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How to Do a Reversed Instagram Image Search

How to Do a Reversed Instagram Image Search

Do you think someone copied or stolen your Instagram photo without your consent? Although Instagram does not allow users to download photos directly, your photos can be stolen by screenshots and cropping by various image thieves. You will learn how to easily search and find your stolen Instagram images using a technique called Reversed Instagram Image Search.

Behold as we show you how you can cease image thievery. With this simple but effective feature you can achieve the perfect results and keep your original content to yourself.

Reversed Instagram Image Search

Reversed Instagram Image Search

Before we learn the tips and techniques for performing a reverse Instagram image search, let’s quickly learn how Reverse Image Search works. Reverse Image Search refers to sending a visual search query to a search engine such as Google, and then the search engine analyzes the same or visually similar images posted on various websites online. Reverse image search on Instagram works the same way. There are several ways to do a reverse image search for Instagram.

Google Images

When you enter the Google Images website, there is a small camera icon just above the search bar. Click this icon and upload the image you want to search for. So you can find your photo.

Yandex Pictures

Yandex is a popular Russian search engine. Yandex’s reverse search feature is more advanced. So how can we do a reverse image search in Yandex? Log in to Yandex Images, turn over the web page, and then click the little camera icon next to the search bar. Then upload the Instagram image you want to search for.


TinEye is another reverse image search engine based on other image detection technology such as keywords, metadata, and EXIF information. Log in to TinEye, upload the Instagram photo you want, and click the search button. TinEye will show you all the resources your Instagram photo appears on the web.


Pixy helps you take appropriate precautions against criminals, along with the methods we mentioned. Thanks to Pixsy, you can both reverse image search and provide protection.

How Are Your Instagram Photos Plagiarized?

Someone copies your pictures directly from your Instagram profile. Although Instagram does not allow this to be done, a screenshot can be taken. Search engines / third party apps that index your Instagram photos. Photos are no longer private when indexed. They can be seen by anyone in search engines.

Ways to prevent unauthorized use of your Instagram photos online

  • Always watermark your photos before posting them online. Watermark is a way to claim all copyrights.
  • Make your Instagram account private so that your photos and videos are only seen by the followers you want.
  • If you are using the web version of Instagram, check the list of authorized apps that have access to your Instagram API. Revoke access to any suspicious application.
How to Report Image Theft on Instagram

How to Report Image Theft on Instagram

Instagram has its copyright policies. If you have caught your images being stolen, you can ask them to remove the copyrighted images immediately. When this statement fails, you can report it directly to Instagram.

Instagram Reversed Instagram Image Search in Short

To summarize, Instagram reverse image search can help you in two main areas. First of all, if you do not want to see your posts on other Instagram accounts without tagging and permission, you can check for plagiarism using this trick. Second, if you’re looking for images similar to the ones you’ve shared on Instagram recently, you can do this search to find more similar content to share. Lastly, if by any chance, you wish to know about how to delete Instagram Searches, you might want to read our other guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not possible to do this with the Instagram application.

Not possible at all in the Instagram app. It can be viewed through third-party apps/websites that claim to offer these features but are not secure.

Yes, search engines can easily detect cropped images as well.

You can perform a reverse image search from Chrome, depending on your phone.

Of course, such a thing is possible. Similar images will be presented to your image.

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