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How Can I See Who Blocked Me On Instagram?

Instagram has huge popularity with its millions of users today. As it is getting popular day by day, some problems are also increasing. One of those problems is the disturbance of the users. Some users may disturb people. So, there is an option to block people on Instagram. Of course, someone may block you without any reason or just because they want. If you cannot see a person’s content, there is a high chance that you are blocked. Although Instagram does not let its users see who blocked them, there are some indicators that you can use to guess if you’ve been blocked or now. In this article, we will explain how to see blocked users on Instagram.

Find Out Who Blocked You on Instagram

The blocking feature can save people from time to time; it works well and is necessary. Yet sometimes we want to know who is blocking us. 

Below are the things you can do to have an idea about if the user you suspect has blocked you or not:

  • Search the username you suspect in the search tab. If the username cannot be found, it can mean that they blocked you.
  • Try to tag that username in a photo. If the system cannot find the user name, you may have been blocked by this profile.
  • Check the photo comments. If you can’t see a comment already written by that profile, you may have been blocked.

All these three indicators can make sure that the person you suspect has blocked you, which is the thing in most cases, but they can also indicate that their account somehow got banned or they’ve deleted their profile. At this point, there’s no other solution than having to ask them about their Instagram. But we don’t want that, do we?

who blocked me instagram

So Is There Really an App Which Can Give You a List?

Let’s answer briefly. No! If you are looking for any answer or app for the “how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram” question, forget it.

Because none of these applications work and cannot give you the answer to this question, let alone give you a block list. They ask you to type your Instagram information and password, but they can’t answer who blocked you.

someone blocked you Instagram

Just try to find the answer to this question by following the method we described above. It is the only effective method that can give you some leads to the question. The applications that claim to give you the blocked list are usually scam software to acquire your account credentials.

who blocked you on instagram

To Conclude Who Blocked Me on Instagram

So you’ve learned the various ways to have an idea about who may have blocked you on Instagram and identify them without hindering your or their account. The reason for blocking may be different, but the process of finding blockers is the same for everyone. Instagram is an emerging social networking platform after Facebook and Twitter, which has managed to win over many users and fans. If you want to learn what happens when you block someone on Instagram, then read our related article.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Restrict lets users to isolate themselves from the users they don’t like without blocking them. The contents published by users that are restricted will not be visible, and the comments they make will only be visible to themselves.

The temporary block generally lasts up to 24 hours, if it’s the first few times. Then the duration can increase rapidly.

The blocked person doesn’t get any kind of notifications or alerts about them getting blocked by someone. The only time they know that they’ve been blocked is when they realize it themselves.

Instagram does not usually permanently block users but temporarily blocks them. However, if you’ve had too many temporary bans and insist on the actions that cause the bans, you may get permanently banned.

If you do not comply with Instagram’s guidelines, you may get temporarily blocked from your actions that have violated the rules. However, if you think they’ve blocked you for unfair reasons, you can contact Instagram to re-consider your blocking.

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  1. prab

    who block me on Instagram

  2. Ellie

    If you want to know just search their profile from the browser, make sure you’re not logged in anywhere.

    • Monni

      Most browsers nowadays support “private browsing”, which doesn’t send login cookies automatically… I use it for checking if someone has blocked me, or when using multiple accounts on same PC.

  3. Jude Roth
    Jude Roth

    My closest friend blocked me on Instagram. Hard to believe, but true.