Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media is now a vast advertisement platform for many businesses. Therefore, it is vital to observe and analyze how your target audience expresses itself across social media. By analyzing your target audience like this, you can spot trends and quickly react to changing market conditions. Social media monitoring tools allow you to track and evaluate your brands’ social media image and keep track of your competitor’s social media presence. With countless new posts published, commented on, shared, or liked every minute, social media is a massive resource to market yourself or your business on. By learning about your target audience and competitors through social media, you can adapt your social media strategy to attain better results. We will discuss some of the best social media monitoring tools available for you to use to keep your social media strategy effective.

What Is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring allows you to analyze and monitor brands across many social channels. You may be trying to network on LinkedIn, or sharing hundreds of posts on Instagram to get interaction. However, none of these work if you don’t acknowledge the market. Monitoring social media will enable you to compare yourself with your competitors. Another critical benefit is that it gives you the power to drive conversations about your brand on social media.

Social media is a potent tool. You can use it to engage with your customers more intimately than previously possible. Social media monitoring helps to identify trends over time. It also helps monitor your competition, making you aware of their strategy changes. Thanks to this, you can remain competitive with them as well. Using the data social media monitoring provides, you can prove your return on investments (ROI) by showing results clearly and keeping track of many other metrics to help your social media presence thrive. Engaging with your customers using social media is also a great way to build trust and respect for your brand.

How Social Media Monitoring Works

There are some specially designed tools to help you monitor social media. Some tools are known as social listening tools. These report to you about the social media buzz around your chosen phrases or topics. Social listening tools are excellent for social media managers to analyze the engagement with your brand before and after a campaign to prove the ROI of the campaign.

Some companies have combined SEO and social media monitoring software. It is to give you even more valuable tools in a single package. All of the data gathered using social media monitoring tools feed into an easy-to-analyze database. There, social media managers can evaluate any metric they want to improve. Some monitoring tools only scan one platform while others run cross-platform. After conducting analyses of the gathered data, companies can view how they are perceived online and find answers to strategic questions from the investigation. Additionally, many social media listening tools provide continuous analysis and evaluate current marketing campaigns and competitor comparisons in real-time when compared with the past results.

Social Media Monitoring Tools Examples

Here is a list of some excellent examples of social media monitoring and listening tools.

  • Brandwatch
  • Talkwalker
  • Hootsuite
  • Google Alerts
  • Awario

Above, you can see the five best tools for your business. Now, let’s analyze these tools in detail!

social media monitoring brandwatch


Brandwatch targets how a brand is perceived online to help you learn and analyze all of the metrics surrounding your brand’s online perception. Using Brandwatch allows you to quickly analyze current trends within your industry and discover new opportunities and threats your brand could face. You can keep track of your saved searches through Queries. On your mention dashboard, you can see the date of the post and also on which platform it is posted. There’s also the impact score which gives you an idea about how much your post will get interaction. You’ll see faces showing the sentiment on the mention, which you can adjust by clicking on them. While searching, you can filter it by categories such as sentiment, tag, author, status, etc. You can also add multiple filters to your search.



Talkwalker offers you a social listening tool capable of utilizing AI analytics to provide you with accurate real-time insights into social channels across a total of 187 languages. Featuring a quick search function, Talkwalker allows you to speedily identify content ideas and new social media influencers for you to network with. Talkwalker also enables you to analyze conversations on social media or other platforms. Afterward, you can closely get customer insight into your brand thanks to this customer intelligence. Talkwalker gives you access to critical metrics such as volume, emotion, engagement, geography, and demographics. Based on the results, you can create better content, protect your brand assets, track social campaigns and integrate this data to increase your brand’s reputation. Additionally, you can access historical data going back up to 13 months.



Hootsuite currently operates in 175 countries across the globe, with an estimated 18 million users. The company focuses on helping other brands manage their multiple social media networks and improve their social media strategies. Firstly, link your multiple social network accounts and choose which categories you will be working on. You can also view your scheduled posts on the dashboard. You can simultaneously post on multiple platforms as well. Hootsuite is ideal for use as part of a team as its layout works efficiently with many team members indeed. The dashboard allows you to filter streams by posts, mentions, or updates. You can assign incoming messages to specific team members allowing for smooth collaboration and effective communication. Using the app directory, you can also install free apps that might be useful.

google alerts

Google Alerts

Google Alerts monitors the internet for any mentions or your business, known competitors, or relevant information to your chosen topics. This tool is incredibly easy to use. You can spot mentions that don’t have links, detect spam before it’s too late, or expose unanswered questions. Log into a Google account and head to the Google Alerts page to begin using this monitoring tool.

awario social media monitoring


Awario focuses on building brand awareness for its customers similarly. It offers social media monitoring with features like influencer marketing, social selling, and competitive analysis. To achieve increased brand awareness, users store key terms in all languages they wish to track continuously. You can type any word in the search bar and see the specified mentions on your dashboard accordingly. Hence, you can follow the news in various industries and learn what your customers and competitors say about your business. This then leads to new contacts and an increased customer base.


Overall, there are many different social media monitoring tools available for you to utilize. These tools vary in their features and offer you a vast database of analytics created around your social media data. Social media monitoring allows you to track your brand’s performance across many platforms, allowing for in-depth analysis after a marketing campaign. These tools can also significantly increase your engagement by highlighting the types of content your target audience frequently responds well to. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the benefits of using these tools and some of their many uses on the whole. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media monitoring is necessary because it allows businesses or individuals to view how they are perceived and engaged across social media.

Social media listening is another term for social media monitoring. It means that the data found on social media is being evaluated and analyzed to create more positive results in the future.

You can easily track your performance across multiple social media platforms by using social media monitoring tools.

Social media monitoring tools allow you to see how your content engagement across social media platforms measures against previous campaigns. User identities remain private to comply with data protection regulations.

Social media monitoring tools are powered by algorithms and crawl social media platforms indexing them to search for specific terms and phrases.

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