Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager in an Interview

Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager in an Interview

Although the party asking questions in the interviews is known as a human resources expert, it is now expected to guide the interview with the questions that candidates will ask. The right questions you will ask during the job interview help you get to know the job better and create a positive impression on the other side. Human Resources experts, who try to get to know the candidate closely, expect to get the most accurate answers to the questions they ask during the interview and ask the special questions selected in this regard.

Today, when job interview definitions vary greatly, experts now make important determinations from the candidate’s questions and measure their knowledge of the job. In addition, the questions to ask the hiring manager in an interview allows one to get to know the job better. Thus, you can direct your expectations towards the job and make your choice right. 

6 questions to ask the hiring manager

6 Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager

This time, it’s your turn to question in the job interview. You probably know that an interview is not just a chance that the hiring manager will question you, but an interview is also an opportunity to determine if the job is right for you. This means that it is important to interview some questions. Of course, there are too many questions you can ask. I will give 6 examples.

What will be the priority of the person you will take in this position for the next 3 months?

 This question is important for you to understand what to focus on if you get the job. At the same time, you will understand your boss’s expectations from you more clearly. If you list 15 items saying that you will do the following in 3 months, maybe it would be better to refuse the position.

Can you explain the difficulties that the person to be appointed to this position will face?

 You have to learn the answer to this question for yourself. If you cannot give a complete answer to this question, you may doubt your competence in the position and be ready for future troubles. If someone tells you there is no difficulty for any position, it’s easy; you can be sure they’re lying.

How is life in this company?

 Most of our days are spent at work, of course, it is essential to be happy and feel peaceful in the company we work with. The best way to be sure that a company can provide you with an environment where you can be happy is to question this again with the company employees. I recommend that you ask this question at the second interview, if possible, but definitely.

When was the last time you praise an employee? 

 If he says he has never done this, or if his example is weak, be careful. Poor managers avoid praising their employees. However, the easiest way to motivate employees is to praise them for a job they do well.

What are your ideas on employee development and training?

 Have you ever declined a professional development opportunity just because your manager said it would take too much time? For this reason, are you considering changing jobs? You are absolutely right. Because a good manager should always be aware that his employee’s self-improvement and the training he will receive about the job will contribute to him and him. So while bad managers ignore professional growth needs, great managers support the continuous improvement of their employees.

What do you think is the best part of working here?

 By answering this question, your future boss will actually reflect his personal perspective on you. It is a great opportunity to listen to the answer to this question and understand what your boss values the most in terms of your future relationship’s safety. The answer may be financial issues such as premiums, bonuses, insurance, etc., or more moral issues. If the answer is financial issues, it will be your top priority to value the money you earn from you. If he talks about the business environment, friendship, company spirit, etc., he will expect you to be a good team member.

faq about questions to ask the hiring manager

FAQ About Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager

Is it okay to bring notes for the interview?

These notes can be brought in if they contain a list of questions you have already prepared to ask in their interviews, but it would not be correct to answer the questions you have been asked by looking at the note.

How do I relax during an interview?

Be confident, stay strong, and control your breathing.

What are your weaknesses?

There may be answers such as I have trouble saying no, I pay close attention to details.

Should I accept water at an interview?

There are many benefits to accepting a drink during a conversation, accept the drink offered.

Is it good to always smile?

Smiling can also help reduce stress. We recommend you to smile as much as possible during an interview.

Conclusion on Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager

You can make a better decision based on the answers you get based on the above questions. You can also help the person with whom you are interviewing to notice better the aspects you match with the position, with your reactions to the answers you receive. On the flip side of the coin, here are some unique and interesting interview questions, if you are a recruiter.

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