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How to Create a Social Media Calendar?

Social media is the most effective means of communication and socialization of our time. Social media has several different features from classic media tools such as television, magazines, and newspapers. These features make it a unique communication tool for each company. Anyone can share and return on social media. Yet not everyone needs to create a social media calendar. There’s a relationship on social media where roles change between “creators” and “followers”! Many social media accounts are open to feedback and participation. Open accounts encourage voting, interpreting, and sharing information. When traditional media is about publishing, social media provides more two-way communication and interaction. Social media quickly allows communities to form and effective communication.

Many social media channels develop connected features and provide fluid traffic by linking to other sites, resources, and people. With these characteristics, social media is the most popular tool for companies to build relationships, build trust, reach out to people, and stay in touch with them. The way to use all these features most effectively depends on having experience with social media content management.

Having a specific strategy and order in social media marketing can help you get more efficiency from your work in this field. One of the mistakes made by many e-commerce companies is not to create a content calendar in social media and to manage these media without a specific plan. So how to create a content calendar? In today’s article, you will be able to find a lot of information on this subject.

Content Management

Content Management

If you’ve started managing a business on your Facebook page and Twitter profile, you can understand that social media is a bottomless well. Social media is a hungry baby who says, “feed me” in a big way, except for what you need to do daily! It wants baby posts, more and better posts. You can often shelve things to feed this baby. Because today, creative or non-original posts get uninspiring reactions from followers.

This is a common problem for social media managers and anyone struggling with social marketing. If someone tells you to “just share something” or “manage social media,” you’ll find yourself going through each path and sharing six content on average. However, social media content management is a work that requires a lot of effort and research.

Even when you find something that works when you’re in a tough spot, you won’t be able to do it all the time. Your social followers can quickly get bored and may think that you’re only successful once. Your fans and followers deserve better.

We know that the restrictions increase our creativity through the research scientists do on human behavior. This also applies to social media posts.

Social Media Calendar

An example of a recent social media content calendar is an example of a calendar that covers publishing content such as photos, videos, articles, and performance analysis after publication.

In general, individuals or companies who carry out their work by posting content through social media use this calendar. Thus, companies can see how often they will share and how successful the shares they make are.

The social media content calendar, which is particularly indispensable for social media professionals and content marketing professionals, helps you plan the process from preparing your content to publishing them. We have listed the items for you to create a social media calendar. This calendar is of great importance in SEO studies.

  • Planning
  • Creation process
  • Publishing process
  • Metering
  • Statistics
  • Determination of actions

Terms to Consider

For an example of an effective social media content calendar, you need to pay attention to specific considerations. First, you should plan how often to prepare your calendar. For example, you can prepare a content calendar daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can apply a daily calendar to an account where current information is very important. You can also set up calendars monthly on platforms where there are no such criteria.

After determining the date range of the calendar, you need to determine how many shares you will share for each day in this range, what times you will post these shares, what messages you will give in the content of the shares, and how many images you will use in each share.

Create a Calendar

The purpose of your posts via social media is to send the message you want to the audience. Therefore, when it comes to an example of a social media content calendar, you should first identify the audience. You should also know why you produce posts from your social media account, whether you’re targeting heavy traffic or sales with these shares, and what your audience expects.

After answering all questions, specify the message that the content will give and add them to the calendar, and how often you publish them. This allows you to complete your content sharing in a regular and planned manner. You must also show the date, release date, and measurement date for these content on your calendar. Also, specify the type of content you’ll post on social media in the calendar. These can be articles, images, or videos. In short, you must perform all content that you share with the social media content calendar based on a specific plan. This contributes greatly to SEO work.

Tips for a Good Social Media Calendar

Tips for a Good Social Media Calendar

One of the best ways to produce ideas is to prepare a content plan. Social media helps you focus on your content plan research and lets you realize if it’s a good choice when you find content. We’ve given you some themes to watch out for when creating a content calendar. Now let’s look at them.

Big Ideas

Share expert advice, an adage, or a quote on the day of great ideas. Such posts are not a deterrent and do not demand anything. So as people prepare for the new week, this theme is a good candidate for Sunday, or it’s also appropriate for Wednesday when people need to come alive.


Humorous shares are an excellent way to show the good side of your brand. You can use a cartoon, a funny visual, or a witty phrase. Your sharing will work better if it’s about your industry or product. Avoid word games or cold jokes. People always have fun with humor. It’s the perfect time to share on Monday or Wednesday, where people need relief to show off your good side.


Apart from traditional media, interaction is what social media provides. So enjoy it. For example, you can increase your interaction rate by asking questions about movies that people are eagerly awaiting and sharing gap-filled riddles. You can also share such posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, or Sundays, as such shares are corresponding shares.

