Why Can’t I Receive Facebook Verification Code Via E-Mail?

Facebook Verification Code
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Being known as the oldest social network, Facebook has got much popularity since it was established first. In this time many people have heard facebook and have created accounts. So, Facebook has been so popular. Today, it is widely known social network and there are millions of users who use Facebook on their pcs and mobile devices. One of the most important reasons that Facebook got so popular is that the interactivity between the users. They can like and make comments on other users’ posts. Of course, all users want their photos or posts to be liked by their friends and they want them to make comments on their posts or photos. Their posts will be more popular when they get likes and comments. Some of the users on Facebook buy Facebook likes to their posts or photos to increase the popularity of their posts.

Apart from likes and comments, there are also many popular features of Facebook. Sometimes people have problems with those features. One of them is about verification codes. As it is commonly known, a verification code is received via e-mail from Facebook when the users want to change or reset their password. So it is important to get the verification code. Otherwise, it will not be possible to reset the Facebook password. Now, we will explain the possible reasons why verification code isn’t received.

The Reasons Of Why Verification Code Isn’t Received

First, you should ensure that you followed the steps to reset your Facebook password and got the message including a verification mail was sent to your e-mail address.

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Check Your Spam Folder

If you don’t see the e-mail including the verification code, it might have been moved to the spam folder by the e-mail service provider. So, you should check if the e-mail is in the spam folder.

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