How to Use Social Media for Real Estate?

How to Use Social Media for Real Estate?

Social media provides a lot of chances for brands to promote themselves. Almost all industries can use social media marketing as the main marketing strategy nowadays. Real estate businesses also can use the power of social media for promoting. Here are new tips on how to use social media for real estate: 

How to Use Facebook for Real Estate 

Facebook is a great place to promote real estate. It is especially effective for marketing in the neighborhood you work in. Here is some advice that you use in your business: 

  • Show your engagement on Facebook. Show your followers your work discipline, how you work, and how your relations with customers are. People want to know about your experience before consulting with you. 
  • Follow the events in your area and share it. Events are great chances to promote real estate business. Give advertisement on the events to access more people. 
  • Pay attention to visual content and try to share all your content with pictures and infographics. People have a tendency to look at content with visuals comparing classic written content.  

How to Use Twitter for Real Estate 

Twitter can be used for real estate marketing with these tips: 

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  • Tweet real estate tips on Twitter to gain new clients. You can share moving and all other real estate tips on your account. It helps to access a new audience for your business. 
  • Tweet about local news and local events. Especially, share real estate news with your followers. You can gain new customers and a new partnership with the help of that tip. 
  • Share some promotional coupons with your followers. 
  • Show your experience on Twitter. You can share stories about your clients and their processes. It definitely creates a trusted source for your future clients. 
Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Other Social Media Platforms for Real Estate 

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a good social media platform to gain new partnerships and to grow your real estate business. 
  • Instagram: Instagram can allow you to share your portfolio online and access many people at one time. You can share your listings on Instagram and find new clients in your neighborhood. 
  • Pinterest: You can share your listings with home decor ideas on Pinterest. Pinterest’s audience is mostly underrated, comparing other social media platforms. But Pinterest is a powerful tool to grow business in the real estate business. 
  • YouTube: YouTube is a new marketing trend in the real estate business. You can take home-tour videos and can share them on YouTube. It allows people to know your portfolio and your business before contracting with you. 


In order to gain new clients and promote your real estate business, you can get help from social media. Use real estate social media posts to show your portfolio and experience with your clients. There are many social media platforms you can use, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. So, use social media for real estate purposes. No matter if you’re buying or selling, it will be helpful. 

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