Current News

Sharing news and up-to-date events is an easy way to share posts, but be sure to share positive news about your business, industry, or community. Be sensitive to negative news, and never use disaster or tragedy news on your editorial plan to move your brand or product forward. If you share negative news, you’re always negatively available to users in the subconscious!

Giving Back

The day of giving back is literally about your fans. People expect you to provide some values, such as discounts, coupons, or gifts. It’s other ways to bring your customers to the forefront or show how your business serves local communities. Such posts can work well any day of the week.

Posts from Life

Don’t make too many legal entities on your Facebook page and Twitter profile. People want to know that your brand has a heart and that your brand can interact with them one-on-one. The perfect way to show your business’s human aspect is to show the human elements in your business. Bring an employee to the forefront. Share a friendly photo from your office or show them how to make your products. It’s a good shipping theme for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.


You can train and even sell your products through social media. Tell your followers about up-to-date and new products or teach them how to use them better. Don’t be afraid to invite people to your online store. Direct or encourage them to direct or purchase forms, but use information or educational language in doing so. One of the main reasons people like brands’ Facebook pages is to get information about their products. Such shipments are suitable for Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, or Sundays.


Your opponents aren’t doing the same job as you. It’s a definition that everyone’s quite confused by the definition of a competitor. For example, a juice brand’s rival is not just other juice brands. At the same time, a coke brand is the competitor of the juice brand. Ice cream is the competition of the juice brand when the time comes. Because they both provide coolness, first, you should prepare a list of competitors in this category.

Following Competitors

It’s hard to deal with the opponents’ pages every day, “What did they share today?” You should add all of your competitors to a list by creating a list of interests on Facebook and Twitter lists. So you can keep track of what your competitors share at the moment by looking at a single window. Another mistake is to search opponents only from your own country. You should also follow the global pages of your competitors, one by one. What did people share on the Brazilian page, what kind of image did companies use on the Indian page, what did people pay attention to in the Korean page’s video? If we follow pages in all countries one by one, we’ll be closely monitoring the kind of highly interactive posts and what kind of concept content they have.

Inspiration from Competitors

After reviewing all of the content your competitors publish one by one, you will start creating various concepts. You can create each concept content by looking at competitors. The part you spend the most time preparing the content calendar will be to prepare concepts. When preparing your concepts, you should choose topics where you can prepare as much content as possible. If you use the “plaza language” as much as possible when naming your concepts, your customer will not see what you do as simple as possible. I’m afraid that’s how customers love it!

Available Days for Posting

Once you’ve identified your topics, you’ll have to set the days when you’re sharing content. Day choice is another very important issue. Whether you’re going to get in or out of content over the weekend, or which days of the week you’re going to share content, will form the backbone of your strategy. If you manage a mall page, you will need to share on weekends more often. However, if your brand is a car tire brand, you will not need to enter content at the weekend. It’s not about sharing content every day that matters here. For example, Oreo, one of the world’s best brands in this social media field, publishes almost once a week. The important thing is that your content is highly interacting and high quality. The more frequent content you share, the lower your content’s quality and the interactions you will receive.

Share Frequency

There’s absolutely no rule of sharing once a day or once a week. Some pages provide the highest benefit by publishing 10 posts a day. Some pages also get the highest benefit by publishing content once a week. Here, the status of your page and the industry of your brand come into play. If you’re in the e-commerce industry, you should maintain a sparse communication with as high-quality content as possible – until you grow your page. After thinking that you have expanded your page sufficiently, you can advertise 10-15 products per day by turning your page into a sales channel, you can use available apps online for that. But first, your page needs to grow, and your popularity needs to grow. You can’t succeed when there’s no one on your page.

Conclusion on How to Create a Social Media Calendar

We have covered how to create a social media calendar schedule. Having a specific strategy and order in social media marketing can help you get more efficiency from your work in this field. One of the mistakes made by many e-commerce companies is not to create a content calendar template in social media and to manage these media without a specific plan.

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Createing a social media calendar allows you to see your work in social media in the long run and create content without breaking news. Besides, you can more efficiently organize your strategies and investments in this field by seeing more comfortable what kind of work you do in social media during monthly reporting.

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A marketing strategy for social media is a summary of all that you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media. It controls your acts and lets you know whether you succeed or fail. You will use it to monitor the progress and show the strategy to your manager, your teammates, and your customers.

Social networks are a vital part of the corporate marketing plan. Social media helps you communicate with your clients, increase your brand awareness, and improve advertising and profits. With more than three billion people worldwide using social media every month, there’s no pattern going on.

Post daily (at least once a day). According to the report, accounts that publish seven or more days a week (or at least once a day) get more likes and get more followers quicker than those who publish less often.

If we’re only considering the social media existing online, social media’s been around for around 24 years.

Fake news is basically sample articles made to make people believe in something completely or partially untrue to attract more views.

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