How to Report a Dead Instagram User

As Instagram has millions of users, accounts that belong to dead people have increased. But, it is possible to report those accounts to Instagram. If you see an account of a dead person on Instagram you can report it in a few simple steps. In this article, we will explain how to do it.

How Can I Report A Dead Person’s Account On Instagram?

Although it is simple to report an account of a dead person on Instagram, many people have difficulties as they don’t know how to do it. We will explain how you can report these accounts step by step.

Report An Account Of A Dead Person on Instagram Step By Step

Open web browser, open a blank page, clear the address field, write “″ and press Enter.
You will see a page which includes a title “Report An Account Of A Dead Person”
You will also see an explanation below. It is written that they can remove the account that belongs to a dead user when someone who is his relative or friend requests. If you want that account to be removed, you can simply fill the form below.

Fill the Form To Report The Account

Your name and surname written on your identity card: Write your name and surname here.
Write your e-mail address to be contacted with you.
Name and surname of the person who died: You need to write the name and the surname of the person who died.
The username that is related to the account of the person who died: Write the username of the account here.

Give Some Details

Death certificate: You can upload the death certificate of the dead user here.
When did he die? His death of date is asked.
Additional information: If you have any other information you can write here. As soon as you complete the form and click Send, your report will be sent.

How to Report a Dead Instagram User
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