How can I Remove Instagram Images from Google?

Remove Instagram Images
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Many people join instagram for the sake of enjoyment and following their favorite celebrities they don’t want their images and videos to be accessible to common public and try to remove Instagram images.

But when you login in to instagram account, sooner your images start appearing in the Google search results. This is because if you are using your instagram account through web viewer that allows the authorities to access your images and profile.

These authorities work as a third-party sites that have been produced with every individual API and instagram is not directly affiliated with them.

If you are experiencing such problem then you don’t need to worry anymore. This article will better help you tackle with the problem and keep your images and videos safe from uploading on the Google search results.

The very first thing one have to do to overcome this problematic situation is to revoke the access to that third-party website which is sharing your images and videos. It might be time consuming to remove the content from these sites as well as Google to re-index for removing the images although if you have deactivated the instagram account.

Need to know where to contact for not sharing your images and videos on Google. Here are the links to expedite the process. Just go to the links and get the support pages that are for most third-party services exploiting your API:

Remove Instagram Images Apps

Cityowls: [email protected] and etc.

When can get support from the above link well and will get images & videos be deleted from these third-party websites as Instagram isn’t connected to these third-party sites & apps being culprit behind stealing your API including desktop apps, web viewers or image printing services.

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Moreover, the processes are pretty slow and no one can’t help you in that matter as every website have their own duration of processing  and eventually removing the images and the related content once uploaded on the instagram account for sharing with your friends and the circle that appeared on the Google.

Thus, here we can conclude by simply adding that instagram isn’t behind all this stuff. This is only because of the third party websites using your API. So , feel free to use instagram and share your images and stuff there. Instagram is a tremendous world to explore, don’t hesitate because of the reason. Follow the celebrities, fashion trends and many others to get inspire and remain up-to-date.


How can I Remove Instagram Images from Google?
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  1. I have shared Instagram photos with the Google search results to figure out if how will I know? I did a Google image search as a result of the Instagram account with my name if it’s not Can I be sure that my photo is not a photo of me?

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