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Shadowbanned on Social Media? How to Understand It

Many businesses are engaging with social media platforms when they are introducing their brands to their audiences. Try to be a king on the social media platforms with your effective messages is not easy, especially when there is intense competition between businesses. In fact, there is an inevitable fact that to be able to boost sales; you need to increase the followers. If your followers decrease suddenly, it means that you may suffer from the negative impact of getting shadowbanned on social media. Because getting show banned is killing engagements with users. If your post does not meet with followers anymore, that means your account has been banned. As a result, you can lose your followers, but you can increase your follower number just by buying followers.

If you think you are a victim and you cannot reach your followers anymore, you need to read this article and see why…

When Did Shadow Ban start to Exist?

The term “shadow ban” has been existed since 2006. This process has become mainstream in recent years. Twitter once announced that it was going to filter out all abusive messages on its platform. By doing this, users were getting their warning and get “time out” from the platform for a short time. Users who do not follow terms and services rules and regulations, their messages are lifted from the platform. In Twitter’s case, users are being warned how to use Twitter. Otherwise, users are shadow banned. 

shadow ban on social media

Shadow Banning on Social Media 

Let’s learn the situation: You are really excited about your current content, and you are ready to share it with your followers on social media. You are sure that your social media strategy is perfectly fine. However, the content you created is underperforming. It is not exactly engaging with the followers. You have no clue what is happening. So, if you think your marketing strategy is perfect and seamless, then show banning could be the reason for your engagement going down. So, you can blame the show banning. 

You can understand there is a shadowban when a platform gives you limited visibility on your social media account. If you use your account in a bad way, social media platforms detect your account, hence you will not be able to engage with your posts anymore. This situation is very bad for your business who is relying on social media platforms to introduce its brands to the audiences. 

Let’s learn How to Avoid Shadowban

Time needed: 1 day

In such situations, you must remain calm. If the system has accidentally shadowbanned, you should stop whatever you are regularly doing.

  1. You need to stop posting for a while.

    You may post only one post in a day.

  2. It would be best if you also stopped using tags or hashtags while you are posting your content so that your account is not exposed to further abuse.

    In this way, you can keep your account away from spam.

You should continue doing these things regularly, and remember that you need to be patient until the ban ended. Because you may go through this situation for at least 15 days. Otherwise, time may be extended, and the solution may be ineffective for getting shadowbanned on social media. You must know that you need to wait until the system lets you post your content on a regular basis again. 

find out if you are shadowbanned on social media

How Can I Understand If I had Been Shadowbanned?

This is very easy to understand. You can choose a rarely used tag for your posts. If your post is showing up on the platform, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, If you say that my photo does not appear in the hashtag, then you are facing this problem.

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Also, there is also an easy method you can use. You can click the “Statistics” link on your posts and see where your post is viewed most. Hence, you can view and analyze data via tabs such as Home, Profile, Other, Hashtag, or Discover. Another method could be online shadowbanned test sites. With the application called Shadow banned test, you can easily find out if your hashtag is banned. 

Understanding the Shadow Ban in Short

We have explained how to understand if you are shadowbanned on social media. You need to avoid it if you are trying to boost your followers on social media platforms. To avoid this ban, read this article, and learn how to avoid it. If you liked this article, you may also like our article that explains what shadow ban is in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you always use the same hashtags in your posts or use unrelated tags, Instagram may ban your posts because of the community rules. There are some hashtags you shouldn’t use while you are posting your contents which are #likeforlike, #like4like, #like4follow, #likeforfollow

At least 15 days; however, if you get a second warning, it may take longer. Maybe a month. You must be patient while waiting. 

Nude, violent, unlawful, sexual, inappropriate photos, or comments. Also, you need to be careful with your hashtags because some hashtags also get a warning. You should avoid inappropriate hashtags.

Yes, there are some assumptions about what causes a shadowban which can be: 
Use a regular hashtag 
Binge liking
If followers are fake
Use of automation tools

Unfortunately, this platform does not notify users when they are banned. 

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  1. Kelsey England
    Kelsey England

    Thank you for your blog post on shadowbanning on social media. It was very informative and provided a great overview of the issue. It was interesting to learn about the different ways in which social media platforms are using shadowbanning to reduce the visibility of certain content. It’s clear that this is an important issue that needs to be addressed, and your post does a great job of highlighting the potential implications of this practice. Thanks again for your thoughtful post.