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Social Media Campaign Ideas You Could Use

It is no longer a secret that you need to be active on social media to raise your voice or promote a product. However, so many great ideas have gone undiscovered due to a lack of proper campaigning. To prevent this, we recommend taking a look at these social media campaign ideas that will make you proficient in tailoring campaigns to your needs. 

Jump On The Bandwagon

You may associate “jumping on the bandwagon” with negative connotations, but it should be favored in this case. Fad or not, the last thing you want is to be out of touch with popular trends. This way, you will create a social common ground on which all your followers can share their opinion.

Inform People

Let people know more about what you promote. Don’t just slap an image and add a title in the description, instead inform your audience by touching upon issues your followers may not know. 

Call to Action

Originally a marketing term, calling to action refers to all kinds of efforts aiming to receive engagement, or in other words, an invitation for your target audience to take a step further, a step closer to where you want them to be. Purchasing a product? Clicking on a link? You name it. How you do it, however, is up to you. 

Be Everywhere (All Social Media Platforms)

Don’t get stuck on a single platform. If you want others to know about your existence step outside, and join other social media platform alternatives that might be useful. Keep in mind that those on a given platform may not be on the other; that’s why you need to be available everywhere.

Interaction Is Key

Try to interact with as many of your commentators as possible. Without communication, the platform on which you share your content will feel dull and institutionalized. Your likes and replies will pave the way for a cozier environment.

Be Prolific When Sharing Content

Stagnancy can be a nightmare. After all, we all reach a point where we run out of ideas; it is not easy to push original content at a steady pace. For this reason, you may consider recycling your previous content to reignite past events. Although this may appear to be a cheap way of producing content, it is no sin to revisit and reorganize your previous posts. 


It is a high probability that you have come across someone on social media handing out a popular item to some lucky follower. “Why would someone in his right mind give something away for free?” you may ask.

But the answer is simple. If done right, the return on investment will not only compensate for the cost, but it will also help increase your followers.

On the other hand, once you announce your campaign, the engagement rates will also skyrocket along with your follower base.

giveaways for Social Media Campaign  ideas

Tag A Friend

You may have also come across people urging their followers to tag someone who could also be interested in that very post. This could be likened to a host who asks each of his invitees to bring two more people to the party. It is a clever way to expand your follower base organically.

Challenge People

As you may already know, so many examples have proven the effectiveness of this social media campaign idea. Social proof suggests that people instinctively possess a desire to defy challenges and prove themselves to other people. This is why such challenges yield high engagement rates.

go viral

Go Viral

Understandably this may sound vague, and to be honest, we do not have clear instructions to give on this one. Yet, it is evident that going viral is the best social media marketing campaign there is. Although there are no established rules, you should keep an eye out for opportunities to go viral.

Express Yourself

People like to know more about the person behind that product or service. Therefore, a great content marketing strategy would be getting your follower base to know more about you via interviews, AmAs, and every other way you can think of. 

Get To Know Your Base

On the flip side, consider the thoughts of your base and let them have a say. Polls are great social media tools for two things: firstly, it prompts your audience to interact. Secondly, you get feedback on whatever you promote.

Be Simple

Your feed needs to be simple and digestible by the audience. If you make your posts too difficult to understand, then you might lose followers. If you make it too simple, you might not communicate at all.

Be Available 24 Hours

Try to be available 24 hours; if that’s not a possibility, you may hire assistance. Being available all the time will reinforce your credibility and undoubtedly increase engagement. 

Consider Partnership

If done with a reputable brand or person, collaborations can strengthen your public image—team up with someone who will complement your product or service.

Live Video

Live Video (Real Time)

As to address why people tend to enjoy live videos, many reasons could be given. We human beings are attracted to the suspense that stems from the unknown, and for this reason going live is a more adventurous alternative than rehearsed video content.

Urge Followers To Participate

There are several other tricks that you can apply to increase engagement. A popular one is the “caption this” game. The rules are simple; you post a piece of content and ask your followers to caption the image or the video with what they deem appropriate. 

Use Hashtags

You may find this tip a bit redundant; however, we feel that it is vital to highlight the importance of using hashtags. Like anything else, there is a limit on how many hashtags you should use. It is reported that 11 hashtags yield the best results.

Back Your Claim Up

Nobody wants to be misinformed; once fooled, the distrust might never disappear. Therefore, you should never misrepresent what you stand for.

If you do so, you will harm your credibility, and that will bring long-lasting effects.

ask questions for your Social Media Campaign

Ask Questions

If your social feed feels empty, you can always ask your follower base a question. Just like the poll example above, this strategy will generate two benefits, the first being improved interaction and the second being genuine feedback.

Entertainment Is Key

No matter what your business is, it’s never a good idea to underestimate the power of entertainment. Without it, we would be discouraged from reading any further or watching any longer. Although some look down on the very notion of “having fun while learning”, you should not agree upon this sentiment, especially if you are active on a platform designed for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Social Media Campaign Examples

Since we have covered the basics, we can now continue with real-life events. 


The clothing brand Anthropologie once utilized Instagram to announce their modeling contest and asked the followers if they wanted to take part. Those who were once unaware of the brand were suddenly sharing their photos in the hope of joining and beating the competition.


This long-lasting campaign has been truly successful. Arby’s followed a very distinct path on this campaign by criticizing and even foul mouthing its competitors via Twitter. Although it received some negative commentary due to its offensive nature, it has been regarded as a success among its peers.

Pantone & McDonald’s 

Despite being two completely different brands selling different items, they have one thing in common; both took advantage of Super Bowl to promote themselves. This is why it holds great importance to make use of events that gather big crowds.


The Pizza brand once offered free pizza to its follower base in October (national pizza day). This way, they have managed to attract a considerable amount of organic interest.


Instagram once composed a campaign that encouraged its users to recreate the logo the way they liked. It was so praised that it has not lost its popularity even to this day.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay once ran a campaign that utilized Pinterest, wherein the followers were asked to share their favorite makeup images. The engagement rate has been so great that the company considers this content marketing strategy as one of their best.

White House

Not only government officials but also the government itself can be active on social media whether to touch upon a topic that requires urgent treatment or a sensitive subject that needs to be addressed. The White House, for example, has used social media numerous times to reach the masses and inform them about healthcare, emergency shelters, and recent regulations.

Nat Geo

Nat Geo once handed over their part to the follower base by asking them to come up with cover page ideas. Only one follower could get his hands on the winning price, however, the true winner was Nat Geo, with its blooming follower base.

Final Words On Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaign ideas are crucial when it comes to reaching your target audience. Without them, your chances of reaching out and maintaining popularity will be much slimmer. Provided that you implement what has been listed above, your social media posts will become follower magnets, and your feed will be bombarded with likes.

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The history of social media is full of such examples. Many brands partly owe their success to the awareness they have obtained from social media, and if they could do it, so can you. All it takes is a well thought out plan and some patience. Hopefully, and eventually, you too will benefit greatly from these social marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Social media campaign ideas are marketing strategies that aim to either raise awareness or promote a product/service. 

Campaigns can serve to raise awareness on a given subject as well as expand the follower base. 

Medium length campaigns should not last longer than a few months.

Your feed will not reach its full potential, and you will not witness a satisfying increase in your follower base.

Platforms with most users happen to attract the most likes since they are populated more. Those, as you may have guessed, are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

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