How to Sell Products On Instagram?

How to Sell Products On Instagram?

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What Can You Do For Good Selling Numbers On Instagram?

Business on social media have been improved so much in recent times and there are many users who use Instagram for business. They open an account, upload their photos and sell their products or services. Of course, it is so important to have many followers to sell more products and earn more. Because of that, some of the owners of those business Instagram accounts buy real Instagram followers or try other methods to reach more people.
So, let’s say you want to open a business account. We will explain how to sell products on Instagram in this article.
Shoppable post can be uploaded on Instagram so that users can buy those products in pictures. They are different from ordinary photos. They include a shopping bag icon at the left-bottom of them. When an image is tapped, the details of the product are shown. Keep in mind that there can be several photos in one image. It is possible to find out more information about the related product. If a customer decides to buy a product he needs to tap the Shop Now button so that he is redirected to the web page of the company where he can purchase it. The process is simple. It just contains a few steps but payment is made out of Instagram.

How to Upload Shoppable Posts on Your Instagram Profile?

If you are one of those who is interested in business on Instagram, you can think to upload shoppable posts. There are a few steps to take before getting started. First of all, your account needs to be set as a business account. Keep in mind that the shoppable posts feature is only available for US users. Those who live in other countries should wait for it to be available for them. Another necessary thing is that you need to have the latest version of the Instagram app.

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If these are ok, in the next step you need to sign up on Shopify. It is not available to use it for free. So, you can choose a package which is appropriate for your budget. There are different options you can prefer. Once you open a Shopify account, you need to link it to your Facebook page. You need to have a Facebook catalog page to do it. Keep in mind that those products on the Facebook page must be physical products, not services. You can choose products to sell, follow steps on Shopify and finally, you can add those pictures of products to your Facebook catalog. Each product needs to be set up one by one. You need to enter necessary information such as its price, name. Then, you also need to prefer an appropriate category for your products. At the end of the progress, you need to wait for acceptance to the program as your appliance will be reviewed.

In the last step, you can upload shoppable posts on Instagram. If you have taken all these steps successfully you can start to upload shoppable posts and sell them on Instagram.

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How to Sell Products On Instagram?
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