How To Send Self-Destructing Photos On Instagram

Being a part of Facebook company, Instagram continue to add some features of Snapchat. As commonly known, stories was first published by Snapchat and users could share their stories that last 24 hours. Apart from these, users could send their photos via DM. It deleted itself when the user saw. Now, Instagram has this new feature in its latest update. According to the announcement made on the Instagram blog, users will be able to send each other self-destructing photos.

Self-Destructing Photos On Instagram

It is available to send self-destructing photos to your friends on Instagram with the latest update. The feature is that when your friend views your photo, it will delete itself. That means you don’t have much time to view a self-destructing photo. If you are interested in this feature, we will explain how to send it step by step.

How To Send Self-Destructing Photo On Instagram

It is so simple to send self-destructing photo on Instagram. First, go to Direct Message. You will see a camera icon that is in the top-left of the screen. When you open the camera, slide to the right with your finger and take your photo. Then, you can send it when you tap OK button. It will be deleted after the user views it.

Things to Consider About Self-Destructing Photos

These photos will be deleted in a short time. If you want them to be permanent, you should send them via DM.
You can send self-destructing photos for only those who are your approved friends or followers. You are not allowed to send these photos apart from these people.
There is a notification feature. You will be notified if the user you send your photo takes screenshot of the photo. It is a good feature regarding the users’ privacy.

How To Send Self-Destructing Photos On Instagram
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