How to Become a Social Media Consultant?

How to Become a Social Media Consultant?

Let’s start by explaining who is a social media consultant. A social media consultant is a business partner that strengthens your brand reputation, enhances user engagement, and improves your website leads through the usage of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this digital age, every company demands digital media consultants, and why not be one of them?

Although it looks like a nice new job position, it has its difficulties as well. The power of social media in business should not be underestimated. If you have dominant knowledge of social media, you can be a good consultant. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Consultancy

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before getting into the details of how to become a social media consultant, you should know the pros and cons of it. First of all, if you become a freelance social media consultant, there is a high chance that you can work remotely. That means you can work on a tropical island while sipping your cocktail, but it also means that you may struggle to find work from time to time. Also, even if you are working freelance, you will still have deadlines, and you need to improve yourself every day to stay in business. Remember also that, if you don’t have the budget, you will have to deal with your sales, marketing, tax, and accounting yourself. 

Become a Social Media Consultant Step by Step

Steps to Become a Social Media Consultant

So, after hearing the disadvantages and advantages, if you are still motivated to become a social media consultant, you should follow the below steps.

Learn How Competitive Your Market Is

Start learning with how many competitors you have in your area. You may search this on search engines and see the services your competitors offer. You may also look for any social media jobs on LinkedIn in your region, and analyze what they demand. Afterward, you should try changing your profile according to your findings. Also, if you find out that there is a high demand for a specific industry, you can prefer to specialize in that niche.

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Choose the Services You Offer

Offering a lot of services can diversify your income, but may distract you when it comes to working on it. Try finding the services you are knowledgeable at, which will also help you make a good impression after the delivery of work. 

Establish Your Social Media Presence

The first thing a potential client will do is check out your social media accounts, website, and online reviews. You are new to this domain, so you will not have online reviews, but you should have an online appearance on the social media platforms and have a blog or a website. If you don’t want to spend money on a website, you can start a blog and post about social media channels. 

Consider Offering Free Service for Your First Customers

Think about offering free social media marketing service for a limited time to your first two to three customers. That will help you to build a portfolio, references, and bonus: if they are happy with your service, you will get your first real customer. 

Start Pitching

If you want to get paid for your service, and trust in your skills, you can also start to look for customers on job sites like Indeed, follow freelance job boards, or join conferences on SMM. When you are talking to a potential customer, try showing your domain knowledge, without being arrogant.

Create Your Professional Workspace

If you are planning to work remotely, start planning your workstation. Make sure you have a quiet place dedicated to work. Think about whether you need a better laptop, a monitor, a keyboard, or a wireless mouse. Check whether your internet connection speed and quota will be enough for your work. Also, try making your sitting area orthopedic, since you will be spending hours there.

Choose the Programs You Will Use

Social media management is an analytical field, and there are a lot of helpful programs out there. Start finding the ones that are suitable for you and your customers by reading online reviews. You can also request free trials to learn about the tools more. Some programs that may be beneficial to you include scheduling tools, analytics tools, and image creating tools. 

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How do I market myself as a social media manager?

First of all, you must have a website or a blog that has published content by yourself. Make sure you have content on all platforms such as Google and social media platforms. Then you can use these as your portfolio.

How do I get certified in marketing?

The American Marketing Association offers a Certified Professional Marketer program. To be qualified to take this test, you should have a four year college education and four years of expert advertising experience, or a graduate degree and two years of expert showcasing experience.

How Much Does a Social Media Manager Earn?

An Experienced Social Media Manager earns a normal compensation of $63,294 every year, with the top earners coming to $97K.


We’ve informed you about how to become a social media consultant. If you need to read more on social media, you can look at our social media marketing articles. You may like social media statistics

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