How to Record Discord Audio (Step by Step)

How to Record Discord Audio (Step by Step)

Discord is a platform preferred by gamers with a lot of users. Moreover, Discord users want to record play games Discord audio, messages, or the entire computer screen. 

Installing and Using Craig Chatbot

To be able to record Discord audio you need to be a server owner to record Discord audio using Craig chatbot. Then, after adding the bot to Discord, a few text commands are enough to start and stop recording. It can be recorded for up to 6 hours. Furthermore, it can save each speaker to a separate track. Also, records are automatically deleted after 7 days.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Invite Craig to Your Discord Server.
  3. Tap the down arrow under Add Bot.
  4. Choose your server from the list.
  5. Click Authorize.
  6. You should see a message joining Craig on your server.
  7. To start a recording, go to an audio channel and type: craig :, join
  8. The bot’s username will change to show that it has registered and said “registered now.” You will also receive a message from Craig bot with links to your conversations.
  9. To stop a recording, type: craig :, leave 
  10. Craig will leave the channel you’re on and stop recording. This will continue if you are recording audio on other channels.
  11.  To stop the bot from recording any channel, type: craig :, stop
How to add OBS to Discord?

How to add OBS to Discord?

The OBS layout provides a powerful way to link your Discord chat to your stream. Moreover, you can configure a real-time chat widget that shows the flow and then add this widget to the OBS network as the scanner source. You can even add multiple channels and switch between them. So how to add OBS?

Open the user settings and switch to the “Connections” category. Once you’ve done that, go to your server settings and click on the “Integrations” category. Thus, your account is activated with OBS. 

Configuring Discord’s Microphone Settings

If you are having sound problems while recording, it is a good idea to check. Open the Discord app. Click the settings gear icon. Under Application Settings, select Audio & Video. Click the down arrow to open the drop-down menu, and it will open. Select the microphone and headset you want Discord to use. Also, Among other settings, you can test your microphone and adjust the input sound.

How to Do Discord Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing can be incredibly useful. So, this is important if you held a meeting, played a game, gave a lecture, and wanted to record it. Therefore, to get started, we need to make sure your video and audio hardware is configured correctly on your Discord processor. Connect all the webcams and microphones you plan to use in video chat.

From the menu on the left, navigate to Application Settings, and select Audio & video. Scroll up to the Video settings section and select your video camera from the drop-down menu. Also, on the right, click Test Video to make sure everything is working properly. It will allow Discord to access the phone and camera on your phone or computer to make sure everything is working properly. On the other hand, if you are sure everything is working well, enter the chat with your friends.

The next two icons at the bottom of the screen provide the option to switch to video chat to enable screen sharing. A monitor screen with an arrow in the middle on the left is the “Screen Share” icon. You can switch between the two at any time during the call.

 FAQ's on Discord Audio

 FAQs on Discord Audio

How to enable and use Discord screen sharing?

 To use Discord screen sharing with your friends, you must open your friends’ list and start a video call first. Click the Screen Share icon on the left.

Why isn’t my voice coming out when I’m screen sharing?

Many reasons cause Discord screen share audio, not working. For example, the problem might be an old and incorrect audio driver. To fix the problem, you must have the correct and updated driver installed on your system. With the help of Device Manager, you can choose to reinstall the audio driver or install the latest drivers.

Is Discord screen sharing feature paid?

No, it’s free.

Can I record from the phone?

There are several applications for this that can be done.

Can audio recording be sent?

Audio recording can be sent by clicking the microphone next to Chat.

Concluding Recording Discord Audio

Finally, we hope the information provided in this article about Discord audio recording will be useful to you. If you want to improve your know-how on Discord even more and get more technical then it would be great to check out this article on how to make a Discord bot. Also, Happy Discord audio recording!

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