Recent Post Button Option to Instagram News Feed

Recent Post Button Option to Instagram News Feed

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Recent Post Button will be best partner of small business and accounts since Instagram has change its news feed algorithm.

With this tricks you can sort your news feed as chronological thus you can help  small business and personal accounts.

As you all know new algorithm does not sort new post as chronological but sort according to the acounts’s sorting point.

Instagram aims to users posts more and get more engagements thus daily active users count will increase.

Another aim is promoting successful account and reward them.

By this updates explore page get more importance for accounts that want get more followers.

Most Recent Button

Explore Page and Recent Post Button

Explore page will be customize according to your activity and if you want to delete browser history you will be able to do it.

If you cannot fight with this updates and do not want to use 3rd party application you will need to buy Instagram followers thus your account will be boosted and gain lots of engagements.

Engagements has never been so important since this algorithm update, if you cannot get you should buy some engagements otherwise you account will be ghostic.

In the short term Instagram will not add this button but most users upset because of having not option in Instagram.

Facebook and Twitter provide this button to users but Instagram looks like will not cooperate with users asks

After Cambridge Analytica crises Facebook start to lose its users, YouTube and Instagram increase their users.

Youtube has great advantage about posting video and looks like it will not lose them.

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Since Snapchat lose its popularity Instagram turns to the biggest photo sharing platform and users love it.

If they do not what users want in the short term Instagram could be this advantage, but until that time we have to post according to new algorithm.

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