Social Media Marketing Tips for Marketers

Social Media Marketing Tips for Marketers

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Social Media Marketing Tips


At this day and age, social media is the best and quickest method to reach people. It may be about a new product, a new service, it may be about just advertising. It may even just be a person’s ideas. But we’re talking about Social Media Marketing Tips here, so this is mainly for businesses that use social media.

How is social media marketing working better than traditional ways? Ask yourself, a simple post with a good caption on Instagram catches your attention faster and better than the news or ads you see on TV.

People are spending more time on social media nowadays, and it’s going up and up. Marketers and brands should use this as an opportunity to generate good leads, drive sales and develop a kinship with their followers; who are their target audience.

Social media marketing is a popular construct. This helps people to notice your brand, increase your recognition, adds traffic to your website and gain followers that may end up as customers. But to achieve this kind of success, you need to win over the obstacles that come with it.

Let’s talk about Social Media Marketing Tips now. Every marketer should be aware of these.

Find your Platform


Social Media Marketing Tips

You should focus on one or two main platforms as a marketer. If you’re everywhere, first of all, your followers will find you “too much”, and you won’t have enough time to post unique things on all platforms. Less is more, friends. So how can you choose the right platform?

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Firstly, look at your competition. Examine which platform they get success. Because your target audience will be either very similar to theirs, or it’ll be the same.

Look at the graphic above, while Instagram has the least amount of 65+ people, Facebook has the most. Now for example, if your product was aimed at older people; your marketing on Instagram would be pretty inefficient.

Opposite of this is also true. Let’s say that you have a product that’s aimed at teenagers/young adults. Using Facebook or Linkedin would be inefficient, you’d get better success on Snapchat, Tumblr or Instagram.

You as a marketer need to have all the data on this. Demographics are key. Find your target audience and don’t stray from them, unless you make it extremely big. Which brings us to the next point.

Importance of Analysis

Information leads to wealth. You must access certain pieces of information if you wish to get success. It’s simple as that. But getting it isn’t enough, you have to analyze it too. If you don’t analyze the data, then how will you know if your strategy worked or failed? You simply can’t.

There are free analytic tools to use, you can track the metrics with these tools. These analytic tools give you social media marketing tips. These programs also help to compare your results to your competition’s. You can identify and fix your mistakes in your marketing that way.

It’s crucial to track these metrics regularly. You need to have a plan on when, how and what kind of content is best to post.

Study your Competition

There are incredible levels of competition in social media marketing. You have to stay in the game. Study them, watch what they’re doing. Especially the ones that are doing better than you. What makes them more successful? Analyze their content, what are their headlines? How often do they post, when do they post? Who’re they interacting with?

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You need to ask all these questions and a lot more, then you need to find answers to those. After that, you’ll start to see ideas on what made your competitors successful, and how you can get there. You will indirectly get social media marketing tips from them.

Look at their ways, analyze them but don’t mimic them. If you become a shell of another brand, you will be treated as one. Be unique, be original. Take the best parts of their marketing and adapt it to your own.

Images, Hashtags, Consistency

These are all things I talked about before. Get the Social Media 101 class, if you don’t know these you will literally perish as a business. Post good images, use hashtags, be consistent with your posts. Focus more on quality rather than quantity. Don’t advertise too hard or they stop following you. Balance is the key.



Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is in the best condition it’s ever been in. This is common knowledge, I feel deja vu when I say this. But with great power comes great responsibility. Yes, your business can thrive like never before through social media marketing. But it takes a lot of time and effort.

Importance of social media is found out when the marketer performs specific tasks to their own marketing strategy. Like I said earlier, you need to be your own brand. Social media marketing is a must at the age we’re living.

In this article, we gave you information on social media marketing and social media marketing tips. Hope it will be any use for you. Thanks for reading and leave us a like/comment if you liked. See you in another article.

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