your customers in the first place. If there is a graph7ic design expert you work with, you can request a unique design. Use simple, understandable, and legible reports. This ensures that you can always be one step ahead of others in the eyes of your customers.

Submit Comparisons to Previous Periods

One of the essential data your customers want to see is the growth plan. Your customers will want to see their growth figures from the start to the point they are currently in. They may require this to see the improvements since they started working with you. For this reason, add a month-to-month growth figure to your report. Create a report by blending the data of the prior period comparing the number of follow-ups. Also, compare the interaction rates with the present time.

Highlight Your High-Performance Content

Some of your posts during the month may have a high performance, while others may have a low return. Positively affect your customer by adding 2-3 high-performance posts to the presentation. Also, show them which posts have increased their performance on which platforms.

Care About Traffic From Social Media Accounts

Your customer may have a website and ask you to develop a strategy to receive website traffic on social media. On occasions like this, be sure to get a report that includes social media traffic. Also, prepare report sections that contain the most traffic to the website at what times and from which platforms.

Don’t Forget to Talk About the Strategies of the Next Month

Create a data-driven strategy plan for social media reports. Include the next month’s strategy plans on the last page after adding the data to your presentation. Also, remember that the more data you have, the easier it will be to determine the procedure for the next months. Therefore, when planning your strategy for the next month, review the previous report. Also, including the strategies for the next month is also among the strategies that will excite your customers.

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Creating a Report in Short

In this article, we mentioned what social media reports are and also how to prepare them. Thank you so much for reading. We hope that this article helps you grow your SEO and marketing knowledge. If you want to check other SEO-related blog posts of InstaFollowers, keep in touch and see our following articles. You may like our article about social media audit as well. If you watch a video about how to create social media reports, then you should check this video by Buffer:

Frequently Asked Questions About

There are plenty of free and paid tools that can help you create a social media report. We can recommend Google Analytics or Boomsocial for simple and effective results.

Yes, many of the social media analysis tools are free or have a free version. If you look for less-detailed, less-professional data, you can check those.

A social media report can include lots of information about how your brand is doing on different social media platforms, which posts are getting the most engagement, which strategies work, and which ones you should go for for the next month, etc. It is essential to have a social media report.

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