Two Ways to Send Self-Destructing Photo on Instagram

More and more, Instagram incorporate Snapchat’s features into its ecosystem. After introducing Stories, Instagram allows sending self-disappearing photos to your friends.

Users can send a disappearing photo or video either as a group or individual message. When someone opens a disappearing photo or video you’ve sent them, the message is no longer visible in their inbox unless you’ve allowed a replay of your message.

Besides, you will get a notification if someone tries to take a screenshot of the photo you sent.

Here’s how you can send self-destructing photos on Instagram.

Method 1

  1. Launch Instagram application on your phone.
  2. Tap the send icon at the top right.
  3. Next, tap the camera icon at the bottom
  4. Next, tap the camera to take a new picture
  5. When you take an image or record a video, you can select user/s that you can share.
  6. Once your image or video is viewed, it will disappear from your recipient’s inbox

Method 2

  1. Launch Instagram application on your phone.
  2. Tap the send icon at the top right.
  3. Next, tap on user/s that you want to share an image or video
  4. Next, inside the conversation screen, tap on the image icon
  5. Select the image or video you desire to share
  6. Next, send the content.

The difference between two methods is that you can share with multiple users in the Method One. In the second method, you can share a self-destructing video or image with one user.

Keep in mind that you can only send disappearing photos or videos to people who follow you or have already approved messages from you.

Note: When you send other things using Instagram Direct (ex: posts from Feed, text, hashtags), those messages don’t disappear and will remain visible in the conversation.


Being the most powerful social media platform in the world, Instagram has very useful features and it is including new features day by day. As it is commonly known, Instagram was first established to share photos and videos. Then, some features like Snapchat effects and Stories was added. Besides, the company improved live broadcast feature.

How Can I Send Self-Destructing Photos On Instagram?

One of the most important updates of Instagram included Direct Message. As it is well known, you can send direct messages to your friends and contacts via DM on Instagram. This feature has been improved and it is now more sophisticated. It has been possible to send various photos on Instagram. Besides, these photos can destruct themselves.

What Is A Self-Destructing Photo?

That may sounds funny at first but it is a feature that users can use effectively. You can both send photo and video with self-destructing feature. In other words, stories can be used with self-destructing photos. Then, the user who receives the photo can view it only twice. After the second viewing of the photo, it deletes itself and can’t be opened again. Even if the user takes screenshot, a notification is sent to him by Instagram.

How to Send Self-Destructing Photos Step By Step

If that sounds interesting for you, we will explain how to send self-destructing photo step by step;
First tap camera icon in messages.
Take your photo or video or choose one of those from the gallery.
Edit it according to your pleasure and tap Next.
Choose if you want to share as a story or you want to share it with someone.
Choose the user that you want to send.
Once the photo is sent, it will be viewed only twice. Then it will be deleted automatically.

It is so simple to send self-destructing photo on Instagram. First, go to Direct Message. You will see a camera icon that is in the top-left of the screen. When you open the camera, slide to the right with your finger and take your photo. Then, you can send it when you tap OK button. It will be deleted after the user views it.

This interesting feature is preferred by much users.

Being a part of Facebook company, Instagram continue to add some features of Snapchat. As commonly known, stories was first published by Snapchat and users could share their stories that last 24 hours. Apart from these, users could send their photos via DM. It deleted itself when the user saw. Now, Instagram has this new feature in its latest update. According to the announcement made on the Instagram blog, users will be able to send each other self-destructing photos.

It is available to send self-destructing photos to your friends on Instagram with the latest update. The feature is that when your friend views your photo, it will delete itself. That means you don’t have much time to view a self-destructing photo. If you are interested in this feature, we will explain how to send it step by step.

Things to Consider About Self-Destructing Photos

These photos will be deleted in a short time. If you want them to be permanent, you should send them via DM.
You can send self-destructing photos for only those who are your approved friends or followers. You are not allowed to send these photos apart from these people.
There is a notification feature. You will be notified if the user you send your photo takes screenshot of the photo. It is a good feature regarding the users’ privacy.

Two Ways to Send Self-Destructing Photo on Instagram
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