RSS Feed on SoundCloud: What Is It?

RSS Feed on SoundCloud: What Is It?

An RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed RSS can be anything from a video, audio, blog, or article. It can be submitted to different recipients in the form of web feed formats, a summarized text. RSS feed SoundCloud basically distributes your sounds to podcast platforms and apps.

Via RSS, you can send changing or regularly updated content to other web services. Using your SoundCloud profile’s RSS feed, you can begin to power your podcast.

Find RSS feed URL on SoundCloud

Find the RSS Feed URL

If you are a creator and want to find your SoundCloud RSS feed URL, click on the three dots on your header’s top right corner, then on “Settings” in the drop-down bar.

How to Set up a Podcast’s RSS Feed?

Here are some steps that you can follow while setting up your podcast’s RSS feed:

Personalize RSS feed on SoundCloud

1) Personalize your RSS settings

  • Customize your RSS feed title and author name.

Your RSS feed tile and author name automatically reflect the Display Name of your SoundCloud account. If you don’t want your podcast to be searched the same way as in other podcasting alternatives, you can customize it. 

  • Add categories.

If you want to submit your RSS feed to iTunes, you need to choose a category that you think gives an insight into your podcast. This makes your podcast be found more easily.

  • Choose a language.

Choosing the language tag, you make sure that your listeners know what they should expect when they play your podcast episodes. It also allows iTunes to put your podcast in the correct country’s store.

  • Add a subscriber redirect.

When you no longer want to use SoundCloud to host your RSS feed, it is possible to add a new location in the “Subscriber redirect” section that you can find on your Content Settings page.

2) Add tracks to your RSS feed

If you want your RSS feed to submit content to iTunes, you should at least have a track that is publicly available. It is not possible to push Private tracks to your RSS feed. 

3)Make sure your SoundCloud profile is compatible

If you make your display name and profile URL as clear and correct as possible, then it becomes easier for other users to locate your profile on SoundCloud.

FAQs on What Is the RSS Feed on SoundCloud?

Is SoundCloud a good podcast host?

SoundCloud differs from other audio platforms in that it is a social audio platform where people like to interact with users and tracks. Sharing and talking about what they enjoy, people may gather around your podcasts.

How to submit an RSS feed?

RSS feed, an XML file, contains information about your page in the form of URLs. Users see it as a summarized text. If you enter the URL of the RSS feed into the feed reader and provide the necessary details, you can subscribe to one.

How to submit an RSS feed to Google?

First, you need to click the “Add A Podcast” button on Google Play Podcast Portal. Then, paste in your podcast’s RSS feed URL and submit the RSS feed. Finally, verify your ownership, review your podcast info, and click “Publish Podcast”.

How to upload an RSS feed to Soundcloud?

To include your episodes that you have already uploaded in your RSS feed, you can use the batch editor on your Tracks page. Click “Edit Tracks”, then “Permissions”, finally check the option to include in your RSS feed.

How can I add an RSS feed to my email?

Go to “Settings” and select “Distribution”. Then select “Advanced Settings”, there you can turn on or off “Display personal email address publicly in RSS feed”.

What Is the RSS Feed on SoundCloud in Short

With the help of RSS Feed, you can improve your podcasts and let people interact with them on a well known social audio platform as SoundCloud.

In this article, we explained what the RSS feed on SoundCloud means. If you liked this article, you may also like to know how much data SoundCloud uses as well.

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